Hyacintha Moua

Hyacintha Moua

Published: 19 Jul 2023

Source: Mitsubishimotors.com

The Mitsubishi Group is a renowned conglomerate that has made significant contributions to various industries across the globe. With its diverse portfolio and rich history, the company has become a household name synonymous with innovation, quality, and sustainability. From automobiles to electronics, from finance to industrial machinery, Mitsubishi has left an indelible mark on numerous sectors.

In this article, we will dive deeper into the Mitsubishi Group and explore 15 fascinating facts about this influential corporation. Whether you are a fan of their automobiles, curious about their origins, or interested in their vision for the future, this article will provide a comprehensive overview of the Mitsubishi Group and its impact on the world.

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The Mitsubishi Group is a conglomerate of various businesses and companies.

The Mitsubishi Group, also known as the Mitsubishi Keiretsu, is a collection of independent Japanese companies that operate in diverse industries such as automotive, electronics, finance, and more. With its origins dating back to 1870, the Mitsubishi Group has become one of Japan’s most prominent and influential business conglomerates.

Mitsubishi Group has a rich history spanning over a century.

Established in 1870 by Yataro Iwasaki, the Mitsubishi Group has a long and storied history. Initially starting as a shipping company, it gradually expanded its reach into various sectors, including mining, manufacturing, and financial services. Today, the Mitsubishi Group operates globally and is involved in a wide range of industries.

The name “Mitsubishi” means “three diamonds” in Japanese.

Derived from the combination of the words “mitsu” (meaning “three”) and “hishi” (meaning “water chestnut” or “diamond shape”), the name “Mitsubishi” reflects the company’s emblem, which consists of three stacked rhombuses. This emblem symbolizes reliability, integrity, and success.

The Mitsubishi Group played a significant role in Japan’s industrialization.

During the Meiji era, the Mitsubishi Group contributed greatly to Japan’s modernization and industrial development. It played a pivotal role in sectors such as coal mining, shipbuilding, and heavy machinery manufacturing, which propelled Japan’s economy forward.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Group.

One of the most well-known companies under the Mitsubishi Group is Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, which is a prominent player in the automotive industry. It produces a wide range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and electric cars, catering to diverse consumer needs.

The Mitsubishi Group has a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Recognizing the importance of environmental preservation, the Mitsubishi Group actively promotes sustainable practices and strives to develop eco-friendly technologies. It focuses on reducing carbon emissions, implementing recycling initiatives, and supporting renewable energy projects.

Mitsubishi Group has made significant contributions to the aerospace industry.

Through Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Group, significant advancements have been made in the aerospace industry. It has been involved in the development and manufacturing of commercial and military aircraft, as well as space systems.

The Mitsubishi Group has a diverse portfolio of companies.

From financial services with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, to electronics with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, and heavy industries with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the Mitsubishi Group encompasses a wide range of businesses. This diversification helps mitigate risks and creates synergy among its various subsidiaries.

The Mitsubishi Group values innovation and research and development.

Being at the forefront of technological advancements, the Mitsubishi Group allocates a significant portion of its resources to research and development. It aims to stay ahead of the curve by constantly innovating and creating innovative solutions for various industries.

Mitsubishi Group companies contribute to local communities through corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The Mitsubishi Group believes in giving back to society and actively engages in corporate social responsibility activities. Through initiatives such as education, healthcare, disaster relief, and environmental conservation, it strives to make a positive impact on the communities where it operates.

The Mitsubishi Group has a strong presence in the financial sector.

With Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group being one of the largest banking institutions in the world, the Mitsubishi Group holds a significant position in the financial sector. Its comprehensive financial services cater to the needs of individuals, businesses, and institutional clients.

Mitsubishi Group places importance on diversity and inclusion.

The Mitsubishi Group fosters a diverse and inclusive work culture, recognizing the value of different perspectives and experiences. It promotes equal opportunities and encourages the participation of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Mitsubishi Group companies have a global reach.

With operations spanning across continents, the Mitsubishi Group has a significant global presence. Its subsidiaries and partnerships facilitate international trade and business relationships, contributing to the global economy.

Mitsubishi Group has a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Known for its commitment to delivering high-quality products and services, the Mitsubishi Group prioritizes customer satisfaction. From automobiles to electronics and industrial machinery, its companies strive to exceed customer expectations.

The Mitsubishi Group actively supports sports and cultural activities.

Through sponsorship and partnerships, the Mitsubishi Group promotes sports and cultural events. It encourages the development of talent and fosters an environment that appreciates and celebrates sportsmanship and creativity.


In conclusion, the Mitsubishi Group is a renowned conglomerate with a rich history and diverse business operations. It has successfully evolved over the years to become a global leader in various sectors, including automotive, electronics, finance, and more. The company’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and growth has contributed to its success and strong presence in the global market. Mitsubishi’s dedication to customer satisfaction and continuously improving its products and services has earned it a loyal customer base. With its strong values and forward-thinking approach, the Mitsubishi Group is well-positioned for continued success in the future.


Q: What is the Mitsubishi Group?

The Mitsubishi Group is a Japanese conglomerate consisting of a range of companies operating in various industries such as automotive, electronics, finance, and more.

Q: When was the Mitsubishi Group founded?

The Mitsubishi Group was founded in 1870 by Yataro Iwasaki, initially as a shipping company. It later expanded its operations into different sectors.

Q: What are some of the notable companies under the Mitsubishi Group?

Some of the notable companies under the Mitsubishi Group include Mitsubishi Motors, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group.

Q: Where is the headquarters of the Mitsubishi Group located?

The headquarters of the Mitsubishi Group is located in Tokyo, Japan.

Q: How many employees does the Mitsubishi Group have?

The Mitsubishi Group has a global workforce of over 200,000 employees across its various companies.

Q: Is the Mitsubishi Group involved in sustainable practices?

Yes, the Mitsubishi Group has a strong commitment to sustainability. It actively promotes environmental initiatives and aims to contribute to a more sustainable future through its business operations.

Q: What are some of the key values of the Mitsubishi Group?

The Mitsubishi Group is guided by values such as integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction. These core values shape its business decisions and operations.

Q: Does the Mitsubishi Group have a global presence?

Yes, the Mitsubishi Group has a global presence with operations and subsidiaries in various countries around the world.

Q: What is the main focus of Mitsubishi Motors?

Mitsubishi Motors primarily focuses on the manufacturing and selling of automobiles, including sedans, SUVs, and electric vehicles.

Q: Does the Mitsubishi Group have any philanthropic initiatives?

Yes, the Mitsubishi Group actively engages in philanthropic activities and contributes to social causes through its corporate social responsibility programs.