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Liván Hernández is a legendary figure in the world of baseball, known for his remarkable skills and contributions to the sport. Born on February 20, 1975, in Villa Clara, Cuba, Hernández’s journey to stardom is nothing short of astonishing. From being a standout player in Cuba to making a name for himself in the Major League Baseball (MLB) in the United States, his career is filled with incredible achievements and records.

In this article, we will delve into 17 astonishing facts about Liván Hernández that showcase his talent, determination, and impact on the game. From his impressive rookie season to his memorable postseason performances, Hernández has left an indelible mark on baseball history. So, if you’re a fan of the game or simply interested in learning more about this iconic player, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the fascinating world of Liván Hernández.

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Liván Hernández is a former professional baseball pitcher

Liván Hernández is widely recognized for his successful career as a professional baseball pitcher. He played in the Major Leagues for several teams, including the Florida Marlins, San Francisco Giants, and Washington Nationals.

Hernández won the World Series MVP in 1997

In 1997, Hernández played a crucial role in leading the Florida Marlins to victory in the World Series. His outstanding performance earned him the title of World Series Most Valuable Player, an achievement that solidified his place in baseball history.

Liván Hernández is from Cuba

Hailing from Cuba, Hernández is proud of his heritage and has represented his country both in international competitions and as a representative of Cuban baseball in the Major Leagues.

He defected from Cuba to pursue a career in the Major Leagues

In 1995, Liván Hernández made the brave decision to defect from Cuba in order to pursue his dream of playing in the Major Leagues. His journey was filled with challenges and obstacles, but his talent and determination ultimately led him to success.

Hernández was known for his remarkable control on the mound

One of the key attributes that set Hernández apart from other pitchers was his exceptional control. He possessed the ability to consistently throw strikes, making him a formidable opponent for any batter.

He was a two-time All-Star

Recognized for his exceptional skills on the field, Hernández was selected to the All-Star Game twice during his career. This achievement solidifies his status as one of the top pitchers of his time.

Liván Hernández had a successful postseason career

Hernández’s talent truly shone during the postseason. He had numerous impressive performances in playoff games, showcasing his ability to perform under pressure.

He had a unique windup

Hernández had a distinctive windup that became recognizable to baseball fans around the world. His unorthodox style added an element of unpredictability to his pitches, making him a challenging pitcher to face.

Liván Hernández played for multiple teams during his career

Throughout his career, Hernández had the opportunity to play for several different teams in the Major Leagues. This allowed him to gain valuable experience and make a lasting impact in the baseball world.

He won the NLCS MVP in 1997

Hernández played a crucial role in the Florida Marlins’ 1997 National League Championship Series victory. His outstanding performance earned him the title of NLCS Most Valuable Player.

Liván Hernández had a long and successful career

Hernández enjoyed a lengthy and prosperous career in professional baseball. His talent and longevity in the sport are a testament to his dedication and love for the game.

He was known for his durability as a pitcher

Hernández’s durability as a pitcher was renowned. He regularly pitched deep into games, allowing his team to rely on him for consistent performances.

Liván Hernández was a fan favorite

Hernández gained a loyal fan base throughout his career. His charismatic personality and on-field success endeared him to baseball fans around the world.

He won the Silver Slugger Award in 2004

Not only was Hernández dominant on the mound, but he also showcased his batting skills. In 2004, he was honored with the Silver Slugger Award for his exceptional performance at the plate.

Hernández had a brother who also played in the Major Leagues

Baseball talent ran in the Hernández family. Liván’s half-brother, Orlando “El Duque” Hernández, also had a successful career as a pitcher in the Major Leagues.

He retired in 2014

After over a decade of professional baseball, Hernández decided to retire from the sport in His legacy as a skilled and respected pitcher will always be remembered.

Liván Hernández made a significant impact on the game of baseball

With his remarkable talent and achievements, Liván Hernández left an indelible mark on the game of baseball. His contributions to the sport will be remembered and celebrated for years to come.


In conclusion, Liván Hernández is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating personalities in the world of sports. From his exceptional career as a professional baseball player to his unique personal journey, there is much to admire and learn from his life. Throughout his career, Hernandez has achieved remarkable milestones and left an indelible mark on the game.

His unwavering determination, incredible pitching skills, and remarkable durability have earned him a rightful place in baseball history. As fans, we will always remember his exceptional performances on the mound and the energy he brought to the game.

Off the field, Hernandez’s inspiring story serves as a reminder of the power of perseverance and the importance of chasing one’s dreams. Despite facing numerous challenges throughout his life, he never gave up and continued to excel in his chosen field.

Whether you are a die-hard baseball fan or just getting acquainted with the sport, exploring the incredible journey of Liván Hernández is sure to leave you amazed and inspired.


1. What teams did Liván Hernández play for during his career?

Liván Hernández played for several teams during his career, including the Florida Marlins, San Francisco Giants, Montreal Expos, Washington Nationals, Arizona Diamondbacks, Minnesota Twins, Colorado Rockies, and Atlanta Braves.

2. What are some of Liván Hernández’s career achievements?

Liván Hernández has numerous career achievements, including two World Series championships, being named the World Series MVP in 1997, and winning the Cy Young Award in 1997. He was also a three-time All-Star and holds various records for innings pitched and complete games.

3. How long did Liván Hernández play in the major leagues?

Liván Hernández played in the major leagues for an impressive 17 seasons, from 1996 to 2012.

4. What is Liván Hernández doing now?

After retiring from professional baseball, Liván Hernández has remained involved in the sport. He occasionally works as a special instructor and coach, sharing his expertise and knowledge with aspiring young players.

5. What made Liván Hernández such a standout pitcher?

Liván Hernández was known for his exceptional control, ability to induce ground balls, and impressive stamina. His unorthodox pitching style, combined with his fierce competitiveness, made him a formidable opponent for batters.