Boxer Dog Facts # 1

Boxer Dog Facts # 1
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Boxer Dogs Are Called the Peter Pan of Dog Breeds

Boxer dogs are often referred to as the Peter Pan of dog breeds. This is largely due to their boundless energy and playful nature. In addition, boxer dogs don’t want to grow up – just like Peter Pan. These dogs have one of the longest ‘puppyhoods’ of all dog breeds: boxer dogs are only considered to be fully mature when they reach the age of three years. Perhaps you’ll find some in Never Never Land!

Boxer Dogs Actually Have Floppy Ears and Long Tails

Boxer Dog Body-Head Proportions

Boxer Dog Body-Head Proportions

One of the more surprising boxer dog facts is that these dogs actually have floppy ears and long tails. However, we often don’t picture boxer dogs to look like this because so many of them have their ears and tails cropped and docked. The practice originated when boxer dogs were used for hunting: their ears were cropped and their tails were docked so that wild animals could not get hold of them while they were hunting. This practice is a lot less common today, with many owners preferring to leave their dogs’ tails and ears as they are. Ear cropping and tail docking is now against the law in several countries. Even so, a boxer dog with a long tail is severely penalized in dog shows in the United States.

Boxer Dogs Have a Unique Undershot Jaw

One of the most unique boxer dog facts is that these dogs have square undershot jaws. An undershot jaw is where the lower jaw extends beyond the upper jaw, and curves slightly upwards. Because a boxer dog’s jaw is square, the incisor and canine teeth in the lower jaw are all in a straight line. It’s a recipe for a particularly unique doggie smile!

Boxer Dogs Need to Be Cleaned Regularly

As boxer dog owners will know, one of the essential boxer dog facts is that these dogs need to be cleaned regularly. This is largely to do the fact that boxer dogs tend to drool quite a lot. This tendency is the result of their having large lips and wrinkled faces. It’s time to get out that mop…

Female Boxer Dogs Are More Hyperactive than the Males

Female Boxer Dog is More Hyperactive

Female Boxer Dog is More Hyperactive

There are several interesting boxer dog facts about the differences between female and male boxers. Female boxer dogs tend to be more hyperactive, while males are more laid back. Both male and female boxer dogs might fight with larger dogs and other boxers of the same sex, although they both tend to be quite good with smaller pets and rarely show aggression.

White Boxer Dogs Are Not Really Considered to Be True Boxers

Boxer dogs are usually fawn or brindle in color with white markings. However, should these white markings cover more than a third of boxer dog’s body, then that dog is considered to be a white boxer. White boxers do not meet the breed standard and so do not receive full registration. One of the most unfortunate boxer dog facts is that, while they make loveable pets, white boxers are more prone to skin cancer and are more likely to be deaf. Interestingly, there is no such thing as a black boxer. If a boxer dog appears to be black, then it is probably a reverse brindle, or a very darkly colored brindle boxer.

Boxer Dogs Are Loyal Guard Dogs

One of the most well known boxer dog facts is that these animals make excellent guard dogs. Boxer dogs are very friendly and gentle with people that they know, but don’t let this fool you: they are very wary of strangers and can be extremely intimidating. They are very loyal to their owners and if they feel that there is a threat, they will not hesitate to protect themselves and their family.

Boxer Dogs Don’t Like to Be Left Alone

Most Popular Dogs in America

Most Popular Dogs in America

One of the more endearing boxer dog facts is that these dogs thrive on human company. This is related to the fact that boxer dogs are very loyal. In fact, they become completely devoted to their human families and don’t like to be left alone for very long. You might just find your boxer following you around your home, from room to room. Think of it as a big drooling shadow…

The Boxer Dog’s Ancestor Was Used to Hunt Large Animals

An ancestor of the boxer dog was the Bulleneiser. This dog is now extinct but it used to be used to hunt large animals, such as stags and wild boars. The dogs would seize the prey and hold it down until their owner came. This probably explains why today’s boxer dogs have such a lean muscular build and strong jaws.

Boxer Dogs Were Used in the Military

Boxer dogs were used by the military in World War II as guard dogs, messenger dogs and attack dogs. They were specially chosen for these roles because of their loyalty and stamina. After World War II, American soldiers took ex-service dogs home to keep as pets. Thereafter, boxer dogs became very popular in the United States. In fact, boxer dogs are the seventh most popular breed of dog in the US today.

Boxer Dogs Were Popular Circus Performers

Boxer Dogs were popular circus performers

Boxer Dogs were popular circus performers

In the past, boxer dogs were popular performers in the circus ring. They made ideal circus performers because they are so highly trainable, energetic and strong. They also have very fun, mischievous natures and are sometimes called the clown of the dog world.

Boxer Dogs Need to Exercise for 2 Hours per Day

One of the most interesting boxer dog facts is that these dogs need to exercise for as much as 2 hours every day. This is largely due to the fact that boxer dogs are extremely energetic. A boxer will spend as much time playing and exercising as possible. If they don’t get enough physical activity, they might start engaging in behaviors associated with boredom, such as chewing and digging. And you thought that an hour at the gym was exhausting!

Boxer Dogs Are Prone to Boxer Cardiomyopathy and Other Disorders

Of all boxer dog facts, probably the most concerning is the fact that boxer dogs are prone to certain diseases and disorders. In fact, there is a specific disorder known as Boxer Cardiomyopathy that is quite common in this breed. Other disorders to which boxer dogs are particularly prone include heart, bone, and skin disorders.

Boxer Dogs Are Known to Snore with Their Eyes Wide Open

One of the more quirky boxer dog facts is that they are known to snore with their eyes wide open. In fact, they are also known to snore quite loudly. So when you get a boxer dog as a pet, it might be a good idea to invest in some earplugs at the same time!

Boxer Dogs Struggle to Cope with Extreme Temperatures

One of the more fascinating boxer dog facts is that these dogs do not cope well in extreme temperatures. Because they have a very short coat of hair, boxer dogs tend to be quite susceptible to feeling the cold. On the other side of the spectrum, like all dogs with short muzzles, boxer dogs find it difficult to breathe in hot, humid weather. So, if you’re thinking about getting a boxer as a pet, make sure you’ll be able to keep them warm inside during cold weather, and in a cool environment during warmer weather.

The First Club for Boxers Was Established in 1896

The first club for boxers was the Deutsche Boxer Club. It was established in 1896 by three Germans: Friedrich Robert, Elard Konig, and R. Hopner. In 1902 they wrote a breed standard paper which remains largely unchanged more than a century later.

A Boxer Dog Holds a Guinness World Record

A boxer dog holds the Guinness World Record for having the longest tongue in the world. The boxer in question, Brandy, was born in 1995 and was owned by John Scheid of St Clair Shores, Michigan in the United States. Brandy’s tongue was a record-breaking 17 inches in length!

Celebrities like George Clooney and Justin Timberlake Love Boxer Dogs

It’s no secret that boxer dogs are a popular breed in the United States. And apparently celebrities aren’t immune to boxer dogs’ charms, either. Celebrities including George Clooney, Justin Timberlake, Jodi Foster, Sylvester Stallone, Alec Baldwin, Luke Perry, Humphrey Bogart and Robin Williams have all succumbed and owned boxer dogs. Cash Dog is a famous boxer dog owned by Benji and Joel from the band Good Charlotte.

Boxer Dog Facts – Facts about Boxer Dogs Summary

Boxer Dog FactsBoxer dogs originated in Germany but have been popular pets in the United States ever since they were used by the military in World War II. These energetic dogs are loyal creatures and make endearing family pets. However, they require a great deal of attention, exercise and training to account for their boisterous nature. Their unique body types are unfortunately prone to several disorders.