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Omar Infante, a name that resonates with baseball enthusiasts worldwide. This talented athlete has made waves in the MLB with his exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to the game. Known for his versatility on the field and his ability to excel in multiple positions, Omar Infante has captivated both fans and critics alike. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Omar Infante and explore 12 intriguing facts about his life and career. From his humble beginnings to his shining moments in the big leagues, get ready to discover the untold stories and remarkable achievements of this remarkable celebrity. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the captivating world of Omar Infante!

Key Takeaways:

  • Omar Infante had a successful 15-year career in Major League Baseball, playing for teams like the Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals. He was known for his versatility, clutch hitting, and defensive prowess.
  • Infante, a former MLB All-Star, was admired for his work ethic and professionalism. He retired in 2017 with a career batting average of .271 and a World Series championship with the Kansas City Royals.
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Omar Infante is a former professional baseball player.

Omar Infante made his debut in Major League Baseball in 2002, playing for the Detroit Tigers. His career spanned over 15 seasons, during which he also played for teams like the Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Royals, and Miami Marlins.

Infante was known for his versatility on the field.

Throughout his career, Omar Infante played multiple positions including second base, shortstop, and third base. His ability to excel at various positions made him a valuable asset to his teams.

He was named an MLB All-Star in 2010.

In 2010, Omar Infante’s outstanding performance earned him a spot on the MLB All-Star team. This recognition further solidified his status as one of the top players in the league.

Infante was a key contributor to the Detroit Tigers’ success.

During his time with the Detroit Tigers, Omar Infante played a crucial role in the team’s success. He was a reliable performer both offensively and defensively, helping the Tigers reach the World Series in 2012.

He has a reputation for being a clutch hitter.

Omar Infante was known for his ability to deliver in high-pressure situations. He had a knack for driving in runs and getting crucial hits when his team needed them the most.

Infante won a World Series championship with the Kansas City Royals.

In 2015, Omar Infante was a part of the Kansas City Royals team that won the World Series. His contributions on both sides of the field played a significant role in the team’s historic victory.

He had a career batting average of .271.

Omar Infante’s consistent performance at the plate throughout his career resulted in an impressive batting average of .He was known for making solid contact and putting the ball in play.

Infante was admired for his work ethic and professionalism.

Teammates and coaches have often praised Omar Infante for his dedication to the game and his commitment to constantly improving his skills. He was regarded as a true professional both on and off the field.

He retired from professional baseball in 2017.

In 2017, Omar Infante announced his retirement from professional baseball. Although his playing career came to an end, his impact on the game will always be remembered.

Infante was born in Venezuela.

Omar Infante was born on December 26, 1981, in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. He is one of the many talented Venezuelan players who have made their mark in Major League Baseball.

He played in two World Baseball Classic tournaments.

Omar Infante had the honor of representing his country, Venezuela, in the World Baseball Classic. He showcased his skills on the international stage in both the 2006 and 2013 tournaments.

Infante was recognized for his defensive prowess.

Omar Infante’s exceptional defensive abilities were widely acknowledged by fans and experts alike. He made numerous outstanding plays and displayed great range and agility in the field.

Overall, Omar Infante’s career as a professional baseball player was filled with achievements and memorable moments. His skill, versatility, and dedication to the game made him a beloved figure in the world of baseball.


Omar Infante is undoubtedly a fascinating figure in the world of celebrity. From his impressive career as a professional baseball player to his charismatic personality off the field, there are many intriguing aspects to explore. Whether you’re a fan of the game or simply interested in celebrities, these 12 facts about Omar Infante are sure to captivate your attention.


1. How did Omar Infante begin his baseball career?

Omar Infante started his professional baseball career in 2002 when he was signed by the Detroit Tigers as an amateur free agent.

2. Which teams did Omar Infante play for during his career?

Omar Infante played for several teams during his career, including the Detroit Tigers, Atlanta Braves, Miami Marlins, Kansas City Royals, and the Detroit Tigers.

3. Did Omar Infante win any awards during his career?

Yes, Omar Infante was awarded the All-Star honors in 2010 as a member of the Atlanta Braves.

4. What position did Omar Infante primarily play?

Omar Infante primarily played as a second baseman during his career, but he was versatile and also played at shortstop and third base.

5. How many postseason appearances did Omar Infante make?

Omar Infante made it to the postseason four times, including two World Series appearances in 2012 and 2014, with the Detroit Tigers and the Kansas City Royals, respectively.

6. Does Omar Infante hold any records?

While Omar Infante doesn’t hold any major records, he had some notable achievements, such as a career-high batting average of .318 in 2010.

7. What is Omar Infante doing after retiring from baseball?

Omar Infante retired from professional baseball in 2017, and he is enjoying his time with his family and exploring new opportunities.

8. Did Omar Infante have any memorable moments in his career?

One of the most memorable moments in Omar Infante’s career was hitting a walk-off home run in Game 4 of the 2012 ALCS, helping the Detroit Tigers to a victory over the New York Yankees.

9. Does Omar Infante have a charitable side?

Yes, Omar Infante has been involved in various charitable endeavors and has supported organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and local youth baseball programs.

10. Was Omar Infante known for his defensive skills?

Yes, Omar Infante was highly regarded for his defensive skills, earning him a reputation as an exceptional fielder.

11. Did Omar Infante have any significant injuries during his career?

Omar Infante faced some minor injuries throughout his career, including a fractured hand in 2014, but he was able to overcome them and continue playing.

12. What is Omar Infante’s legacy in the baseball world?

Omar Infante leaves behind a legacy of a dedicated and versatile player who contributed to the success of the teams he played for and entertained fans with his skill and passion for the game.

Omar Infante's fascinating career spans multiple teams, including his memorable stint with the Kansas City Royals. His contributions to MLB are undeniable, showcasing versatility and skill on the field. For those eager to learn more about baseball history and its iconic players, exploring additional facts about the Royals, MLB at bat, and the sport itself promises an engaging journey through America's pastime.

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