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Pat Robertson is one of the most influential figures in the world of television and Christian broadcasting. With a career spanning over six decades, Robertson has made a significant impact on both the media industry and the religious landscape. As the host of “The 700 Club,” he has gained a massive following and has become an outspoken advocate for conservative Christian values.

But there is much more to Pat Robertson than meets the eye. Behind the camera, he is a man of many talents and accomplishments. In this article, we will uncover 14 extraordinary facts about Pat Robertson that you may not know. From his successful business ventures to his controversial statements and charitable contributions, these facts shed light on the intriguing life of this iconic figure.

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Pat Robertson is a renowned television personality.

With a career spanning several decades, Pat Robertson has made a name for himself as a well-known television personality, known for his charisma and engaging presence.

Pat Robertson is the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

In 1960, Pat Robertson founded CBN, a major Christian television network that reaches millions of viewers worldwide.

Pat Robertson is an ordained minister.

Prior to his television career, Pat Robertson served as a minister and preacher, sharing his faith and inspiring others.

Pat Robertson ran for President of the United States in 1988.

In an unexpected turn of events, Pat Robertson declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination in the 1988 presidential election.

Pat Robertson is a bestselling author.

Pat Robertson has written numerous books on faith, spirituality, and political topics, many of which have become bestsellers.

Pat Robertson is an advocate for conservative Christian values.

Throughout his career, Pat Robertson has been a vocal advocate for conservative Christian values, often expressing his views on controversial issues.

Pat Robertson has received criticism for some of his controversial statements.

Due to his outspoken nature, Pat Robertson has faced backlash for certain comments he has made, sparking debates and discussions.

Pat Robertson hosts “The 700 Club,” a popular television program.

The 700 Club” is a daily television program hosted by Pat Robertson, featuring a mix of news, interviews, and religious commentary.

Pat Robertson has a degree in law.

Prior to pursuing ministry, Pat Robertson earned a law degree and practiced law for a period of time.

Pat Robertson is a philanthropist.

Throughout his life, Pat Robertson has been dedicated to giving back and has been involved in various charitable initiatives.

Pat Robertson founded Regent University.

In 1978, Pat Robertson founded Regent University, a private Christian university located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Pat Robertson has a strong following.

Pat Robertson has amassed a large and dedicated following of supporters who admire his teachings and values.

Pat Robertson has been involved in humanitarian aid efforts.

Pat Robertson has been actively involved in providing aid to those in need through organizations such as Operation Blessing International.

Pat Robertson continues to be an influential figure in the media.

Even in his later years, Pat Robertson remains influential in the media, using his platforms to share his perspectives and inspire others.


Pat Robertson is undeniably a fascinating figure in the world of celebrities. From his influential career as a televangelist to his controversial statements and political involvement, Robertson has made a lasting impact on both the religious and secular spheres. His commitment to charity work and the establishment of numerous organizations demonstrate his dedication to philanthropy and humanitarian efforts. Despite his polarizing nature, Robertson remains a highly influential personality, shaping conversations and beliefs on a global scale. Whether you agree with him or not, there is no denying the extraordinary nature of Pat Robertson’s life and career.


1. How did Pat Robertson become famous?

Pat Robertson gained fame through his successful career as a televangelist, hosting the popular television show “The 700 Club.” His charismatic personality and ability to connect with audiences propelled him to national recognition.

2. What are some of Pat Robertson’s controversial statements?

Pat Robertson has been involved in numerous controversies due to his outspoken nature. Some of his most controversial statements include blaming natural disasters on homosexuality, suggesting that feminism encourages women to “kill their children,” and asserting that Haiti made a “pact with the devil.

3. Does Pat Robertson have any involvement in politics?

Yes, Pat Robertson has been actively involved in politics throughout his career. He ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 1988 and has endorsed and supported various political candidates.

4. What organizations has Pat Robertson established?

Pat Robertson has established several organizations, including the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), Regent University, and Operation Blessing International. These organizations focus on Christian media, higher education, and humanitarian aid, respectively.

5. Has Pat Robertson been involved in any charitable work?

Yes, Pat Robertson has been actively involved in charitable work. Through his organization Operation Blessing International, he has provided humanitarian aid and disaster relief around the world. He has also made generous donations to various causes and organizations.