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Mercado de San Agustín, also known as La Laguna Market, is a vibrant and bustling landmark located in the heart of La Laguna, Tenerife. This historic market is a treasure trove of culture, gastronomy, and local traditions. With its rich history dating back to the 19th century, Mercado de San Agustín has become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

But what sets this market apart from others? In this article, we will explore nine mind-blowing facts about Mercado de San Agustín that will leave you amazed. From its stunning architecture to its diverse array of products, this market truly offers a unique and immersive experience. So, get ready to dive into the fascinating world of Mercado de San Agustín and discover why it has become a must-visit attraction on the beautiful island of Tenerife.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mercado de San Agustín is a vibrant historical landmark in La Laguna, offering authentic cuisine, unique souvenirs, and a glimpse into local traditions. It’s a must-visit for history buffs and food lovers alike.
  • The market is a cultural hub hosting events and festivals, reflecting the region’s rich heritage. It’s a lively meeting place for locals and visitors, showcasing the traditional Canarian architecture and vibrant atmosphere.
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Mercado de San Agustín is a Historical Landmark

Mercado de San Agustín, located in La Laguna, is a historical landmark that holds a significant place in the local culture and heritage. Its rich history dates back to the 19th century, making it a true gem for history enthusiasts.

It is Known for Its Vibrant Atmosphere

Visiting Mercado de San Agustín is a sensory experience like no other. The market is known for its bustling atmosphere, vibrant colors, and the lively sounds of vendors and customers interacting. It truly captures the essence of the local community.

The Market is Full of Authentic Local Cuisine

One of the highlights of Mercado de San Agustín is the abundance of authentic local cuisine. From traditional Canarian dishes to mouthwatering seafood specialties, visitors can sample a variety of flavors that represent the culinary heritage of the region.

A Haven for Fresh Produce

Mercado de San Agustín is a haven for fresh produce enthusiasts. Local farmers and vendors gather here daily to sell their organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. It’s the perfect place to indulge in the flavors of the land.

Unique Handcrafted Souvenirs

For those looking for unique souvenirs, Mercado de San Agustín has got you covered. The market is home to local artisans who create one-of-a-kind crafts, including pottery, textiles, jewelry, and more. It’s the ideal place to find that special keepsake.

A Cultural Hub of Events and Festivals

Mercado de San Agustín is not just a market; it’s a cultural hub. Throughout the year, the market hosts various events and festivals that showcase the local arts, music, and traditions. It’s a vibrant celebration that brings the community together.

The Architecture Tells a Story

The architecture of Mercado de San Agustín is a testament to its historical significance. The building itself reflects the traditional Canarian style, with its distinctive wooden balconies and colorful façade. It’s a visual delight for architectural enthusiasts.

A Meeting Place for Locals and Visitors

Mercado de San Agustín is more than just a market; it’s a meeting place. Locals gather here to socialize, catch up with friends, and enjoy a delicious meal. It’s a lively hub of activity that welcomes both residents and tourists alike.

An Insight into Local Traditions

Exploring Mercado de San Agustín offers a unique insight into the local traditions and way of life. From the traditional attire worn by vendors to the cultural practices observed, every corner of the market tells a story of the region’s heritage.


In conclusion, Mercado de San Agustín (La Laguna) is a truly remarkable landmark that is rich in history and culture. Its stunning architecture, vibrant atmosphere, and diverse range of offerings make it a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re a food lover looking to indulge in some delicious local cuisine, a history enthusiast interested in learning about the area’s past, or simply someone who enjoys exploring unique landmarks, Mercado de San Agustín has something for everyone. So, next time you find yourself in La Laguna, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the wonders of this extraordinary market.


1. What is Mercado de San Agustín?

Mercado de San Agustín is a historic market located in La Laguna, known for its rich history, beautiful architecture, and variety of food and craft stalls.

2. What can I find at Mercado de San Agustín?

You can find a wide range of products at Mercado de San Agustín including fresh produce, local delicacies, handmade crafts, and traditional souvenirs.

3. Are there any cultural events or activities at the market?

Yes, Mercado de San Agustín often hosts cultural events, live music performances, and art exhibitions, providing visitors with a unique and immersive experience.

4. Can I sample local cuisine at Mercado de San Agustín?

Absolutely! Mercado de San Agustín is a food lover’s paradise, offering a variety of eateries and stalls where you can sample delicious Canarian dishes and regional specialties.

5. Is Mercado de San Agustín accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, the market is equipped with ramps and elevators, making it accessible for people with disabilities.

6. Is there parking available at Mercado de San Agustín?

Yes, there is ample parking available near the market, making it convenient for visitors to access.

7. Are there any guided tours available at the market?

Yes, there are guided tours available at Mercado de San Agustín, providing visitors with a deeper insight into the market’s history, architecture, and cultural significance.

8. What are the opening hours of Mercado de San Agustín?

The market is typically open from Monday to Saturday, from early morning until late afternoon. However, it is recommended to check the official website for the most up-to-date opening hours.

9. Are there any nearby attractions to visit after exploring Mercado de San Agustín?

Absolutely! La Laguna is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and there are many other historic landmarks, beautiful parks, and charming streets to explore nearby, making it a perfect destination for a day of sightseeing.

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