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Bianca Del Rio, the iconic and legendary drag queen, has taken the world by storm with her sharp wit, unapologetic humor, and stunning performances. Known for her signature blend of comedy and glamour, Bianca has become a household name in the entertainment industry.

In this article, we will dive deep into the glamorous world of Bianca Del Rio and uncover 49 fascinating facts about this sensational queen. From her early life and humble beginnings to her rise to fame and beyond, we will explore the journey of this beloved drag superstar.

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan looking to learn more about Bianca Del Rio or simply curious about the world of drag, prepare to be entertained and amazed as we shine a spotlight on the sensational queen herself.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bianca Del Rio, the iconic drag queen, won RuPaul’s Drag Race and is known for her sharp wit, charitable work, and stunning performances worldwide.
  • With a background in costume design and theater, Bianca Del Rio’s impact on the drag community is undeniable, inspiring countless individuals and leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.
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Bianca Del Rio’s birth name is Roy Haylock.

Bianca Del Rio, one of the most popular and iconic drag queens, was born as Roy Haylock on June 27, 1975.

Bianca Del Rio is known for her sharp wit and sarcastic humor.

Bianca Del Rio rose to fame for her razor-sharp tongue and quick comebacks, which have made her a fan-favorite among drag queen enthusiasts.

She became the winner of the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

In 2014, Bianca Del Rio competed on the hit reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race and emerged as the winner, solidifying her status as a drag superstar.

Bianca Del Rio has a background in costume design.

Prior to her career in drag, Bianca Del Rio worked as a costume designer in New Orleans, where she honed her skills in creating eclectic and eye-catching outfits.

She has appeared in several movies and TV shows.

Bianca Del Rio has made appearances in films like “Hurricane Bianca” and its sequel, as well as TV shows such as “Broad City” and “Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce.

Bianca Del Rio is noted for her charitable work.

Behind the scenes, Bianca Del Rio is actively involved in philanthropy and has lent her support to various LGBTQ+ charities and causes throughout her career.

Bianca Del Rio has a strong social media presence.

With millions of followers on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, Bianca Del Rio uses social media to connect with fans and share her latest projects and performances.

She has released her own line of merchandise.

Bianca Del Rio has capitalized on her popularity by launching her own line of merchandise, which includes clothing, accessories, and collectibles for her dedicated fanbase.

Bianca Del Rio has toured extensively around the world.

Known for her energetic and captivating live performances, Bianca Del Rio has taken her drag show on the road, entertaining audiences across the globe.

She is known for her iconic catchphrases.

Bianca Del Rio’s quick wit and memorable one-liners have given rise to several catchphrases, including “Not Today, Satan!” and “Sashay away.”

Bianca Del Rio has written a book.

Titled “Blame It on Bianca Del Rio: The Expert on Nothing with an Opinion on Everything,” Bianca Del Rio’s book offers a humorous take on life and shares her unique insights.

She has collaborated with other drag queens.

Bianca Del Rio has collaborated with fellow drag queens, both in live performances and on-screen, showcasing her ability to work alongside other talented performers.

Bianca Del Rio has a strong LGBTQ+ following.

As an openly gay drag queen, Bianca Del Rio has become an influential figure within the LGBTQ+ community, known for her support and advocacy for equal rights.

She has her own podcast.

Bianca Del Rio hosts a podcast called “The Bianca Del Rio Podcast,” where she shares her thoughts, interviews guests, and provides entertaining commentary on various topics.

Bianca Del Rio has performed on numerous stages.

From small underground venues to prestigious theaters, Bianca Del Rio has graced stages of all sizes with her electrifying performances.

She has been a guest judge on reality shows.

Bianca Del Rio has made appearances as a guest judge on reality shows such as “Skin Wars” and “Gay for Play Game Show Starring RuPaul.

Bianca Del Rio is known for her distinctive makeup style.

With her exaggerated eyebrows, flawless contouring, and bold lips, Bianca Del Rio has established a signature makeup look that sets her apart from other drag queens.

She has a strong online presence.

Aside from social media, Bianca Del Rio engages with fans through her official website and regularly shares updates on her upcoming projects and performances.

Bianca Del Rio has won numerous awards.

In addition to winning RuPaul’s Drag Race, Bianca Del Rio has been recognized with various awards for her contributions to the drag community and entertainment industry.

She is known for her stunning costume changes.

During her performances, Bianca Del Rio wows audiences with her rapid and seamless costume changes, showcasing an array of dazzling and extravagant outfits.

Bianca Del Rio has performed with notable celebrities.

Throughout her career, Bianca Del Rio has shared the stage with celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Elton John, and Margaret Cho, among others.

She is an advocate for body positivity.

Bianca Del Rio promotes body positivity, encouraging self-acceptance and celebrating all shapes and sizes within the LGBTQ+ community.

Bianca Del Rio has a strong and loyal fanbase.

Known as “Bianca’s Babies,” her fans show unwavering support for their favorite queen, attending her shows, buying her merchandise, and engaging with her on social media.

She has appeared in music videos.

Bianca Del Rio has made cameo appearances in music videos, including the video for Shangela’s single “Werqin’ Girl” and Mardi Gras’ “Beads, Boys & Boas.

Bianca Del Rio is known for her memorable runway looks.

On RuPaul’s Drag Race and in her live performances, Bianca Del Rio consistently impresses with her innovative and captivating runway looks.

She has performed at Pride events worldwide.

Bianca Del Rio is a frequent performer at Pride events around the world, using her platform to spread joy and pride within the LGBTQ+ community.

Bianca Del Rio has a distinctive laugh.

Her infectious and unique laugh has become a recognizable trait of Bianca Del Rio, adding to her charm and comedic persona.

She has released comedy specials.

Bianca Del Rio has released comedy specials, including “Rolodex of Hate” and “Not Today Bianca,” showcasing her comedic talent and sharp wit.

Bianca Del Rio has worked with renowned fashion designers.

Throughout her career, Bianca Del Rio has collaborated with esteemed fashion designers to create custom pieces for her performances, elevating her drag style.

She has a background in theater.

Prior to her drag career, Bianca Del Rio pursued theater and has a degree in theatrical performance from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Bianca Del Rio is known for her outrageous and unforgettable quotes.

From shockingly blunt statements to hilariously witty remarks, Bianca Del Rio’s quotes have become legendary among her fans.

She has appeared on talk shows and late-night shows.

Bianca Del Rio has made appearances on talk shows and late-night shows, engaging in entertaining interviews and showcasing her vibrant personality.

Bianca Del Rio has designed costumes for other drag queens.

Using her costume design background, Bianca Del Rio has lent her talent and expertise to creating stunning outfits for other drag queens in the industry.

She has a vivacious stage presence.

When Bianca Del Rio takes the stage, her charisma and commanding presence captivate the audience, making every performance a memorable experience.

Bianca Del Rio uses comedy to address social issues.

Through her comedy routines, Bianca Del Rio addresses important social issues, using humor as a tool to provoke thought and create positive change.

She has released her own music.

Bianca Del Rio has dabbled in the music industry, releasing singles such as “Bianca’s Big Drag Queen Party” and “Kill the Lights” featuring DJ Casey Alva.

Bianca Del Rio has appeared in theater productions.

Beyond her drag performances, Bianca Del Rio has showcased her talent in theatrical productions, taking on roles that suit her vibrant personality.

She is known for her impressive makeup transformations.

Bianca Del Rio’s makeup skills are truly remarkable, as she can transform her face into a variety of stunning and dramatic looks.

Bianca Del Rio speaks openly about her struggles with addiction.

Bianca Del Rio has shared her personal journey of overcoming addiction, using her experiences to inspire and support others who may be going through similar challenges.

She has performed at major drag conventions.

Bianca Del Rio is a regular performer at drag conventions and events, where dedicated fans gather to celebrate the art of drag and connect with their favorite queens.

Bianca Del Rio has been featured in magazines.

Her iconic style and personality have graced the pages of magazines, including Dragaholic, Out, and Attitude, among others.

She has a background in stand-up comedy.

Before becoming a drag queen, Bianca Del Rio honed her comedic skills performing stand-up comedy, which laid the foundation for her stage presence.

Bianca Del Rio has performed on cruise ships.

Her talents have taken her to the high seas, where she has entertained cruise ship passengers with her electrifying performances.

She has a strong presence on YouTube.

Bianca Del Rio’s YouTube channel is home to a variety of entertaining content, including makeup tutorials, vlogs, and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

Bianca Del Rio is known for her outspoken and unfiltered personality.

She doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing her opinions, making Bianca Del Rio a refreshing and unapologetic figure in the drag community.

She has a unique sense of style.

Bianca Del Rio’s fashion choices are bold, daring, and always leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Bianca Del Rio has performed for sold-out crowds.

Her popularity has reached new heights, with Bianca Del Rio selling out shows worldwide and attracting fans from all walks of life.

She has starred in her own comedy specials.

Bianca Del Rio has released multiple comedy specials, showcasing her hilarious stand-up routines and cementing her status as a comedic force to be reckoned with.

Bianca Del Rio’s impact on the drag community is undeniable.

Through her talent, humor, and fearlessness, Bianca Del Rio has inspired and influenced countless individuals within the drag community and beyond.


In conclusion, Bianca Del Rio is truly an extraordinary individual who has made a significant impact on the world of entertainment. With her unique blend of wit, talent, and fearless demeanor, she has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. From her humble beginnings to becoming a global sensation, Bianca’s journey is an inspiration to all aspiring artists.Through her success on RuPaul’s Drag Race and beyond, Bianca Del Rio continues to break barriers and challenge stereotypes. She exemplifies the power of staying true to oneself and embracing individuality. Whether on stage or screen, she never fails to entertain and leave audiences wanting more.As we celebrate the incredible talent and resilience of Bianca Del Rio, let us remember the importance of staying authentic, embracing diversity, and following our passions. Bianca’s story serves as a reminder that with dedication, hard work, and a little bit of humor, anything is possible.


Q: Where is Bianca Del Rio from?

A: Bianca Del Rio was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Q: What is Bianca Del Rio’s real name?

A: Bianca Del Rio’s real name is Roy Haylock.

Q: How did Bianca Del Rio become famous?

A: Bianca Del Rio rose to fame after winning the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Q: What other projects has Bianca Del Rio been involved in?

A: Apart from her success on Drag Race, Bianca Del Rio has appeared in movies, television shows, and theater productions. She has also embarked on successful stand-up comedy tours.

Q: What makes Bianca Del Rio stand out from other drag queens?

A: Bianca Del Rio is known for her quick wit, impeccable comedic timing, and unapologetic personality. Her ability to keep audiences laughing while also delivering important messages sets her apart from other drag queens.

Q: Does Bianca Del Rio have any upcoming projects?

A: While specific projects may vary, Bianca Del Rio is always working on new ventures and collaborating with other artists. Keep an eye out for her latest endeavors!

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