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Anna Delvey, also known as Anna Sorokin, is a name that has captured the interest and intrigue of many in recent years. This mysterious socialite made headlines with her glamorous lifestyle and elaborate schemes that conned the elite circles of New York City. From posing as a wealthy German heiress to swindling her way into luxurious hotels and high-end restaurants, Delvey left a trail of deception and fascination in her wake.

In this article, we delve into 40 intriguing facts about Anna Delvey, shedding light on her background, the scams she pulled off, and the aftermath that followed. With her audacious actions and unapologetic attitude, Delvey has become a symbol of both aspiration and caution, reminding us that not everything is as it seems in the world of the rich and famous.

Key Takeaways:

  • Beware of imposters like Anna Delvey who deceive others for personal gain, showing the importance of being cautious and questioning suspicious claims to protect yourself and your finances.
  • Anna Delvey’s audacious con artistry captivated the media and inspired a TV series, highlighting the allure and dangers of deception in the world of the rich and powerful.
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Anna Delvey claimed to be a wealthy German heiress.

She presented herself as a member of the wealthy Delvey family, known for their connections in the art world and luxury lifestyle.

She scammed New York’s elite.

Anna Delvey successfully infiltrated the social circles of New York City’s elite and conned them into financing her lavish lifestyle.

She lived in luxury hotels.

Anna Delvey stayed in high-end hotels in New York City and would often leave without paying her bills, accumulating a substantial debt.

She also defaulted on loans.

Anna Delvey borrowed large sums of money from acquaintances under false pretenses and never repaid them, leaving her victims in financial distress.

Anna Delvey had a taste for designer clothes.

She frequently wore designer clothing and pretended to be a successful entrepreneur in the fashion industry.

She founded the Anna Delvey Foundation.

Anna Delvey claimed to be establishing a foundation to support artists, but it turned out to be nothing more than a facade for her fraudulent activities.

She conned a prominent hotelier.

Anna Delvey convinced the owner of a renowned New York hotel to invest in her project, only to disappear without a trace.

She threw extravagant parties.

Anna Delvey would host lavish parties and events, attracting influential people from various industries, all funded through her deceptive means.

She was arrested in 2017.

Anna Delvey was eventually caught and arrested in 2017 on charges of grand larceny and theft.

Her trial garnered international attention.

Anna Delvey’s trial became a media sensation, drawing global interest in her case.

She was convicted of multiple charges.

Anna Delvey was found guilty of several charges, including grand larceny and theft of services.

The media dubbed her the “SoHo Grifter.”

Due to her activities centered around the trendy SoHo neighborhood in New York, Anna Delvey gained the nickname “SoHo Grifter.”

She faced up to 15 years in prison.

Anna Delvey’s conviction carried a potential sentence of up to 15 years in prison, highlighting the severity of her crimes.

Anna Delvey is of Russian descent.

Despite presenting herself as a German heiress, Anna Delvey is originally from Russia.

She used fabricated financial documents.

To maintain her luxurious lifestyle, Anna Delvey forged bank statements and other financial documents to create the illusion of wealth.

She posted on social media.

Anna Delvey maintained an active presence on social media, showcasing her glamorous life to bolster her fictitious persona.

She lived in a world of luxury.

Anna Delvey dined at exclusive restaurants, traveled in private jets, and indulged in expensive spa treatments, all while deceiving those around her.

She faced deportation after serving her sentence.

As an undocumented immigrant, Anna Delvey faced the possibility of deportation upon completion of her prison term.

She became a media sensation.

Anna Delvey’s audacious scheme captivated the media, with numerous articles, documentaries, and podcasts exploring her deceitful endeavors.

Anna Delvey’s story inspired a TV series.

Her exploits were adapted into a television series called “Inventing Anna,” featuring Julia Garner in the lead role.

She became a cautionary tale for the wealthy.

Anna Delvey’s case highlighted the vulnerability of the wealthy to fraudsters and served as a reminder to exercise caution and due diligence.

Her story sparked conversations about privilege.

Anna Delvey’s ability to deceive the rich and powerful raised questions about privilege, social status, and the desire for exclusivity.

She had a knack for manipulation.

Anna Delvey possessed a remarkable ability to manipulate people, gaining their trust and exploiting their goodwill for personal gain.

She lived a double life.

Behind the facade of luxury and opulence, Anna Delvey’s true identity and background remained a mystery to those she encountered.

She targeted the art world.

Anna Delvey specifically targeted individuals within the art industry, leveraging their connections and aspirations to further her fraudulent activities.

Her actions exposed flaws in the system.

The Anna Delvey case shed light on weaknesses in financial institutions and the ease with which someone can deceive the wealthy.

She was sentenced to prison in 2019.

After a high-profile trial, Anna Delvey was sentenced in 2019 to four to twelve years in prison.

She refused to take responsibility for her actions.

Throughout her trial, Anna Delvey maintained her innocence and showed little remorse for the harm she caused.

She appealed her conviction.

Anna Delvey filed an appeal, seeking to overturn her conviction and secure her release from prison.

She inspired a book.

Anna Delvey’s story was documented in the book “My Friend Anna: The True Story of a Fake Heiress” by Rachel DeLoache Williams.

She developed a following.

Despite her criminal actions, Anna Delvey gained a following of curious onlookers fascinated by her audacious con.

She used aliases.

Anna Delvey operated under various aliases, reinforcing her false persona and making it harder for authorities to trace her activities.

She had expensive taste in hotels.

Anna Delvey gravitated towards five-star hotels, enjoying the luxurious amenities and services they provided.

She associated with influential figures.

Anna Delvey managed to forge relationships with well-known individuals, further bolstering her credibility and access to resources.

She claimed to have a trust fund.

Anna Delvey often boasted about her trust fund and the financial security it provided, a claim that ultimately proved to be false.

She was an aspiring entrepreneur.

Under the guise of an entrepreneur, Anna Delvey pitched business ideas and sought investments from unsuspecting individuals.

She threw extravagant birthday parties.

Anna Delvey spared no expense when it came to celebrating her own birthday, treating herself to grandiose parties and gifts.

She was featured in fashion magazines.

Anna Delvey managed to generate buzz in the fashion industry, appearing in prominent publications and attending exclusive events.

She left a trail of unpaid bills.

Countless businesses and individuals were left with unpaid bills and debts as a result of Anna Delvey’s deceitful actions.

She became a cautionary tale.

Anna Delvey’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of due diligence, skepticism, and questioning one’s own vulnerability to manipulation and deception.


In conclusion, Anna Delvey is a fascinating figure whose story has captured the attention of many. Her rise and fall from the New York social scene have become a cautionary tale of the dangers of deception and manipulation. Through her extravagant lifestyle and confident demeanor, she was able to deceive numerous individuals and organizations.Anna Delvey’s case also shed light on the complexities of privilege and the flaws in the system. Her ability to deceive and defraud despite lacking any verifiable wealth or connections highlighted the blind spots within high society.Overall, the story of Anna Delvey serves as a reminder of the importance of due diligence, skepticism, and personal accountability. It is a reminder that not everything is as it seems, and that appearances can be deceiving, even in the glitzy world of celebrities and socialites.


Q: Who is Anna Delvey?

A: Anna Delvey, whose real name is Anna Sorokin, is a Russian-born impostor and socialite who gained attention for her extravagant lifestyle and fraudulent actions.

Q: How did Anna Delvey deceive people?

A: Anna Delvey posed as a wealthy German heiress, claiming to have a trust fund worth millions of dollars. Using this fabricated background, she convinced various individuals, establishments, and even banks to extend her credit and provide her with lavish accommodations.

Q: What happened to Anna Delvey?

A: In 2019, Anna Delvey was convicted of multiple charges, including theft and grand larceny, and was sentenced to 4-12 years in prison. She also faced deportation after serving her sentence.

Q: Are there any books or documentaries about Anna Delvey?

A: Yes, there have been several books and documentaries inspired by Anna Delvey’s story. Notably, “My Friend Anna” by Rachel DeLoache Williams, a former friend and victim of Delvey’s schemes, provides a firsthand account of their relationship.

Q: Did Anna Delvey have any impact on society?

A: Anna Delvey’s case exposed glaring loopholes in the high society and luxury industries and prompted discussions about wealth, privilege, and validation based on social status. It also served as a cautionary tale, reminding people to be cautious of individuals who seem too good to be true.

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