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Ivy Calvin is not your average celebrity. Known for his larger-than-life personality and unmistakable presence, Ivy Calvin has made a name for himself in the world of reality television. As one of the stars of the hit show “Storage Wars,” Ivy has captivated viewers with his unique style, sharp wit, and impressive auctioneering skills. But there’s more to Ivy Calvin than meets the eye. In this article, we will delve into 15 fascinating facts about Ivy Calvin that will give you a deeper understanding of the man behind the persona. From his humble beginnings to his rise to fame, prepare to be amazed by the intriguing life of Ivy Calvin.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ivy Calvin, from “Storage Wars,” is a charismatic entrepreneur and former Marine with a love for cars and antiques. His catchphrase “Yeah, buddy!” and vibrant personality have won the hearts of fans worldwide.
  • Ivy Calvin, known for his sharp fashion sense and philanthropic efforts, is a devoted family man and avid fisherman. His journey from the military to reality TV stardom inspires others to pursue their dreams.
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Ivy Calvin is an American television personality and entrepreneur.

Known for his larger-than-life personality, Ivy Calvin has made a name for himself in the world of reality television and business. With a unique blend of wit, charisma, and the ability to uncover hidden treasures, Ivy Calvin has become a fan favorite. Let’s dive into 15 fascinating facts about this intriguing celebrity.

Ivy Calvin rose to fame on the hit reality show “Storage Wars.”

Starting in 2012, Ivy Calvin became a main cast member on the popular reality television series “Storage Wars.” The show follows a group of professional buyers who purchase storage units in hope of finding valuable items. Ivy’s quick thinking, strong negotiation skills, and bold personality quickly made him a standout character on the show.

He is known for his famous catchphrase, “Yeah, buddy!”

A trademark of Ivy Calvin’s on-screen persona is his catchphrase, “Yeah, buddy!” Whenever he makes a successful purchase or uncovers a hidden gem, Ivy joyfully exclaims with his signature phrase. It has since become an iconic phrase associated with his character.

Ivy Calvin is the owner of the popular consignment store Grandma’s Attic.

Beyond his reality TV endeavors, Ivy Calvin is also a successful entrepreneur. He owns and operates a consignment store named Grandma’s Attic. The store offers a wide range of unique and vintage items, attracting collectors and enthusiasts alike.

He is an avid car enthusiast.

Ivy Calvin has a deep passion for cars and is known for his impressive collection. From classic vehicles to luxury cars, Ivy has an eye for stylish rides. His love for cars extends beyond collecting – he has also participated in car shows and rallies.

Ivy Calvin is a former Marine.

Prior to his television career, Ivy Calvin served in the United States Marine Corps. His military background has instilled in him values such as discipline, perseverance, and a strong work ethic.

Ivy Calvin is an expert in appraising antiques and collectibles.

With years of experience in the world of buying and selling, Ivy Calvin has developed a keen eye for appraising antiques and collectibles. His expertise allows him to determine the value of various items and make informed purchasing decisions.

He has a YouTube channel where he shares his passion for antiques and collectibles.

Ivy Calvin has expanded his online presence by starting a YouTube channel dedicated to antiques and collectibles. On his channel, he shares his knowledge, tips, and stories about his adventures in the world of buying and selling.

Ivy Calvin is known for his sharp fashion sense.

Whether he’s on-screen or off, Ivy Calvin always dresses to impress. He is known for his impeccable fashion sense, often seen sporting stylish suits and accessories that reflect his personality and love for vintage style.

He has a strong social media following.

Ivy Calvin is active on various social media platforms and has amassed a large following of fans and supporters. His engaging posts and behind-the-scenes glimpses into his daily life keep fans entertained and connected.

Ivy Calvin’s favorite hobby is fishing.

When he’s not busy with his television career or running his business, Ivy Calvin enjoys spending time outdoors and indulging in his favorite hobby – fishing. It provides him with a sense of relaxation and allows him to connect with nature.

He is a devoted family man.

Despite his busy schedule, Ivy Calvin prioritizes his family above everything else. He is a loving husband and a dedicated father, cherishing the moments spent with his loved ones.

Ivy Calvin is known for his philanthropic efforts.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Ivy Calvin is actively involved in various charitable initiatives. He uses his platform to raise awareness and support causes close to his heart.

He has a vibrant personality that lights up every room.

Those who have met Ivy Calvin describe him as a vibrant individual with an infectious personality. His positive energy and charisma never fail to brighten up any room he walks into.

Ivy Calvin continues to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide.

With his unique blend of charm, humor, and business acumen, Ivy Calvin has captured the hearts of fans around the globe. His journey from the military to reality TV stardom serves as an inspiration for others to pursue their dreams.


In conclusion, Ivy Calvin is truly a fascinating celebrity with an intriguing background and an impressive career. From his early days as a professional football player to his successful stint on reality television, Ivy has captured the attention of fans around the world. His unique personality, combined with his business acumen and larger-than-life persona, has made him a standout figure in the entertainment industry. Whether you love him or love to hate him, there’s no denying that Ivy Calvin is a larger-than-life personality that continues to entertain and inspire. Keep an eye out for this charismatic celebrity, as he undoubtedly has many more exciting adventures and achievements in store.


Q: How did Ivy Calvin become famous?

A: Ivy Calvin rose to fame through his appearances on the popular reality television show “Storage Wars.” He quickly became known for his no-nonsense approach and fierce bidding tactics, earning him a dedicated fanbase.

Q: What is Ivy Calvin’s net worth?

A: As of 2021, Ivy Calvin’s estimated net worth is around $1.5 million. His success in both his television career and his business ventures has contributed to his impressive wealth.

Q: Is Ivy Calvin still on “Storage Wars”?

A: No, Ivy Calvin left “Storage Wars” after the 11th season, but he made a lasting impact on the show and its viewers during his time as a cast member.

Q: Does Ivy Calvin have any other business ventures?

A: Yes, Ivy Calvin is a successful entrepreneur, owning a chain of thrift stores called Grandma’s Attic. He also has a thriving online business, selling his merchandise and partnering with various brands.

Q: What is Ivy Calvin’s background before “Storage Wars”?

A: Prior to his television career, Ivy Calvin played professional football in the CFL (Canadian Football League) and the Arena Football League. He even won a championship in the Arena Football League before transitioning into the world of storage unit auctions.

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