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Modified & Updated: 08 Sep 2023

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Klefki is a fascinating and unique Pokémon that has captured the attention of trainers and fans alike. With its unusual design and intriguing abilities, Klefki is a Steel/Fairy type Pokémon introduced in the sixth generation. This small keyring Pokémon has become notorious for its habit of collecting and hoarding keys.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Klefki and uncover 16 fascinating facts about this quirky Pokémon. From its origins and evolution to its signature moves and strategic uses in battles, we will explore everything you need to know about Klefki. So buckle up, grab your own set of keys, and join us as we unlock the mysteries surrounding this enchanting Pokémon!

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Klefki is a Fairy/Steel type Pokémon.

Klefki is a unique Pokémon known for its typing combination of Fairy and Steel. This combination gives it an interesting set of resistances and vulnerabilities.

It was introduced in Generation VI.

Klefki made its debut in the Pokémon series in Generation VI, which includes the games Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. It quickly became a fan favorite due to its distinctive design and playful nature.

Klefki’s appearance is based on a keychain.

Klefki resembles a keychain, with its body forming the loop and its keys dangling from it. It is said that Klefki collects and cherishes keys, which it uses as a form of protection.

Klefki can learn a wide range of moves.

Despite its small size, Klefki has an impressive movepool. It can learn moves such as Fairy Lock, Spikes, Thunder Wave, Play Rough, and many others. This makes it a versatile Pokémon in battles.

Klefki has the ability Prankster.

One of Klefki’s unique abilities is Prankster. This ability allows Klefki to give priority to non-damaging moves, making it an annoying opponent to face in battle.

It is known for its mischievous nature.

Klefki is often associated with mischief. It is said to enjoy playing tricks on people by hiding their belongings and replacing them with keys. However, its intentions are never malicious.

Klefki is found in various locations.

Klefki can be encountered in different locations throughout the Pokémon games. Some of the places where it can be found include Route 15, Hau’oli City, and Shining Cave.

Klefki has a high base Defense stat.

With its Steel typing and naturally high Defense stat, Klefki is a great Pokémon for taking hits. It can withstand attacks from physical attackers and provide sturdy support to its team.

It has a Mega Evolution.

Klefki has the ability to Mega Evolve into Mega Klefki with the use of a specific item. In its Mega form, it gains a boost in stats and a unique appearance.

Klefki is often used as a support Pokémon in competitive battles.

Due to its access to moves like Thunder Wave, Reflect, and Light Screen, Klefki is often utilized as a support Pokémon in competitive battles. It can disrupt the opponent’s strategy and provide valuable defensive support to its team.

Klefki is resistant to Poison, Psychic, and Dragon type moves.

Thanks to its Steel typing, Klefki has resistance to certain types of moves. It takes reduced damage from Poison, Psychic, and Dragon type moves, giving it an advantage against Pokémon of those types.

It is weak to Ground and Fire type moves.

Despite its resistances, Klefki has weaknesses as well. It is vulnerable to Ground and Fire type moves, so trainers must be cautious when facing Pokémon with those move types.

Klefki can be obtained in various Pokémon games.

Klefki can be obtained in different Pokémon games, including Pokémon X, Pokémon Y, Pokémon Omega Ruby, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon Sun, Pokémon Moon, Pokémon Ultra Sun, and Pokémon Ultra Moon. Its availability may vary depending on the game version.

It has a signature move called Fairy Lock.

Klefki’s signature move is Fairy Lock. When used, it prevents all Pokémon on the field from fleeing or switching out for the next turn, giving Klefki a tactical advantage.

Klefki’s keys are said to possess mysterious powers.

The keys that Klefki holds are believed to have mystical properties. Some legends even suggest that these keys can open doors to other dimensions or unlock hidden secrets.

It is known for its loyalty to its trainers.

Klefki forms strong bonds with its trainers and is incredibly loyal to them. It will go to great lengths to protect its trainer and their belongings, making it a trusted companion.


Klefki, the keyring Pokémon, is a unique and fascinating creature in the world of Pokémon. With its ability to hold keys and use them as weapons, it has captured the attention of trainers and fans alike. From its origin based on the concept of keychains to its unique typing and move set, Klefki offers a refreshing twist to the Pokémon universe.

With its Fairy and Steel typing, Klefki has a unique advantage against Dragon, Dark, and Fighting types. Its ability, Prankster, allows it to use status moves with increased priority, making it a versatile and strategic addition to any team. Its design, resembling a set of keys, is not only visually appealing but also holds symbolic value, representing security and protection.

So, whether you are a fan of its design, intrigued by its move set, or fascinated by its lore, Klefki is definitely a Pokémon worth exploring and adding to your collection.


1. What type is Klefki?

Klefki is a dual-type Pokémon, being Fairy and Steel type.

2. How does Klefki use keys as weapons?

Klefki has the ability to create small key-like appendages from its keyring body. It can then use these keys to attack, controlling them with precision and accuracy.

3. Can Klefki unlock any door?

While Klefki is known for its keyring motif, it can only unlock doors that are compatible with the shape and size of the keys it carries.

4. What is the significance of Klefki’s design?

Klefki’s design is based on the concept of keychains and holds symbolic value related to security and protection. It may also be inspired by the superstition of using a key as a protective talisman.

5. How can I effectively use Klefki in battles?

Due to its Fairy and Steel typing, Klefki has resistances against Dragon, Dark, and Fighting type moves. Utilize its ability, Prankster, to make use of status moves with increased priority and disrupt your opponent’s strategy.

6. Can Klefki learn any unique moves?

Klefki has access to a few moves that are unique to it, such as Fairy Lock and Crafty Shield. These moves can provide strategic advantages in battle.

7. Where can I find Klefki in the Pokémon games?

Klefki can be found in certain areas of the Pokémon games, typically as a rare encounter. Check specific game guides or seek it out in specific locations, such as the Kalos region in Pokémon X and Y.

8. Does Klefki have any interesting lore or mythology?

Klefki’s lore is centered around its protective nature and its ability to safeguard keys. It is said to be incredibly loyal to its trainer and will go to great lengths to protect them and their belongings.

9. Can Klefki evolve?

Klefki does not have an evolution in the Pokémon games. It is a standalone Pokémon with its unique design and abilities.

10. Is Klefki popular among Pokémon fans?

Klefki has gained a significant fan following due to its unique design and interesting move set. It has become a favorite among collectors and competitive players who appreciate its strategic value in battles.