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Drew Taggart, the talented musician and producer, has taken the world by storm with his incredible talent and unique sound. As one half of the renowned electronic music duo, “The Chainsmokers,” Taggart has become a household name in the music industry. With his commanding stage presence and infectious energy, he has captivated audiences worldwide.

But there is more to Drew Taggart than meets the eye. In this article, we will delve into 47 fascinating facts about this multi-talented artist, giving you a deeper insight into his life, career, and achievements. From his musical beginnings to his chart-topping collaborations, we will uncover the intriguing details that make Drew Taggart a true icon in the world of music.

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Drew Taggart was born on December 31, 1989, in Freeport, Maine.

Drew Taggart, a renowned American DJ, and music producer, entered the world on the last day of 1989 in the picturesque town of Freeport, Maine.

Drew Taggart is best known as one-half of the electronic music duo, The Chainsmokers.

Taggart joined forces with Alex Pall in 2012 to form The Chainsmokers, creating a dynamic partnership responsible for producing chart-topping hits.

Drew Taggart is a multi-talented musician.

Besides being a skilled DJ, Taggart is also a proficient guitarist and vocalist, lending his musical talents to the creation of unique and captivating tracks.

Drew Taggart attended Syracuse University.

Taggart pursued his education at Syracuse University, majoring in music business and working towards honing his skills in the music industry.

Drew Taggart’s breakthrough came in 2014 with the release of the song “#Selfie.”

#Selfie, a catchy and satirical track, propelled The Chainsmokers into the mainstream music scene, establishing Taggart as a rising star.

Drew Taggart has collaborated with numerous renowned artists.

Taggart’s versatility as a producer and songwriter has led to collaborations with artists like Halsey, Coldplay, and Daya, resulting in chart-topping hits and global recognition.

Drew Taggart has won several prestigious awards.

Due to his contributions to the music industry, Taggart has been honored with accolades such as Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, and Billboard Music Awards

Drew Taggart is known for his energetic live performances.

Taggart’s stage presence is electrifying, captivating audiences with high-energy sets filled with crowd-pleasing tracks.

Drew Taggart is passionate about philanthropy.

Taggart actively participates in charitable endeavors, using his platform to raise awareness and support causes close to his heart.

Drew Taggart has a strong presence on social media.

With a large following on platforms like Instagram, Taggart engages with his fans, sharing snippets of his personal life and updates on his music career.

Drew Taggart enjoys exploring different genres of music.

Taggart’s musical versatility extends beyond the realm of electronic music, as he actively seeks inspiration from various genres and incorporates them into his work.

Drew Taggart is committed to pushing boundaries and experimenting with new sounds.

Taggart constantly challenges himself as an artist, never afraid to step outside of his comfort zone and explore innovative musical styles.

Drew Taggart is an advocate for mental health awareness.

Taggart uses his platform to shed light on mental health issues, emphasizing the importance of seeking help and reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Drew Taggart is passionate about environmental conservation.

Taggart recognizes the importance of sustainability and actively supports initiatives that aim to protect the environment and preserve the planet for future generations.

Drew Taggart has a keen interest in fashion.

Known for his unique sense of style, Taggart often makes fashion statements both on and off the stage, embracing trends and expressing his personal creativity.

Drew Taggart is an avid traveler.

Taggart enjoys exploring different cultures and landscapes, documenting his adventures on social media and finding inspiration in the world around him.

Drew Taggart’s musical influences include a wide range of artists and genres.

From electronic music pioneers to rock icons and hip-hop legends, Taggart draws inspiration from a diverse array of musicians, shaping his own unique sound.

Drew Taggart has a close bond with his fellow Chainsmokers bandmate, Alex Pall.

The duo shares a strong friendship and collaborative partnership, which has been instrumental in their success as The Chainsmokers.

Drew Taggart is known for his meticulous attention to detail in music production.

Taggart’s dedication to his craft is evident in the intricate layers and seamless production of his tracks, showcasing his commitment to delivering quality music.

Drew Taggart has a passion for songwriting.

Beyond producing and performing, Taggart takes an active role in writing lyrics, allowing him to infuse his personal experiences and emotions into his music.

Drew Taggart has performed at major music festivals around the world.

From Coachella to Ultra Music Festival, Taggart has graced the stages of renowned festivals, captivating audiences with his energetic performances.

Drew Taggart is known for his infectious energy and charisma.

Taggart’s magnetism on stage and his ability to connect with the crowd creates an immersive and unforgettable concert experience for fans.

Drew Taggart embraces collaboration and values the input of other artists.

Taggart believes in the power of teamwork, and his willingness to collaborate has led to the creation of groundbreaking music.

Drew Taggart’s music often explores themes of love, relationships, and personal growth.

Through his lyrics, Taggart delves into topics that resonate with listeners, crafting heartfelt and relatable songs.

Drew Taggart has a dedicated and passionate fanbase.

Taggart’s music has garnered a loyal following, with fans across the globe eagerly anticipating new releases and attending his live performances.

Drew Taggart is constantly evolving as an artist.

Taggart’s willingness to push creative boundaries and take risks has allowed him to continue evolving and innovating within the music industry.

Drew Taggart is involved in various philanthropic initiatives.

Taggart uses his platform to support causes such as music education, disaster relief, and providing resources to underprivileged communities.

Drew Taggart has a passion for helping aspiring musicians.

Taggart actively mentors and supports up-and-coming artists, recognizing the importance of nurturing talent and giving opportunities to the next generation.

Drew Taggart is known for his dynamic stage presence.

Taggart’s captivating performances and engaging interaction with the audience create an electric atmosphere at his live shows.

Drew Taggart is an inspiration to aspiring musicians.

Through his journey to success, Taggart offers motivation and guidance, demonstrating that with dedication and perseverance, dreams can be realized.

Drew Taggart has a diverse musical repertoire.

From high-energy anthems to heartfelt ballads, Taggart’s discography encompasses a wide range of musical styles, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

Drew Taggart has collaborated with top fashion brands.

Taggart’s unique sense of fashion has garnered attention from the fashion industry, leading to collaborations with prominent brands and designers.

Drew Taggart is committed to using his platform for positive change.

Taggart actively promotes social and environmental causes, leveraging his influence to inspire others to make a difference.

Drew Taggart has a dedicated work ethic.

Taggart’s relentless drive and commitment to his craft have been instrumental in his success as a musician and producer.

Drew Taggart has performed at iconic venues worldwide.

From Madison Square Garden to The O2 Arena, Taggart has graced stages that hold historical significance in the music industry.

Drew Taggart’s music resonates with diverse audiences.

Taggart’s ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level has resulted in a global fanbase that transcends boundaries of age, nationality, and musical preferences.

Drew Taggart is involved in charitable collaborations.

Taggart uses his influence to partner with organizations and brands to create campaigns that raise funds and awareness for various charitable causes.

Drew Taggart values the importance of self-expression through music.

Taggart believes in the power of music as a form of self-expression and encourages others to embrace their creativity.

Drew Taggart is motivated by the impact his music has on others.

The ability to touch and inspire people through his music is what drives Taggart to continually create meaningful and impactful songs.

Drew Taggart is passionate about music education.

Taggart recognizes the importance of music education and actively supports initiatives that provide access to musical opportunities for young individuals.

Drew Taggart’s music has topped the charts globally.

Taggart’s tracks have achieved immense commercial success, reaching the top of music charts in countries around the world.

Drew Taggart values authenticity in his music.

Taggart believes in staying true to oneself and creating music that reflects his own experiences and emotions.

Drew Taggart enjoys collaborating with artists from different genres.

Taggart embraces the opportunity to work with musicians from diverse backgrounds, creating a synergy that results in unique and innovative musical collaborations.

Drew Taggart’s live performances are known for their energetic atmosphere.

Taggart’s ability to engage the audience and create an immersive experience makes his live shows unforgettable.

Drew Taggart is mindful of his impact on the environment.

Taggart actively takes steps towards reducing his carbon footprint and promoting sustainability within the music industry.

Drew Taggart has a strong connection with his fanbase.

Taggart values and appreciates his fans’ support, regularly interacting with them through social media and meet-and-greet events.

Drew Taggart is driven by his passion for music.

Above all, Taggart’s love for music fuels his dedication and commitment to creating memorable songs that resonate with his listeners.


In conclusion, Drew Taggart is an incredibly talented and influential figure in the music industry. His journey from a college student experimenting with electronic music to becoming one half of the chart-topping duo, The Chainsmokers, is nothing short of inspiring. Taggart’s unique sound and infectious beats have captivated audiences worldwide and earned him numerous accolades.With his distinct style and innovative approach to music production, Drew Taggart continues to push boundaries and redefine the electronic music genre. He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry and left an indelible mark on the music scene.As a performer, songwriter, and producer, Drew Taggart’s passion and dedication shine through in his work. His ability to connect with audiences through his music is truly remarkable. With a promising career ahead of him, it’s clear that Drew Taggart will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of music.


Q: When was Drew Taggart born?

A: Drew Taggart was born on December 31, 1989.

Q: How did Drew Taggart become famous?

A: Drew Taggart gained fame as one half of the electronic music duo, The Chainsmokers, after their breakout hit “#Selfie” went viral in 2014.

Q: What are some of Drew Taggart’s biggest hits?

A: Some of Drew Taggart’s biggest hits include “Closer” featuring Halsey, “Don’t Let Me Down” featuring Daya, and “Something Just Like This” featuring Coldplay.

Q: Has Drew Taggart won any awards?

A: Yes, Drew Taggart has won several awards, including a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording for “Don’t Let Me Down” in 2017.

Q: Does Drew Taggart have any solo projects?

A: While Drew Taggart is known for his work with The Chainsmokers, he has also released solo music under his own name, including the single “Paris in 2017.

Q: What is Drew Taggart’s musical style?

A: Drew Taggart’s musical style can be described as a blend of electronic dance music, pop, and EDM.