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When it comes to the fascinating and diverse world of Pokémon, there are certain species that capture our attention with their unique abilities and intriguing characteristics. One such Pokémon that has captured the imaginations of trainers all over the world is Drifblim. This ghost and flying-type Pokémon is known for its distinctive appearance and mesmerizing ability to float effortlessly through the air.

In this article, we will delve into the captivating world of Drifblim and uncover 17 fascinating facts about this enigmatic Pokémon. From its origins and evolution to its capabilities in battle, Drifblim is a Pokémon that certainly deserves closer examination. So, buckle up and get ready to take a deep dive into the mysterious world of Drifblim!

Key Takeaways:

  • Drifblim is a unique Ghost/Flying type Pokémon known for its balloon-like appearance, eerie abilities, and connection to the spirit world. Its Levitate ability and diverse movepool make it a strategic choice in battles.
  • Trainers are captivated by Drifblim’s graceful movements and mystical presence, making it a popular choice in Pokémon Contests. Its Gigantamax form in Pokémon Sword and Shield adds an extra layer of excitement to its allure.
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The Evolution of Drifloon

Drifblim is the evolved form of Drifloon, which is a Ghost/Flying type Pokémon. It evolves when Drifloon reaches level

Drifblim’s Appearance

Drifblim is known for its distinctive appearance. It resembles a large purple hot air balloon with a smiling face and stubby arms. It has a puffy body with small, beady eyes and a single, spiraling horn on top of its head.

Ghost and Flying Typing

Drifblim is a dual Ghost and Flying type Pokémon. This unique typing gives it a variety of strengths and weaknesses in battles.

The Balloon Pokémon

Drifblim is often referred to as the Balloon Pokémon due to its resemblance to a hot air balloon. It uses its inflated body to float through the air effortlessly.

Levitate Ability

Drifblim has the ability Levitate, which allows it to be immune to Ground type moves. This gives it a significant advantage in battles against Pokémon that rely on Ground type attacks.

The “Psychopomp” Pokémon

Drifblim is sometimes called the “Psychopomp” Pokémon because of its association with guiding spirits. In mythology, a psychopomp is a creature that escorts the souls of the deceased to the afterlife.

Lifted by Wind Currents

Drifblim is primarily found floating high in the sky, where it is lifted by wind currents. It can often be seen drifting gracefully through the clouds.

Eerie Whistling Sound

When Drifblim flies, it emits a haunting whistling sound. This sound is said to be the collective voices of the spirits it carries within its body.

Ghostly Capture Method

According to Pokémon lore, Drifblim has the ability to capture and carry away people and Pokémon. It is said to use its balloon-like body to lure unsuspecting victims in and whisk them away to unknown destinations.

Drifblim’s Shiny Form

In its shiny form, Drifblim has a pinkish-purple body instead of the usual purple. The change in coloration makes it a sought-after Pokémon among collectors.

Light as a Feather

Despite its appearance, Drifblim is incredibly lightweight. Its body is filled with a gas that allows it to float effortlessly through the air.

Dynamic Movepool

Drifblim has access to a wide range of moves, including powerful Ghost and Flying type attacks. It can also learn moves like Shadow Ball, Baton Pass, and Thunderbolt, which make it a versatile Pokémon in battles.

Strategic Use in Battle

Trainers often utilize Drifblim’s unique abilities and movepool to their advantage in battles. Its Ghost typing makes it immune to Normal and Fighting type moves, while its Flying typing gives it an advantage against Grass, Bug, and Fighting types.

Involvement in Pokémon Contests

Drifblim is a popular choice among trainers competing in Pokémon Contests. Its elegant and mystical appearance, combined with its graceful movements, make it a captivating performer.

Drifblim’s Gigantamax Form

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, Drifblim has a Gigantamax form. When Dynamaxed, it becomes even larger and its body transforms into a massive hot air balloon, making it a formidable opponent in Max Raid Battles.

Drifblim’s Alolan Variant

In the Alola region, Drifblim has an Alolan variant. This variant has a Ghost/Psychic typing, giving it different strengths and weaknesses compared to the regular Drifblim.

Drifblim’s Connection to Spirits

Drifblim has a special bond with spirits and is believed to be connected to the spirit world. Its presence is often associated with supernatural occurrences and mysterious sightings.

So there you have it, the 17 fascinating facts about Drifblim! This enigmatic Pokémon with its floating balloon-like body and ghostly characteristics has captured the hearts of trainers and continues to intrigue us with its mysterious nature.


In conclusion, Drifblim is a fascinating and unique Pokémon with a rich history and captivating abilities. From its ghostly appearance to its ability to transport people and Pokémon through the skies, Drifblim has captured the imaginations of trainers and fans alike. Its dual typing of Ghost and Flying grants it both offensive and defensive advantages, making it a valuable asset in battles.With its powerful moves like Shadow Ball and Thunderbolt, Drifblim can quickly take down opponents. Additionally, its ability to learn Explosion, a move that sacrifices itself to deal massive damage, can catch opponents off guard and turn the tide of battle.Whether you’re a fan of ghost-type Pokémon, enjoy strategic battles, or simply appreciate a Pokémon with a unique design, Drifblim is sure to leave a lasting impression. Its ghostly presence and ethereal abilities make it a standout member of the Pokémon world, and a valuable addition to any trainer’s team.So, next time you encounter a drifting Drifblim, be prepared for an otherworldly battle experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t underestimate the power and mystery of this unique Pokémon!


1. What type is Drifblim?

Drifblim is a dual-type Pokémon, being both Ghost and Flying type.

2. How does Drifblim move through the air?

Drifblim has the ability to inflate its spherical body with gas, allowing it to float and move through the air effortlessly.

3. Can Drifblim carry other Pokémon?

Yes, Drifblim has the unique ability to carry up to four other Pokémon on its back while soaring through the skies.

4. What are some of Drifblim’s notable moves?

Drifblim can learn a variety of powerful moves, including Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, and Explosion.

5. Is Drifblim a rare Pokémon?

While Drifblim is not considered extremely rare, it is still relatively uncommon and can be found in specific locations throughout the Pokémon world.

6. Can Drifblim evolve?

Drifblim is the evolved form of Drifloon, which evolves when it reaches a certain level of happiness.

7. Are there any notable trainers who use Drifblim?

Yes, several notable trainers in the Pokémon series, including gym leaders and members of the Elite Four, have been known to have Drifblim on their teams.

8. What are some weaknesses of Drifblim?

As a Ghost and Flying type Pokémon, Drifblim is weak against Dark, Ghost, Electric, Ice, and Rock type moves.

9. Can Drifblim be encountered in the wild?

Yes, Drifblim can be encountered in certain areas, such as the Lost Tower or various haunted locations, in the Pokémon games.

10. What makes Drifblim unique?

Drifblim’s ghostly appearance and ability to carry other Pokémon make it a unique and captivating Pokémon in the world of Pokémon.

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