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Chris Appleton is a name that has become synonymous with celebrity hairstyling. As one of the most sought-after hairstylists in the entertainment industry, Appleton has earned a reputation for his talent and innovation. With his incredible skill set and ability to transform hair into stunning works of art, it’s no wonder that celebrities trust him to create their iconic red carpet looks.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Chris Appleton and uncover 49 fascinating facts about the renowned hairstylist. From his humble beginnings to his meteoric rise to fame, we will explore his career milestones, his clientele of A-list stars, and his contributions to the ever-evolving world of hairstyling.

So, if you’re curious to learn more about the man behind the fabulous hairstyles of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and countless other celebrities, buckle up and get ready to discover the fascinating world of Chris Appleton!

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Chris Appleton has styled the hair of many A-list celebrities.

From Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez to Ariana Grande and Katy Perry, Chris has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

He was born and raised in Leicester, England.

Chris Appleton hails from the vibrant city of Leicester in the United Kingdom, where his passion for hairstyling was ignited.

Chris began his hairstyling career at a young age.

He discovered his love for hairdressing at the age of 11 and started cutting hair for friends and family.

He trained at the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Academy.

To refine his skills and enhance his knowledge, Chris Appleton studied at the renowned Vidal Sassoon Academy in London.

Chris is known for his signature “glass hair” trend.

He popularized the sleek, straight, and ultra-shiny “glass hair” look, which became a trendsetter in the beauty industry.

His work has graced the covers of top fashion magazines.

Chris’ exceptional hairstyling has been featured on the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle, among other prestigious fashion publications.

Chris Appleton is a social media sensation.

With millions of followers on Instagram, Chris has gained tremendous recognition for showcasing his stunning hair transformations and sharing his expert tips and tricks.

He has collaborated with major hair care brands.

Chris has partnered with popular hair care brands like Color Wow and Dyson, developing innovative products and tools to help people achieve salon-worthy hairstyles at home.

He has his own hair extension line.

Recognizing the demand for flawless, voluminous hair, Chris created his own line of high-quality hair extensions, offering a range of lengths, colors, and textures.

Chris Appleton is known for his versatility.

Whether it’s a sleek updo, glamorous waves, or an edgy pixie cut, Chris can effortlessly adapt to any hairstyle and bring his unique touch to each look.

He is respected by his peers in the industry.

Chris is highly regarded by fellow hairstylists for his innovative techniques, attention to detail, and ability to push boundaries in hairstyling.

His creative vision has redefined red carpet beauty.

Chris Appleton’s artistic approach to hairstyling has revolutionized red carpet beauty, setting new trends and inspiring other stylists.

He is a master of hair color transformations.

Chris’ expertise in hair coloring has allowed him to orchestrate remarkable transformations, taking clients from blondes to brunettes, and everything in between.

Chris Appleton has a devoted celebrity clientele.

His client roster includes stars like Selena Gomez, Khloe Kardashian, and Dua Lipa, who trust him to create show-stopping hairstyles for their public appearances.

He has worked on numerous high-profile events.

From the Grammy Awards and Met Gala to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Chris has styled hair for some of the most prestigious events in the entertainment industry.

Chris is known for his flawless wig applications.

He has perfected the art of wig styling and application, seamlessly blending them with natural hair for a flawless and undetectable finish.

He often shares behind-the-scenes insights on social media.

Chris gives his followers a glimpse into his creative process by sharing behind-the-scenes photos and videos of his hairstyling transformations.

Chris Appleton’s hairstyles have become iconic.

From Kim Kardashian’s long, sleek locks to Jennifer Lopez’s legendary curls, Chris’ hairstyles have become iconic looks that have influenced hair trends worldwide.

He is known for his bold and fearless approach to hair.

Chris isn’t afraid to experiment with unique textures, lengths, and colors, allowing him to create daring and unforgettable hairstyles.

Chris Appleton is a highly sought-after educator.

He travels the world conducting hairstyling seminars and workshops, sharing his knowledge and inspiring aspiring hairstylists.

He has a passion for empowering women through hair.

Chris believes that hair has the power to enhance a woman’s confidence and self-expression, and he strives to empower women through his hairstyling.

Chris Appleton has appeared on television shows as a guest stylist.

He has made appearances on popular television shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Today Show, sharing his expertise with a broader audience.

He has created iconic looks for music videos.

Chris has collaborated with artists like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Nicki Minaj, creating show-stopping hairstyles that complement their music videos.

Chris is known for his incredible speed and efficiency.

Despite working with intricate hairstyles, Chris can create stunning looks in record time, making him a go-to hairstylist for time-sensitive events.

He values the importance of healthy hair.

Chris emphasizes the significance of maintaining healthy hair and educates his clients and followers on proper hair care routines and treatments.

Chris Appleton draws inspiration from various sources.

He finds inspiration in fashion, art, music, and street style, continuously exploring new trends and translating them into his unique hairstyles.

He has a strong social media presence.

Chris actively engages with his followers on social media, answering their questions, sharing tutorials, and offering insightful hair care advice.

Chris is a trendsetter in the hairstyling industry.

His daring and innovative hairstyles often set the bar for upcoming trends, inspiring hairstylists and beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

He is a firm believer in the transformative power of a good haircut.

Chris understands how a well-executed haircut can completely transform a person’s appearance and boost their confidence.

Chris Appleton has collaborated with top fashion designers.

He has worked closely with fashion designers like Balmain and Versace, creating show-stopping hairstyles for their runway shows.

He has been featured in prestigious beauty publications.

Chris’ expertise and contributions to the hairstyling industry have been highlighted in magazines like Allure, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan.

Chris Appleton values simplicity.

While he can create elaborate and intricate hairstyles, Chris also appreciates the elegance and impact of simple, classic looks.

He has been praised for his ability to create voluminous hairstyles.

Chris is a master of adding volume and movement to hairstyles, giving his clients a glamorous and luxurious look.

Chris loves experimenting with short hairstyles.

He enjoys exploring the versatility of short haircuts and utilizing unique cutting techniques to create edgy and stylish looks.

He believes that everyone deserves to feel beautiful.

Chris’ inclusive approach to hairstyling aims to make people of all genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds feel beautiful and confident.

He has been offered numerous brand partnerships.

Thanks to his exceptional talent and reputation, Chris has received countless offers from hair care and styling brands to collaborate on products and campaigns.

Chris Appleton is known for seamless hair color transitions.

Whether it’s a natural ombre or a dramatic color change, Chris seamlessly blends and transitions hair colors for a flawless and stunning result.

He strives to push boundaries in hairstyling.

Chris continually challenges conventional ideas of hairstyling, introducing innovative techniques and unconventional looks to the industry.

He has a keen eye for detail.

Chris pays meticulous attention to every strand of hair, ensuring that every hairstyle he creates is executed to perfection.

Chris Appleton’s work has been featured in music videos.

His hairstyling has been showcased in music videos for artists like Cardi B, Rita Ora, and Dua Lipa, enhancing the visual impact of their performances.

He is praised for his ability to cater to diverse hair textures.

Chris has a deep understanding of various hair textures and knows how to work with each one to create stunning and personalized looks.

He has a passion for experimenting with unique hair accessories.

Chris enjoys incorporating accessories like hair clips, headbands, and hair jewelry into his hairstyling, adding an extra touch of glamor.

Chris Appleton has frequently collaborated with renowned photographers.

His work has been captured by world-class photographers, contributing to iconic editorial spreads and fashion campaigns.

He understands the importance of communication with his clients.

Chris believes in listening to his clients’ wishes and ideas, collaborating with them to achieve the desired hairstyle.

Chris keeps up with the latest trends.

He stays ahead of the game by actively researching and monitoring emerging hairstyle trends, enabling him to offer his clients cutting-edge looks.

He has showcased his skills on live television.

Chris has made appearances on television shows like Good Morning America, demonstrating his hairstyling techniques to a wide audience.

Chris Appleton has a loyal fan base.

His incredible talent and down-to-earth personality have earned him a dedicated following of beauty enthusiasts who admire his work.

He believes in the transformative power of hairstyling.

Chris understands that a well-executed hairstyle can enhance a person’s confidence, mood, and overall sense of well-being.

Chris Appleton continues to inspire and innovate.

As a true visionary in the hairstyling industry, Chris Appleton’s creative journey is far from over. He continues to inspire, educate, and surprise us with his extraordinary talent and passion for hairstyling.

In conclusion, Chris Appleton’s rise to prominence as one of the most influential hairstylists of our time is a testament to his exceptional skill, creativity, and dedication to the craft. Through his work with celebrities, his social media presence, and his constant pursuit of innovation, Chris has left an indelible mark on the world of hairstyling, redefining beauty norms and inspiring countless others to embrace their unique style. Whether it’s a sleek red carpet look or an edgy transformation, Chris Appleton continues to push boundaries and captivate us with his extraordinary talent.


In conclusion, Chris Appleton is undoubtedly a prominent figure in the world of celebrities. With his immense talent and passion for hairstyling, he has become the go-to stylist for many A-list celebrities. From creating iconic looks for Kim Kardashian to transforming the hair game of Jennifer Lopez, Chris Appleton’s work speaks volumes. His innovation and ability to continuously push boundaries have made him a sought-after celebrity hairstylist.Whether it’s his flawless execution of intricate braids or his ability to transform a simple hairstyle into a statement look, Chris Appleton’s work has captured the attention of millions worldwide. With his impressive portfolio and his dedication to his craft, it is no surprise that he has become a household name in the industry.Chris Appleton’s journey to success serves as an inspiration to aspiring hairstylists and fans alike. His determination, hard work, and creativity have paved the way for his remarkable career. As the industry continues to evolve, we can expect to see Chris Appleton continue to innovate and leave his mark on the world of celebrity hairstyling.


Q: How did Chris Appleton become a celebrity hairstylist?

A: Chris Appleton’s journey to becoming a celebrity hairstylist began with his passion for hair. He started as an apprentice in a salon in the UK, honing his skills and learning the ropes of the industry. Through hard work and dedication, he eventually caught the attention of celebrities and began styling their hair for red carpet events.

Q: What are some of Chris Appleton’s most iconic hairstyles?

A: Chris Appleton is known for creating many iconic hairstyles. Some of his most notable works include the sleek long bob on Kim Kardashian, the high ponytail on Ariana Grande, and the voluminous curls on Jennifer Lopez.

Q: How does Chris Appleton stay current and innovative in his hairstyling?

A: Chris Appleton stays current and innovative by constantly experimenting with new techniques and trends. He keeps up with industry developments, attends hair shows and seminars, and collaborates with other professionals to stay inspired and bring fresh ideas to his work.

Q: How can I achieve celebrity-like hair at home?

A: To achieve celebrity-like hair at home, it’s essential to invest in quality products, such as heat protectants, styling serums, and volumizing sprays. Additionally, practicing proper hair care and following online tutorials for styling tips can help you achieve a red carpet-worthy look.