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Toya Bush Harris has become a household name in the world of reality TV, captivating audiences with her charm, wit, and undeniable presence. From her time on the hit show “Married to Medicine” to her successful ventures in the entertainment industry, Toya has established herself as a force to be reckoned with. But aside from her on-screen persona, there is so much more to this multi-talented woman. In this article, we will explore 47 fascinating facts about Toya Bush Harris, shedding light on her personal life, career milestones, and the impact she has made both on and off the screen. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the incredible world of Toya Bush Harris!

Key Takeaways:

  • Toya Bush Harris is a multifaceted celebrity known for her successful career, philanthropy, and advocacy for mental health and self-care. She inspires others through her positive impact and dedication to making a difference in the world.
  • From reality TV fame to entrepreneurship, Toya Bush Harris embodies resilience, determination, and a passion for uplifting others. Her journey and values make her a true role model, inspiring many with her dedication to personal growth and community involvement.
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Early Life

Toya Bush Harris was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.


She attended Tennessee State University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Career Beginnings

Toya started her career in the pharmaceutical sales industry, where she excelled before venturing into the world of entertainment.

Reality TV Debut

Toya gained fame after joining the cast of the hit reality show “Married to Medicine” in 2013.

Family Life

She is married to Dr. Eugene Harris, a successful emergency medicine physician, and they have two children together.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Aside from her television career, Toya is also an entrepreneur, having launched her own line of home decor and lifestyle products.


Toya is actively involved in various charitable causes and has dedicated her time and resources to giving back to her community.

Social Media Presence

She has a strong presence on social media, with a large following on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.


Toya is known for her impeccable sense of style and frequently shares her fashion choices on her social media accounts.

Mental Health Advocate

Toya is passionate about mental health awareness and often uses her platform to spread messages of positivity and self-care.

Book Author

She has authored a book that tells her personal story and shares valuable insights on life, love, and relationships.

Fitness Enthusiast

Toya is dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and regularly incorporates fitness into her routine.

Cooking Skills

She enjoys cooking and often shares delicious recipes and cooking tips with her fans.

Travel Aficionado

Toya loves to explore new destinations and shares her travel experiences on her social media channels.

Passion for Interior Design

She has a passion for interior design and often showcases her own beautifully decorated home.

Supportive Friend

Toya is known for being a loyal and supportive friend to those close to her.

Inspirational Speaker

She frequently participates in speaking engagements, inspiring others with her life experiences and words of wisdom.

Fashion Collaboration

Toya has collaborated with several fashion brands, creating her own signature collections.

Real Estate Investor

She has ventured into real estate investments, building a diverse portfolio of properties.

Role Model for Women

Toya strives to be a positive role model for women and encourages others to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

Business Mentor

She offers mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs, sharing her knowledge and experiences in the business world.

Podcast Host

Toya hosts her own podcast, where she engages in meaningful conversations about various topics.

Fashion Influencer

Her fashion choices have inspired many fans to recreate her looks and develop their personal style.

Supporter of Women Empowerment

Toya actively supports organizations that empower and uplift women in all areas of life.

Health Advocate

She promotes a holistic approach to health and encourages her followers to prioritize their well-being.

Positive Role Model for Mothers

Toya serves as an inspiration to mothers, showing them that they can balance successful careers and family life.

Love for Nature

She enjoys spending time in nature, whether it be hiking, gardening, or simply appreciating the beauty of the outdoors.

Supporter of Small Businesses

Toya actively promotes and supports small businesses, recognizing their importance in the community.

Mentor for Young Adults

She has a passion for guiding young adults and offers mentorship to help them navigate life’s challenges.

Resilience and Determination

Toya’s journey to success has been marked by resilience and determination, always rising above obstacles and setbacks.

Connection to the Community

She maintains close ties to her community and is always seeking ways to make a positive impact.

Love for Art

Toya appreciates various forms of art and often visits museums and art galleries to explore new artistic expressions.

Advocate for Diversity and Inclusion

She actively supports and advocates for diversity and inclusion in all aspects of society.

Admirer of Historical Figures

Toya has a deep admiration for historical figures who have made significant contributions to society.

Supporter of Animal Welfare

She is passionate about animal welfare and supports organizations that strive to protect and care for animals.

Love for Music

Music plays an important role in Toya’s life, and she enjoys attending concerts and discovering new artists.

Environmental Activist

She actively raises awareness about environmental issues and promotes sustainable living.

Advocate for Financial Literacy

Toya believes in the importance of financial literacy and educates others on managing their finances effectively.

Charitable Initiatives

She regularly participates in charitable initiatives and fundraisers to support various causes.

Love for Reading

Toya is an avid reader and is often seen recommending books to her followers.

Supporter of Mental Health Education

She advocates for mental health education in schools and communities to address the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Lifelong Learner

Toya believes in the importance of continuous learning and is always seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Advocate for Self-Care

She emphasizes the importance of self-care and regularly engages in activities that promote relaxation and well-being.

Supporter of the Arts

Toya actively supports local artists and encourages her followers to explore and appreciate different art forms.

Strong Believer in Karma

She believes in the power of positive energy and strives to spread kindness and positivity wherever she goes.

Love for Family Traditions

Toya values family traditions and creates lasting memories through special celebrations and gatherings.

The Power of Gratitude

Toya practices gratitude daily and encourages others to find joy in the small things in life.

These 47 facts about Toya Bush Harris highlight her multifaceted personality and the positive impact she has made in various aspects of her life. From her successful career to her philanthropic endeavors, Toya continues to inspire and empower others.

Whether she is advocating for mental health, promoting the importance of self-care, or supporting small businesses, Toya uses her platform to make a difference in the world.

As we dive deeper into the 47 facts about Toya Bush Harris, we get a glimpse of her inspiring journey and the values she holds dear. Her dedication to personal growth, community involvement, and uplifting others makes her a true role model for many.


In conclusion, Toya Bush Harris is a remarkable celebrity with a multitude of fascinating facts that highlight her accomplishments and achievements. From her educational background to her successful career in the entertainment industry, Toya’s story is one of determination, resilience, and passion.As a reality TV star and entrepreneur, Toya has made a significant impact on the entertainment world. Her involvement in hit shows like “Married to Medicine” has garnered her a loyal fan base and recognition for her authenticity and relatability.Toya’s philanthropic endeavors, particularly in raising awareness for breast cancer, showcase her compassionate nature and desire to make a positive difference in society.Overall, Toya Bush Harris is a truly inspiring celebrity who exemplifies hard work, talent, and a genuine desire to make a difference. Her journey serves as an inspiration to many and highlights the importance of staying true to oneself and pursuing one’s dreams relentlessly.


1. What is Toya Bush Harris known for?

Toya Bush Harris is best known for her appearances on the reality TV show “Married to Medicine.” She is also an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and motivational speaker.

2. Where did Toya Bush Harris receive her education?

Toya Bush Harris earned a bachelor’s degree from Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee.

3. What other TV shows has Toya Bush Harris been a part of?

In addition to “Married to Medicine,” Toya Bush Harris has made appearances on talk shows and other reality TV programs, showcasing her charisma and personality.

4. What philanthropic work is Toya Bush Harris involved in?

Toya Bush Harris is actively involved in raising awareness for breast cancer. She uses her platform to promote early detection and support for those affected by the disease.

5. How has Toya Bush Harris made a name for herself in the entertainment industry?

Toya Bush Harris has made a name for herself through her authenticity, relatability, and passion for entertainment. Her strong presence on “Married to Medicine” has endeared her to audiences around the world.

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