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Marty Feldman was a Hollywood icon known for his unique appearance and comedic talent. With his bulging eyes and distinctive features, he left an indelible mark on the world of comedy. But there’s more to this legendary actor than meets the eye. In this article, we will delve into 10 mind-blowing facts about Marty Feldman that showcase his amazing career and fascinating life. From his early struggles to his rise to fame, and even his collaborations with renowned filmmakers, prepare to be captivated by the incredible journey of this extraordinary entertainer. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to discover the untold stories and surprising details about Marty Feldman that will leave you amazed and inspired.

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A Legendary and Unique Comedian

Marty Feldman was a one-of-a-kind comedian whose distinctive appearance and comedic timing left an indelible mark on the world of comedy. From his iconic role as Igor in “Young Frankenstein” to his collaborations with other comedic legends, Feldman will always be remembered as a true comedic genius.

The Birth of a Comedy Icon

Born on July 8, 1934, in London, England, Marty Feldman began his journey to comedy stardom. His unique physical features, including his bulging eyes and prominent forehead, would later become his trademarks and help him stand out in the entertainment industry.

A Talented Writer and Performer

Marty Feldman’s talents extended beyond acting. He displayed his exceptional writing skills on television shows such as “The Frost Report” and co-wrote the memorable sketch “Four Yorkshiremen” with Monty Python members. His ability to create humorous and memorable characters set him apart from his peers.

Collaboration with Mel Brooks

Feldman reached new heights of fame when he collaborated with Mel Brooks on the classic comedy film “Young Frankenstein.” His portrayal of the eccentric hunchback Igor was nothing short of legendary. The movie became an instant hit and solidified Feldman’s status as a comedic icon.

Award-Winning Performance

Feldman’s outstanding performance in “Young Frankenstein” earned him a nomination for the British Academy Film Award for Best Supporting Actor. His ability to bring laughter and heart to his characters made him a beloved figure in the industry.

A Multifaceted Talent

Aside from his comedy career, Feldman also explored other artistic endeavors. He pursued a career in music and released a comedy album titled “I Feel a Song Coming On” in This demonstrated his versatility and showcased his creativity beyond the realm of comedy.

A Fan-Favorite in “The Last Remake of Beau Geste”

In 1977, Feldman starred in “The Last Remake of Beau Geste,” a satirical comedy film. Playing the role of Digby Geste, he showcased his unique comedic style once again, leaving audiences in stitches. His ability to elevate any role with his distinct charm and wit made him a fan-favorite.

The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine Show

In the late 1970s, Feldman had his own television show called “The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine.” It showcased his comedic brilliance and featured sketches, monologues, and hilarious interactions with guest stars. The show further solidified his reputation as a comedic powerhouse.

A Tragic End

Despite his immense talent and success, Marty Feldman’s life was cut short. He passed away on December 2, 1982, at the age of 48 due to complications arising from a heart attack. His untimely death left a void in the world of comedy, but his legacy continues to inspire future generations.

A Lasting Legacy

Marty Feldman’s impact on comedy is undeniable. His unique style and unforgettable characters remain etched in the annals of entertainment history. Whether through his iconic film roles, television appearances, or comedic writing, Feldman’s influence will continue to bring laughter to audiences for years to come.


After diving deep into the fascinating life of Marty Feldman, it’s clear that he was not only a talented actor and comedian, but also a truly unique individual. From his iconic and instantly recognizable appearance to his comedic genius, Feldman left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

Throughout his career, Feldman worked with some of the greatest comedic talents of his time, making audiences laugh with his impeccable timing and physical comedy. Despite facing numerous health challenges throughout his life, he remained dedicated to his craft and continued to entertain audiences until his untimely passing.

Whether you remember him as Igor in “Young Frankenstein” or as the writer and star of “The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine,” there’s no denying that his contributions to comedy will be remembered and cherished for years to come.

The world lost a true comedic legend, but Marty Feldman’s legacy lives on through his timeless performances and the joy he brought to millions. His impact on the entertainment industry cannot be understated, and his unique persona and talent will forever be celebrated.


Q: When was Marty Feldman born?

A: Marty Feldman was born on July 8, 1934.

Q: What was Marty Feldman’s most famous role?

A: Marty Feldman is best known for his role as Igor in the classic film “Young Frankenstein.”

Q: Did Marty Feldman write any books?

A: Yes, Marty Feldman wrote an autobiography titled “Eye Marty,” which provides an insightful look into his life and career.

Q: What were some of Marty Feldman’s notable collaborations?

A: Marty Feldman worked closely with Mel Brooks on multiple projects, including “Young Frankenstein” and “Silent Movie.” He also collaborated with John Cleese on the comedy film “Yellowbeard.

Q: How did Marty Feldman’s appearance contribute to his comedic persona?

A: Marty Feldman’s distinct physical features, including his bulging eyes and crooked smile, became a trademark of his comedic persona and added to his unique charm and humor.

Q: What is Marty Feldman’s legacy?

A: Marty Feldman’s legacy is one of being a trailblazing comedian and actor who left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. His groundbreaking work continues to inspire and entertain generations of comedy lovers.