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Pokémon fans, get ready to spread your wings and dance to the rhythm of Oricorio! This flamboyant and mesmerizing Pokémon has been captivating trainers since its debut in Pokémon Sun and Moon. With its unique ability to change forms based on the geographical location, Oricorio brings a vibrant and diverse energy to the game.

In this article, we will delve into 12 fascinating facts about Oricorio, from its origins and different forms to its powerful moves and strategic uses in battles. So, whether you’re a devoted Pokémon player or just getting introduced to the world of these pocket monsters, get ready to learn all about this graceful and dynamic creature.

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Oricorio has four different forms.

One of the most distinctive features of Oricorio is its ability to transform into four different forms: Baile Style, Pom-Pom Style, Pa’u Style, and Sensu Style. Each form corresponds to a specific type – Fire, Electric, Psychic, and Ghost respectively.

It is known as the “Dancing Pokémon”.

Due to its graceful and fluid movements, Oricorio has earned the nickname of the “Dancing Pokémon”. It captivates both opponents and spectators with its elegant dance routines during battles.

Oricorio’s appearance is influenced by different regions.

Depending on the region it is found in, Oricorio’s appearance and behavior are influenced by the local culture. This adds depth and diversity to its character.

Each form has its own unique dance style.

Just like its appearance, each form of Oricorio has its own specific dance style that reflects the essence of its respective type. From fiery flamenco to mesmerizing hula, Oricorio’s dances are a visual treat for trainers.

It gains special moves based on its form.

Oricorio’s form not only affects its appearance but also determines the special moves it can learn. Trainers must consider the unique move sets of each form to strategize effectively during battles.

Oricorio has a high-speed stat.

Known for its agility and swiftness, Oricorio boasts a high-speed stat. This allows it to outwit opponents and strike first in battles.

It is a migratory Pokémon.

Oricorio is known to migrate to different islands in search of different types of nectar. This behavior adds to its mystique and symbolizes its adaptability.

Oricorio’s dance can inspire other Pokémon.

During battles, Oricorio’s captivating dance routines have been known to inspire other Pokémon, boosting their morale and enhancing their performance.

Its fiery form, Baile Style, is associated with passion.

Baile Style represents Oricorio’s Fire type and is associated with passion and intensity. Its fiery dance moves ignite excitement and energy in the battle arena.

Pom-Pom Style is the Electric form of Oricorio.

Pom-Pom Style embodies the Electric type, and its dance is an electrifying spectacle that illuminates the battlefield. Its vibrant moves and crackling energy leave opponents in awe.

Pa’u Style embodies tranquility and healing.

The Psychic type, Pa’u Style, is known for its serene and calming dance. It emits an aura of peace and healing, providing solace to both trainers and Pokémon during battles.

Sensu Style is associated with mystery and darkness.

As the Ghost type, Sensu Style exudes an air of mystery and darkness. Its enigmatic dance moves send chills down the spine of opponents, making it a formidable adversary.

These 12 facts about Oricorio merely scratch the surface of this mesmerizing Pokémon’s lore and abilities. The more you delve into Oricorio’s world, the more you’ll appreciate its uniqueness and captivating presence. So, embrace the wonder of Oricorio and discover the magic it brings to the Pokémon universe!


Oricorio is a fascinating Pokémon that brings a unique flair to the world of Pokémon. With its distinctive dance-inspired forms and diverse abilities, Oricorio captivates both trainers and fans alike. Whether you prefer the fiery Baile style, the electrifying Pom-Pom style, the exotic Pa’u style, or the elegant Sensu style, Oricorio offers a delightful variety of options.As you train and encounter Oricorio, you’ll discover the fascinating facts about its different forms, its intriguing abilities, and its vibrant personalities. From its origin in the Alola region to its compatibility with various moves, Oricorio continues to fascinate Pokémon enthusiasts around the world.So, whether you’re a seasoned trainer or just starting your Pokémon journey, embracing the captivating spirit and dancing allure of Oricorio is sure to make your Pokémon adventures even more enjoyable.


Q: What are the different forms of Oricorio?

A: Oricorio has four different forms: Baile, Pom-Pom, Pa’u, and Sensu. Each form represents a different type and has its own unique appearance and move set.

Q: Where can I find Oricorio in the wild?

A: Oricorio can be found in rare encounters in certain locations, depending on its form. Baile form is found in lava-ridden areas, Pom-Pom form is found in grassy meadows, Pa’u form is found near bodies of water, and Sensu form is found in spooky locations.

Q: Can Oricorio change its form or type?

A: No, once Oricorio has assumed a specific form, it cannot change its form or type. Each form has its own unique abilities and characteristics.

Q: What are Oricorio’s primary abilities?

A: Oricorio has the ability to dance, which activates its signature move, Revelation Dance. This move changes type according to Oricorio’s current form, allowing it to adapt to different battle scenarios.

Q: Are there any special techniques that work well with Oricorio?

A: Yes, Oricorio’s special move, Revelation Dance, is particularly effective. Additionally, Oricorio can learn various Flying-type moves, which synergize well with its Baile and Pom-Pom forms.

Q: Can Oricorio evolve into another Pokémon?

A: No, Oricorio does not evolve into another Pokémon. However, it can learn new moves and improve its stats as it levels up.