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The Stadio Renato Dall’Ara is a renowned landmark that stands as a symbol of sports culture and passion in Italy. Located in Bologna, this stunning stadium is not only a home for the esteemed Bologna Football Club, but it also holds a remarkable history and some incredible features that make it a must-visit destination for sports enthusiasts and tourists alike.

In this article, we will delve into 8 astounding facts about Stadio Renato Dall’Ara that showcase its significance and impact. From its architectural marvels to record-breaking attendance, this iconic stadium has so much to offer. So, strap yourself in and get ready to explore the incredible world of Stadio Renato Dall’Ara!

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A Historic Landmark in Bologna

The Stadio Renato Dall’Ara is a historic and iconic landmark located in the heart of Bologna, Italy. With a rich history spanning over nine decades, this impressive stadium has become an integral part of the city’s cultural fabric.

Home of Bologna Football Club

Stadio Renato Dall’Ara proudly serves as the home ground for Bologna Football Club, one of Italy’s oldest and most beloved soccer teams. The stadium’s capacity of over 38,000 seats creates an electric atmosphere during matches, making it an unforgettable experience for passionate football fans.

Named in Honor of Renato Dall’Ara

The stadium is named after Renato Dall’Ara, an important figure in Bologna’s sporting history. Dall’Ara was the president of the Bologna Football Club and played a pivotal role in modernizing and expanding the stadium during his tenure.

Hosted World Cup Matches

Stadio Renato Dall’Ara has had the privilege of hosting several matches during the FIFA World Cup, solidifying its status as a world-class sporting venue. Football legends from around the globe have graced its hallowed grounds, creating lasting memories for both players and fans alike.

Multifunctional Sporting Facility

While primarily known for football, Stadio Renato Dall’Ara is a multifunctional facility that has hosted a wide range of sporting events. From international rugby matches to athletics competitions, the stadium’s versatility makes it a popular choice for various sports and tournaments.

Architectural Brilliance

The stadium’s architectural design is a testament to ingenuity and grandeur. Its distinctive circular shape and iconic towering floodlight pylons make it instantly recognizable. The blend of modern and classical elements creates a visually stunning backdrop for sporting events.

A Symbol of Community Pride

Stadio Renato Dall’Ara holds a special place in the hearts of the local community in Bologna. It serves as a symbol of pride and unity, bringing people together to support their team and celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship. The stadium has witnessed countless moments of triumph and has become an integral part of Bologna’s cultural identity.

Tourist Attraction

Beyond its significance in the world of sports, Stadio Renato Dall’Ara is also a popular tourist attraction. Visitors to Bologna can take guided tours of the stadium, exploring its rich history, visiting the player’s locker rooms, and even stepping onto the pitch where sporting legends have played.

In conclusion, Stadio Renato Dall’Ara is not just a stadium, but a symbol of Bologna’s rich sporting heritage. Its historical relevance, architectural brilliance, and incredible atmosphere make it a must-visit destination for sports enthusiasts and tourists alike.


In conclusion, Stadio Renato Dall’Ara is a remarkable landmark with a rich history and impressive features. From its capacity to host international sporting events to its unique architecture and iconic status in Italian football, there are many fascinating facts about this stadium. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a fan of architectural marvels, Stadio Renato Dall’Ara is a must-visit destination. With its blend of modernity and tradition, this stadium continues to captivate visitors from around the world. So make sure to add Stadio Renato Dall’Ara to your list of must-see landmarks if you ever find yourself in the beautiful city of Bologna, Italy.


1. When was Stadio Renato Dall’Ara built?

Stadio Renato Dall’Ara was built in 1927, making it an iconic landmark with a long-standing history.

2. Which football club calls Stadio Renato Dall’Ara its home?

Bologna Football Club 1909 calls Stadio Renato Dall’Ara its home stadium.

3. What is the seating capacity of Stadio Renato Dall’Ara?

The stadium has a seating capacity of approximately 38,000, providing ample space for fans to cheer on their favorite teams.

4. Has Stadio Renato Dall’Ara hosted any major sporting events?

Yes, the stadium has hosted several major sporting events over the years, including matches during the 1990 FIFA World Cup.

5. Are stadium tours available to the public?

Yes, stadium tours are available, allowing visitors to explore the magnificent facilities and learn more about the history of Stadio Renato Dall’Ara.

6. Are there any nearby attractions worth visiting?

Absolutely! Located in Bologna, Italy, Stadio Renato Dall’Ara is surrounded by a vibrant city known for its medieval architecture, historic sites, and renowned cuisine.

7. Can I purchase tickets for matches or events at the stadium?

Yes, tickets for matches and events held at Stadio Renato Dall’Ara can be purchased through various online channels or at the stadium’s ticket office.

8. What is the significance of the stadium’s name, “Renato Dall’Ara”?

The stadium was named after Renato Dall’Ara, a former president of Bologna Football Club, who made significant contributions to the development of the team and the stadium itself.