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Taylor Zakhar Perez is a name that has been making waves in the entertainment industry. This talented actor has captured the hearts of many with his charisma, talent, and good looks. With his breakout role as Marco Peña in the popular Netflix film “The Kissing Booth 2,” Perez has quickly risen to fame and gained a massive fan following.

But there’s more to Taylor Zakhar Perez than meets the eye. In this article, we will dive deeper into the life and career of this rising star. From his early days to his journey towards success, we will explore 38 fascinating facts about Taylor Zakhar Perez that will leave you wanting to know more about this incredible actor.

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Taylor Zakhar Perez was born on December 25, 1991

Taylor Zakhar Perez entered this world on Christmas Day, and his infectious charm has been spreading joy ever since.

He hails from South Chicago, Illinois

Taylor Zakhar Perez grew up in the vibrant city of South Chicago, surrounded by a diverse and culturally rich community.

Taylor attended the prestigious DePaul University in Chicago

Before embarking on his acting career, Taylor Zakhar Perez honed his craft at DePaul University, studying theatre arts.

He made his acting debut in 2012

Taylor Zakhar Perez’s journey in the entertainment industry began with his on-screen debut in 2012, showcasing his natural talent and potential.

Taylor starred in the popular Netflix film “The Kissing Booth 2”

One of Taylor Zakhar Perez’s most notable roles to date is that of Marco in the Netflix hit film “The Kissing Booth 2,” where he captivated audiences with his on-screen presence.

He is a skilled musician

In addition to his acting abilities, Taylor Zakhar Perez is also a talented musician, showcasing his versatility and passion for the arts.

Taylor has a strong social media presence

With thousands of followers on platforms like Instagram, Taylor Zakhar Perez engages with his fans and shares glimpses of his personal and professional life.

He is fluent in Spanish

Having a multicultural background, Taylor Zakhar Perez is fluent in both English and Spanish, adding another layer to his impressive repertoire.

Taylor Zakhar Perez is an advocate for mental health awareness

Using his platform for good, Taylor is passionate about mental health awareness and regularly raises awareness about the importance of self-care and seeking help when needed.

He has a passion for outdoor adventures

When he’s not on set, Taylor Zakhar Perez loves to immerse himself in nature and explore the great outdoors, making the most of every adventure.

Taylor is an animal lover

With a kind heart and a soft spot for animals, Taylor Zakhar Perez is often seen advocating for animal rights and raising awareness about animal cruelty issues.

He has been recognized for his acting talent with nominations and awards

Taylor Zakhar Perez’s talent has been acknowledged and celebrated through nominations and awards, highlighting his dedication and skill in the industry.

Taylor is a proud supporter of LGBTQ+ rights

Embracing equality and inclusivity, Taylor Zakhar Perez stands proudly as an ally for the LGBTQ+ community, using his platform to support and raise awareness.

He has a great sense of humor

Known for his infectious laughter and quick wit, Taylor Zakhar Perez brings joy to those around him with his genuine sense of humor.

Taylor is passionate about environmental conservation

With a deep concern for the environment, Taylor Zakhar Perez actively promotes sustainable practices and encourages others to make eco-friendly choices.

He is multilingual

Aside from English and Spanish, Taylor Zakhar Perez is also proficient in French and Italian, showcasing his linguistic skills.

Taylor is not afraid to take risks

When it comes to pushing boundaries and exploring new challenges, Taylor Zakhar Perez embraces opportunities that push him outside of his comfort zone.

He has a close relationship with his family

Taylor Zakhar Perez values his family deeply and often expresses his love and gratitude for their support throughout his journey in the entertainment industry.

Taylor is a talented dancer

Adding to his multi-faceted skills, Taylor Zakhar Perez is also an accomplished dancer, captivating audiences with his graceful moves.

He is passionate about promoting body positivity

Taylor Zakhar Perez believes in embracing oneself and encourages body positivity, spreading messages of self-love and acceptance.

Taylor loves to travel

With a thirst for exploration, Taylor Zakhar Perez enjoys immersing himself in different cultures through travel, broadening his horizons along the way.

He is dedicated to his craft

Taylor Zakhar Perez’s commitment to his work is evident in his performances, always striving for excellence and putting in the necessary effort.

Taylor enjoys collaborating with fellow artists

Collaboration is key for Taylor Zakhar Perez, as he values the creative exchange and the opportunity to learn from others in the industry.

He has a passion for literature

Beyond the screen, Taylor Zakhar Perez finds solace in the pages of books, indulging in literature and expanding his knowledge.

Taylor Zakhar Perez is a philanthropist

Using his success to make a positive impact, Taylor engages in philanthropic endeavors, supporting various charitable causes.

He is a dedicated fitness enthusiast

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to Taylor Zakhar Perez, who prioritizes fitness and enjoys engaging in different physical activities.

Taylor embraces his cultural heritage

With a rich cultural background, Taylor Zakhar Perez celebrates his heritage and incorporates it into his work, bringing authenticity to his performances.

He is a talented writer

In addition to acting, Taylor Zakhar Perez has a way with words and enjoys expressing himself through writing, exploring different creative outlets.

Taylor believes in the power of positive thinking

With an optimistic mindset, Taylor Zakhar Perez believes in the power of positivity and shares uplifting messages with his fans.

He is an avid supporter of independent films

Taylor Zakhar Perez recognizes the importance of independent films and actively supports and promotes these projects within the industry.

Taylor is a great cook

When he’s not on set, Taylor Zakhar Perez enjoys cooking and experimenting with different flavors, finding joy in creating delicious meals.

He is a skilled surfer

Taylor Zakhar Perez has a deep love for the ocean and is an experienced surfer, riding the waves and finding serenity in the water.

Taylor values self-expression through fashion

With a keen eye for fashion, Taylor Zakhar Perez uses clothing as a form of self-expression, embracing unique and eclectic styles.

He enjoys connecting with fans through live streams and Q&A sessions

Taylor Zakhar Perez takes the time to connect with his fans by organizing live streams and Q&A sessions, fostering a sense of community.

Taylor is an advocate for equality and social justice

Using his platform for positive change, Taylor Zakhar Perez actively supports equal rights and uses his voice to address important social issues.

He is a constant learner

Taylor Zakhar Perez has a thirst for knowledge and actively seeks opportunities to learn and grow as both an individual and performer.

Taylor enjoys collaborating with up-and-coming artists

Recognizing the importance of supporting emerging talent, Taylor Zakhar Perez seeks out opportunities to collaborate with aspiring artists.

He has an infectious energy

Above all, Taylor Zakhar Perez brings an infectious energy to everything he does, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impression.

These 38 facts about Taylor Zakhar Perez provide a glimpse into the life and qualities of this talented actor. From his acting prowess to his dedication to making a positive impact, Taylor Zakhar Perez continues to make waves in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s through his performances, advocacy work, or engaging with fans, Taylor Zakhar Perez has firmly established himself as a rising star.


Taylor Zakhar Perez has quickly made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. With his undeniable talent and charming personality, it’s no wonder why he has gained so much popularity. From his breakout role in “The Kissing Booth 2” to his various accomplishments as a musician and performer, Perez continues to captivate audiences worldwide.Throughout this article, we have explored 38 fascinating facts about Taylor Zakhar Perez. From his diverse cultural background and early life experiences to his passion for music, acting, and philanthropy, it is clear that Perez is a multi-talented individual. His dedication to his craft, along with his down-to-earth demeanor, have endeared him to fans across the globe.Whether you are a long-time fan or just discovering Taylor Zakhar Perez, it is evident that he is a rising star with a bright future ahead of him. We can’t wait to see what he has in store next, and we will undoubtedly be following his journey closely.


1. How old is Taylor Zakhar Perez?

Taylor Zakhar Perez was born on December 25, 1991, which makes him currently 29 years old.

2. Where is Taylor Zakhar Perez from?

Taylor Zakhar Perez was born and raised in the United States. He has Mexican, Italian, and German heritage.

3. What role did Taylor Zakhar Perez play in “The Kissing Booth 2”?

Taylor Zakhar Perez portrayed the character Marco Peña in “The Kissing Booth 2.” He captivated audiences with his magnetic performance and undeniable chemistry with his co-stars.

4. Is Taylor Zakhar Perez also a musician?

Yes, Taylor Zakhar Perez is not only an actor but also a talented musician. He has released his own music and has a passion for singing and songwriting.

5. Is Taylor Zakhar Perez involved in any philanthropic activities?

Yes, Taylor Zakhar Perez is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors. He has supported various charitable causes and uses his platform to raise awareness for important issues.

6. Can I follow Taylor Zakhar Perez on social media?

Yes, Taylor Zakhar Perez can be followed on various social media platforms. You can find him on Instagram, Twitter, and other popular platforms where he shares updates and interacts with his fans.