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Latios is a legendary Psychic and Dragon-type Pokémon that has captured the hearts of trainers since its debut in the third generation of Pokémon games. Known for its exceptional speed and powerful psychic abilities, Latios is truly a force to be reckoned with in battles.

In this article, we will delve into 14 fascinating facts about Latios that will not only expand your knowledge of this majestic Pokémon but also deepen your appreciation for its unique characteristics and abilities.

From its origin and lore to its stat distribution and signature moves, get ready to uncover the hidden secrets and intriguing trivia surrounding Latios. Whether you are a long-time fan or new to the Pokémon world, these facts will surely give you a whole new perspective on this remarkable Psychic and Dragon-type Pokémon.

Key Takeaways:

  • Latios, the legendary Dragon and Psychic type Pokemon, is highly intelligent, compassionate, and possesses incredible psychic powers, making it a formidable and inspiring creature for trainers around the world.
  • With its ability to fly faster than a jet plane, create illusions, and sense the emotions of humans and Pokemon, Latios is a symbol of hope and protection, revered for its extraordinary nature and mythical presence in the Pokemon world.
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Latios is a member of the Eon duo.

Latios is part of a legendary duo alongside its sister Latias. Together, they are known as the Eon duo and are revered for their incredible speed and psychic abilities.

Latios can fly faster than a jet plane.

Thanks to its aerodynamic body and powerful wings, Latios can reach incredible speeds while flying. It can effortlessly soar through the sky at speeds that rival those of jet planes.

Latios is highly intelligent.

Among the Pokemon species, Latios is known for its exceptional intelligence. It possesses the ability to understand human speech and communicate telepathically with trainers.

Latios can create illusions.

With its psychic powers, Latios can manipulate its surroundings and create illusions to confuse opponents. Its illusions are so realistic that they can even deceive other psychic Pokemon.

Latios has a compassionate nature.

Despite its immense power, Latios has a gentle and compassionate nature. It is known to be protective of its habitat and will fiercely defend those it cares about.

Latios can detect the emotions of humans and Pokemon.

Using its psychic abilities, Latios can sense the emotions of both humans and Pokemon. It can understand the intentions and feelings of others, making it an invaluable ally in understanding and resolving conflicts.

Latios is a guardian of the Soul Dew.

The Soul Dew is a powerful artifact that boosts the latent power of Latios and Latias. Latios is entrusted with the protection of the Soul Dew, guarding it with unwavering dedication.

Latios can Mega Evolve.

Through the power of Mega Evolution, Latios can tap into even greater power and transform into Mega Latios. This transformation enhances its stats and abilities, making it an even more formidable opponent.

Latios can sense the presence of others from far distances.

With its heightened psychic abilities, Latios can detect the presence of other beings, even from miles away. This makes it an excellent scout and allows it to swiftly respond to impending threats.

Latios has a unique marking on its chest.

Latios has a distinctive red triangle-shaped marking on its chest, which is believed to be a symbol of its power and connection to the Eon duo.

Latios is highly elusive and rarely seen by humans.

Latios is a master of blending into its surroundings and evading detection. This elusiveness has led to it being dubbed the “Guardian of the Skies,” as it is rarely spotted by humans.

Latios can create a psychic network to communicate with others.

Latios has the incredible ability to create a psychic network, allowing it to connect with other Latios and Latias around the world. This network enables them to share information and support each other.

Latios possesses incredible strength.

Despite its elegant appearance, Latios possesses immense physical strength. Its powerful psychic powers combined with its physical prowess make it a formidable opponent in battle.

Latios is a symbol of hope and protection.

Latios is often regarded as a guardian and symbol of hope. It brings protection to its loved ones and is known to intervene in dangerous situations to ensure the safety of others.

These 14 facts about Latios give us a glimpse into the extraordinary nature of this legendary Dragon and Psychic type Pokemon. Its speed, intelligence, compassion, and formidable powers make it a truly remarkable creature. Whether soaring through the skies or unleashing its psychic might, Latios continues to captivate and inspire trainers as one of the most mythical Pokemon in the world.


In conclusion, Latios is a fascinating and powerful Pokémon with a rich history and impressive abilities. From its incredible speed and agility to its strong psychic powers, Latios is a force to be reckoned with in battles. Its unique typing and Mega Evolution make it a versatile and sought-after Pokémon for both competitive play and in-game adventures.Whether you’re a Pokémon enthusiast or just curious about these mythical creatures, Latios is definitely one to keep an eye on. Its captivating design, impressive stats, and intriguing lore make it a standout among the vast POKÉMON universe. So, if you ever encounter a Latios in your Pokémon journey, be prepared for an exhilarating and unforgettable experience!


1. Where can I find Latios in Pokémon games?

Latios can typically be found roaming in certain areas of the game after being encountered at the Southern Island. However, the specific locations may vary depending on the Pokémon game version.

2. Can Latios learn any exclusive moves?

Yes, Latios can learn a few exclusive moves such as Luster Purge, Dragon Pulse, and psychic-type moves. These moves further enhance its already formidable arsenal of attacks.

3. How does Latios’s Mega Evolution affect its stats?

Latios’s Mega Evolution boosts its Attack, Special Attack, and Speed stats, making it even more formidable in battle. Its appearance also changes, showcasing its increased power and heightened presence.

4. Can I breed Latios to obtain another Latios?

No, Latios belongs to the Undiscovered Egg Group, which means it cannot breed and produce offspring. The only way to obtain another Latios is through trade or in-game events.

5. Is Latios better suited for offense or defense?

With its high Speed and Special Attack stats, Latios is primarily known for its offensive capabilities. Its moveset focuses on dealing heavy damage to opponents. However, with the right strategy and move selection, it can also be used defensively to some extent.

6. Does Latios have any weaknesses?

Latios is weak against Dark, Ice, Ghost, and Dragon-type moves. Trainers should be cautious when facing Pokémon with these move types to ensure they can effectively counteract Latios’s strengths.

7. Can Latios be shiny?

Yes, a shiny version of Latios exists and has a different coloration from the regular version. However, obtaining a shiny Latios requires a lot of patience and luck, as the odds of encountering one in the wild are incredibly low.

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