Michaella Abshire

Michaella Abshire

Published: 09 Oct 2023

Source: Basketballforever.com

J.R. Smith, the enigmatic and charismatic basketball player, has captivated fans and critics alike with his incredible talent and undeniable impact on the court. From his flashy three-pointers to his electric dunks, Smith’s skills have left audiences in awe. But beyond the basketball court, there are numerous fascinating facts about this intriguing sports personality that may surprise you. In this article, we will explore nine unbelievable facts about J.R. Smith that shed light on his life, career, and unique personality. From his unconventional journey to the NBA to his offbeat interests and charitable endeavors, get ready to delve into the lesser-known aspects of this gifted athlete. So, whether you’re a die-hard basketball fan or simply intrigued by the lives of celebrities, prepare to be amazed by these extraordinary facts about J.R. Smith.

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J. R. Smith once scored 30 points in a single quarter

Yes, you read that right! During a game against the Sacramento Kings in 2013, J. R. Smith went on an absolute scoring rampage, pouring in a mind-boggling 30 points in just one quarter. His incredible display of shooting and scoring prowess left fans and teammates stunned, solidifying his reputation as a prolific scorer.

He won an NBA Championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016

In 2016, J. R. Smith became a vital part of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ historic comeback against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. His stellar shooting, defensive hustle, and ability to come up clutch in crucial moments played a pivotal role in helping the Cavaliers secure their first-ever NBA Championship.

J. R. Smith is known for his love of colorful hairstyles

One thing that sets J. R. Smith apart from the rest is his unique sense of style, particularly when it comes to his ever-changing hairstyles. From vibrant shades of blue to fiery reds, J. R. Smith has rocked some truly head-turning hairdos throughout his career, making him a true trendsetter both on and off the court.

He holds the record for most three-pointers made in a single NBA Finals

During the 2018 NBA Finals, J. R. Smith set a record by knocking down an astonishing 24 three-pointers in just four games. His long-range shooting prowess and ability to stretch the floor helped his team secure crucial victories against their opponents, further solidifying his status as a sharpshooter.

J. R. Smith once disrupted a game by untying opponents’ shoelaces

In a surprising and rather cheeky move, J. R. Smith gained attention for untying the shoelaces of opposing players during free throws. This unexpected tactic caused quite a stir and even led to a warning from the NBA. It’s safe to say that J. R. Smith knows how to keep his opponents on their toes!

He made his NBA debut straight out of high school

J. R. Smith burst onto the NBA scene at the young age of 18, becoming one of the few players to make the leap from high school to the professional basketball ranks. His incredible talent and potential were immediately apparent, and he quickly became known for his electrifying dunks and scoring ability.

J. R. Smith has a tattoo of his daughter’s name on his neck

Behind his tough and fearless on-court persona, J. R. Smith is a dedicated family man. He proudly displays his love for his daughter with a prominent tattoo of her name, Demi, on his neck. It serves as a permanent reminder of the importance of family and the motivation driving his success.

He has a reputation for his clutch performances

When the game is on the line and the pressure is at its peak, J. R. Smith has a knack for stepping up and delivering clutch performances. Time and time again, he has hit game-winning shots and made crucial plays that have earned him a reputation as a player who thrives in high-pressure situations.

J. R. Smith is a passionate philanthropist

Beyond the basketball court, J. R. Smith is deeply committed to making a positive impact in the community. He actively participates in various charitable endeavors, using his platform to support causes such as education, youth empowerment, and anti-bullying campaigns. His dedication to giving back showcases his true character and generosity.

In conclusion, J. R. Smith is not just your average NBA player. With his remarkable achievements, captivating style, and undeniable talent, he has become an icon in the world of basketball. These 9 unbelievable facts only scratch the surface of the intriguing life and career of J. R. Smith. So, the next time you watch him on the court, remember the incredible journey that has led him to this point, and appreciate the unique player that he truly is.


In conclusion, J.R. Smith is undeniably one of the most fascinating and unpredictable figures in the world of basketball. From his incredible on-court performances to his off-court antics, Smith has managed to captivate fans and critics alike. This article has provided a glimpse into some unbelievable facts about J.R. Smith, showcasing his unique personality and talent.

Whether it’s his record-breaking moments, colorful tattoos, or unexpected acts of kindness, J.R. Smith continues to keep us entertained and guessing. His journey in the NBA has been full of ups and downs, but it’s clear that his impact on the game and the hearts of fans will never be forgotten. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that J.R. Smith is a true icon of the sport.

So, the next time you’re watching a basketball game or scrolling through social media, remember these incredible facts about J.R. Smith and appreciate the lasting legacy he has left on the world of basketball.


1. How many NBA teams did J.R. Smith play for?

J.R. Smith played for a total of six different NBA teams throughout his career. These teams include the New Orleans Hornets, Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers, and the Milwaukee Bucks.

2. What is J.R. Smith’s most memorable moment in the NBA?

One of J.R. Smith’s most memorable moments in the NBA came during the 2018 Finals when he made a critical mistake in Game 1. With just seconds left in regulation, Smith grabbed an offensive rebound but instead of attempting a shot or passing the ball, he dribbled out the clock thinking his team was in the lead. This blunder ultimately cost the Cleveland Cavaliers the game and potentially changed the outcome of the series.

3. Did J.R. Smith win any NBA championships?

Yes, J.R. Smith won two NBA championships during his career. He was a key part of the Cleveland Cavaliers team that won the championship in 2016, making an impact with his three-point shooting and defensive skills. Smith also won another championship in 2020 with the Los Angeles Lakers.

4. Has J.R. Smith ever been involved in any off-court controversies?

Yes, J.R. Smith has had his fair share of off-court controversies. He has been fined multiple times for various infractions, including excessive celebration, unsportsmanlike conduct, and inappropriate social media posts. However, Smith has also been recognized for his charitable acts and involvement in community initiatives.

5. How many tattoos does J.R. Smith have?

J.R. Smith is known for his extensive tattoo collection. While the exact number is unknown, he has countless tattoos covering his arms, chest, and back. His tattoos include various symbols, words, and intricate designs, making them a unique part of his personal brand.