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Emily Robison is a name that resonates with country music enthusiasts around the world. As one-third of the iconic American country music group, the Dixie Chicks, Robison has made a significant impact on the music industry with her mesmerizing vocals and exceptional musical talent. However, there is much more to this talented singer-songwriter than meets the eye. From her early beginnings in a musical family to her activism and personal achievements, Robison’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. In this article, we will explore 18 astonishing facts about Emily Robison, shedding light on her career highlights, personal life, and contributions to the world of music.

Key Takeaways:

  • Emily Robison is a talented musician who co-founded the Dixie Chicks, wrote hit songs, and won awards. She’s also a passionate advocate for women’s rights and a dedicated mother.
  • Emily Robison is a multi-talented artist who not only excels in music but also supports important causes like LGBTQ+ rights, environmental conservation, and animal welfare.
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Emily Robison is a talented musician.

With her exceptional skills in playing the banjo, guitar, and mandolin, Emily Robison has left a lasting impression on the music industry.

She was one of the founding members of the Dixie Chicks.

Emily Robison, along with her sister Martie Maguire and lead singer Natalie Maines, formed the country music group Dixie Chicks, which gained immense popularity.

Emily Robison has co-written several hit songs.

As a skilled songwriter, she has contributed to the success of the Dixie Chicks with chart-topping tunes like “Cowboy Take Me Away” and “Travelin’ Soldier.”

She has received numerous awards and accolades.

Emily Robison’s talent has been recognized with Grammy Awards, Country Music Association Awards, and Academy of Country Music Awards, among others.

Emily Robison is a passionate advocate for women’s rights.

She uses her platform to raise awareness about important issues, including gender equality and empowering women in the music industry.

She is a multi-instrumentalist.

Aside from her mastery of the banjo, guitar, and mandolin, Emily Robison is also skilled in playing the dobro and lap steel guitar.

Emily Robison has collaborated with renowned artists.

She has worked with musicians like Sheryl Crow, Patty Griffin, and Court Yard Hounds, showcasing her versatility and musical prowess.

She embarked on a successful solo career.

In addition to her work with the Dixie Chicks, Emily Robison has released solo albums, further showcasing her talent and creativity as a musician.

Emily Robison is a dedicated mother.

She prioritizes her role as a mother to her children, finding a balance between her music career and family life.

She has a passion for philanthropy.

Emily Robison is actively involved in charitable endeavors, supporting organizations that focus on education, healthcare, and disaster relief.

Emily Robison has a love for vintage fashion.

Her unique style often reflects her appreciation for retro-inspired clothing and accessories.

She is an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

Emily Robison has openly expressed her support for LGBTQ+ rights, using her platform to promote inclusivity and acceptance.

She values environmental conservation.

Emily Robison actively participates in initiatives that aim to protect the environment and promote sustainability.

She is a talented visual artist.

Aside from her musical talents, Emily Robison is also skilled in painting and creates beautiful artwork in her free time.

Emily Robison is passionate about animal welfare.

She supports animal rescue organizations and advocates for responsible pet ownership and animal rights.

She has a love for outdoor activities.

Emily Robison enjoys spending her free time hiking, camping, and exploring nature’s beauty.

Emily Robison’s music has resonated with fans worldwide.

Her heartfelt lyrics and soulful performances have touched the lives of many, establishing a deep connection with her audience.

She continues to inspire aspiring musicians.

Emily Robison’s dedication to her craft and her ability to stay true to herself serve as an inspiration for those pursuing a career in music.


In conclusion, Emily Robison is a multi-talented celebrity who has achieved remarkable success in the entertainment industry. From her beginnings with the Dixie Chicks to her solo endeavors as an artist, she has consistently showcased her talents as a singer, songwriter, and musician. Robison’s contributions to country music have earned her accolades and a dedicated fan base.Not only is Emily Robison a talented musician, but she is also a devoted mother and an advocate for various charitable causes. Her passion for music and her commitment to philanthropy have made her a role model for aspiring artists and fans alike.As we explore the astonishing facts about Emily Robison, it becomes evident that her journey in the spotlight has been filled with remarkable achievements and inspiring moments. From her musical collaborations to her personal life, Robison’s story is one of resilience, creativity, and determination.


Q: What is Emily Robison’s full name?

A: Emily Robison’s full name is Emily Burns Strayer.

Q: When was Emily Robison born?

A: Emily Robison was born on August 16, 1972.

Q: What instrument does Emily Robison play?

A: Emily Robison is a proficient multi-instrumentalist, primarily known for her skills on banjo, guitar, and mandolin.

Q: How did Emily Robison gain fame?

A: Emily Robison gained fame as a member of the popular country music band, the Dixie Chicks.

Q: Does Emily Robison have any solo projects?

A: Yes, Emily Robison has released solo music under the name “Emily Strayer.” She has also formed a duo called Court Yard Hounds with her sister Martie Maguire.

Q: Has Emily Robison won any awards?

A: Yes, Emily Robison has won numerous awards with the Dixie Chicks, including multiple Grammy Awards and Country Music Association Awards.

Q: What charity causes does Emily Robison support?

A: Emily Robison is known for her support of various charitable causes, including organizations that promote education, women’s rights, and disaster relief efforts.

Q: Is Emily Robison married?

A: Yes, Emily Robison is married to Martin Strayer, a musician and producer.

Q: Does Emily Robison have any children?

A: Yes, Emily Robison has four children: two from her previous marriage and two with her current husband.

Q: What is Emily Robison’s current musical project?

A: Emily Robison is currently focused on her musical endeavors with Court Yard Hounds and continues to contribute to the country music scene.

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