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Simon Nixon is a name that resonates with many in the realm of business and finance. As the co-founder of Moneysupermarket.com, he has made a significant impact on the world of online comparison websites. But there is so much more to Simon Nixon than just his business ventures. In fact, there are a plethora of intriguing facts about him that go beyond the boardroom. From his early life and education to his philanthropic endeavors, Simon Nixon is a man of many facets. In this article, we will dive into 22 fascinating facts about Simon Nixon that will give you a deeper understanding of this enigmatic entrepreneur.

Key Takeaways:

  • Simon Nixon is a British entrepreneur known for co-founding Moneysupermarket.com and Simon Escapes. His passion for travel, philanthropy, and art has made him a respected figure in the business world.
  • Simon Nixon’s journey showcases resilience, dedication to philanthropy, and commitment to empowering others. His impact extends beyond business, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs and advocating for work-life balance.
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Simon Nixon is a British entrepreneur.

Simon Nixon, hailing from the United Kingdom, has made a name for himself in the business world.

He is the co-founder of Moneysupermarket.com.

Simon Nixon played a pivotal role in the establishment of Moneysupermarket.com, a leading price comparison website.

Moneysupermarket.com was launched in 1999.

With Simon Nixon’s vision and expertise, Moneysupermarket.com was launched over two decades ago, revolutionizing the way consumers compare financial products.

Simon Nixon is known for his passion for travel.

Aside from his entrepreneurial pursuits, Simon Nixon is an avid traveler, constantly seeking new experiences and adventures.

He co-founded Simon Escapes, a luxury travel agency.

Simon Nixon’s love for travel led him to co-found Simon Escapes, offering exclusive and bespoke travel experiences to discerning clients.

Simon Nixon is an accomplished philanthropist.

Beyond his business endeavors, Simon Nixon is dedicated to making a positive impact on society through various charitable initiatives.

He established the Nixon Foundation.

The Nixon Foundation, founded by Simon Nixon, supports and funds charitable organizations worldwide, focusing on education, healthcare, and environmental conservation.

Simon Nixon is passionate about environmental sustainability.

Recognizing the importance of protecting the planet, Simon Nixon actively supports and promotes initiatives to combat climate change and preserve natural resources.

He is a dedicated art collector.

Simon Nixon has a keen interest in the arts and has assembled an impressive collection of contemporary and modern artwork.

Simon Nixon has received numerous accolades for his contributions to business.

His exceptional achievements in the business world have earned Simon Nixon prestigious awards and recognition from various industry bodies.

He is actively involved in mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.

Simon Nixon believes in nurturing and supporting the next generation of business leaders by sharing his knowledge and guiding aspiring entrepreneurs.

Simon Nixon is a frequent speaker at business conferences and events.

With his wealth of experience and industry insights, Simon Nixon is often invited to share his expertise as a keynote speaker at prominent business conferences and events.

He has authored a book on entrepreneurship.

Simon Nixon has shared his wisdom and experiences in his book, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with valuable insights and advice for success.

Simon Nixon is known for his resilience and determination.

Throughout his career, Simon Nixon has faced challenges and setbacks but has consistently demonstrated resilience and determination in overcoming them.

He is a strong advocate for work-life balance.

Simon Nixon emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and encourages his employees to prioritize their well-being.

Simon Nixon is an investor in various technology startups.

With a keen eye for promising ventures, Simon Nixon invests in innovative technology startups, supporting their growth and development.

He is a supporter of education and lifelong learning.

Simon Nixon believes that knowledge is a lifelong pursuit and actively supports initiatives that promote accessible education for all.

Simon Nixon is a dedicated family man.

Despite his busy schedule, Simon Nixon prioritizes spending quality time with his loved ones and cherishes the bonds of family.

He is passionate about empowering young people.

Simon Nixon believes in empowering the younger generation by providing them with opportunities for growth and development.

Simon Nixon is recognized as a thought leader in the business world.

His innovative thinking and transformative ideas have positioned Simon Nixon as a respected figure in the business community.

He is actively involved in charitable causes related to healthcare.

Simon Nixon generously supports initiatives that aim to improve healthcare access and facilities, making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Simon Nixon continues to inspire and motivate others.

With his achievements and philanthropic endeavors, Simon Nixon serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals alike.

Simon Nixon’s remarkable journey in the business world, coupled with his passion for travel, philanthropy, and art, has cemented his position as a respected entrepreneur and thought leader. Through his various ventures, such as co-founding Moneysupermarket.com and Simon Escapes, he has made a significant impact on the financial and luxury travel sectors. Simultaneously, his dedication to giving back through the Nixon Foundation and support for charitable causes underscores his commitment to improving education, healthcare, and environmental sustainability.

Simon Nixon’s ability to overcome challenges and his relentless pursuit of success are notable aspects of his character. Not only has he achieved personal and professional milestones, but he also invests in the growth of aspiring entrepreneurs and advocates for work-life balance.

Simon Nixon’s influence extends beyond the business world. As a devoted art collector, he appreciates and promotes the importance of creativity and expression. His commitment to making a positive impact and empowering the younger generation serves as an inspiration to others.

Overall, Simon Nixon’s fascinating journey, philanthropic endeavors, and dedication to the betterment of society make him a true icon in the business world.


In conclusion, Simon Nixon is an extremely intriguing individual with a fascinating background and numerous accomplishments. From his early days as an entrepreneur to his current role as the founder and CEO of MoneySuperMarket.com, Nixon has consistently shown a keen business sense and a drive for success. His journey is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and recognizing opportunities when they arise. Whether you admire him for his business acumen, his philanthropic efforts, or his ability to continually innovate, there is no denying that Simon Nixon has made a significant impact in the world of business and beyond.


1. What is Simon Nixon known for?
Simon Nixon is best known as the founder and CEO of MoneySuperMarket.com, one of the UK’s largest price comparison websites.

2. How did Simon Nixon start his entrepreneurial journey?
Simon Nixon started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age, selling classified ads in local newspapers. This early experience laid the foundation for his future success as a businessperson.

3. What are some of Simon Nixon’s notable achievements?
Some of Simon Nixon’s notable achievements include being named Entrepreneur of the Year at the Growing Business Awards and securing a place on the Forbes list of billionaires.

4. Is Simon Nixon involved in any philanthropic activities?
Yes, Simon Nixon is known for his philanthropic efforts. He has donated significant amounts of money to various charities and causes over the years.

5. How has Simon Nixon contributed to the business world?
Simon Nixon has contributed to the business world through his innovative approach to online price comparison services. MoneySuperMarket.com revolutionized the way consumers compare prices and make informed purchasing decisions.

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