Ashly Spencer

Ashly Spencer

Published: 22 Sep 2023


When it comes to unique and captivating wildlife experiences, Ähtäri Zoo in Finland is a destination that shouldn’t be missed. Nestled in the picturesque Finnish countryside, this zoo is home to a diverse array of animals from around the world. From majestic polar bears to graceful snow leopards, Ähtäri Zoo offers visitors the chance to observe and learn about a wide range of species in a natural and immersive environment.

But there’s more to Ähtäri Zoo than meets the eye. Behind its gates lie fascinating and intriguing facts that make this zoo a truly special place. In this article, we will explore 19 intriguing facts about Ähtäri Zoo, shedding light on the unique experiences and conservation efforts that make this destination stand out. So, get ready to embark on a virtual journey through the wonders of Ähtäri Zoo and discover the remarkable stories behind its animal residents.

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Ähtäri Zoo is located in Ähtäri, Finland.

Located in the picturesque town of Ähtäri in Finland, Ähtäri Zoo offers a fascinating wildlife experience in the heart of nature.

The zoo covers an area of over 200 hectares.

With its vast expanse, Ähtäri Zoo provides ample space for various animal species to roam and thrive in an environment resembling their natural habitats.

It is home to over 60 different animal species from around the world.

From polar bears and lynxes to wolves and reindeer, Ähtäri Zoo boasts a diverse collection of animals, allowing visitors to learn about and appreciate wildlife from various regions.

Ähtäri Zoo is famous for its panda bears.

The zoo is one of the few places in Europe where you can see and admire these adorable animals. The pandas, named Lumi and Pyry, have become beloved attractions at the zoo.

It is the only place in Finland where you can see lions.

Ähtäri Zoo is proud to be the home of the country’s only lion pride. Visitors have the unique opportunity to observe these majestic creatures up close in a safe and controlled environment.

The zoo focuses on conservation and breeding programs.

Ähtäri Zoo actively participates in conservation efforts and works to protect endangered species through breeding programs and educational initiatives, emphasizing the importance of biodiversity.

It offers guided tours and animal encounters.

Visitors can enhance their experience by joining guided tours, where knowledgeable guides provide fascinating insights into the zoo’s inhabitants. Animal encounters allow visitors to get even closer to some of the animals under the supervision of professional staff.

Ähtäri Zoo features a children’s zoo.

The zoo aims to educate and entertain younger visitors through its dedicated children’s zoo, where kids can interact with farm animals and learn about their care and wellbeing.

The zoo is a popular destination for school trips.

Many schools choose Ähtäri Zoo as an educational outing for students, offering them a chance to learn about animals, their habitats, and conservation in a hands-on and engaging environment.

Ähtäri Zoo organizes various events throughout the year.

From special animal feedings to themed exhibitions, the zoo hosts a range of events that provide visitors with an enriched and interactive zoo experience.

You can spend the night at the zoo in the Wild Nordic cabins.

For a truly immersive experience, Ähtäri Zoo offers cozy accommodations in its Wild Nordic cabins. Guests have the opportunity to observe nocturnal animals and enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding nature.

The zoo has a restaurant serving local cuisine.

After exploring the zoo, visitors can savor the flavors of Finnish cuisine at the onsite restaurant, which features a menu of delicious dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.

Ähtäri Zoo collaborates with other zoos and research institutions.

The zoo actively engages in collaborative partnerships with other zoos and research institutions to promote knowledge sharing, conservation efforts, and the overall wellbeing of animals under human care.

It provides educational programs and workshops for all ages.

Ähtäri Zoo offers educational programs and workshops tailored for different age groups, inspiring a love for wildlife and fostering an understanding of the importance of maintaining biodiversity.

The zoo holds a special place in Finnish culture.

Ähtäri Zoo has become an integral part of Finnish culture, attracting both locals and international visitors who are captivated by the beauty and tranquility of the zoo’s surroundings.

It actively contributes to research and conservation projects.

Ähtäri Zoo actively supports research projects that focus on animal welfare, conservation, and sustainability, contributing valuable data and scientific insights to global initiatives.

The zoo offers stunning Nordic views.

Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, Ähtäri Zoo provides visitors with magnificent Nordic views, creating a serene ambiance that enhances the overall zoo experience.

It provides accessible facilities for all visitors.

Ähtäri Zoo strives to ensure all visitors have a comfortable and inclusive experience by offering accessible pathways, facilities, and services for individuals with disabilities.

Ähtäri Zoo is committed to wildlife preservation.

As an advocate for wildlife preservation, Ähtäri Zoo plays a significant role in raising awareness and ensuring the long-term survival and well-being of animal species.


Ähtäri Zoo is truly an extraordinary destination that offers a unique and memorable experience for visitors of all ages. With its diverse array of animals, stunning natural surroundings, and commitment to conservation, it’s no wonder why Ähtäri Zoo is considered one of Finland’s top attractions.

From witnessing the majestic beauty of the endangered snow leopards to enjoying a leisurely stroll through the enchanting walking trails, there is something for everyone to enjoy at Ähtäri Zoo. So, whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or simply looking for a fun day out with the family, Ähtäri Zoo is definitely worth a visit.

Prepare to be captivated by the wonders of nature and create lasting memories at Ähtäri Zoo.


1. What animals can I expect to see at Ähtäri Zoo?

Ähtäri Zoo is home to a wide variety of animals from around the world, including polar bears, snow leopards, wolves, lynx, and many more. There are over 60 different species residing in the zoo.

2. Are there any special events or shows at Ähtäri Zoo?

Yes, Ähtäri Zoo hosts various events and shows throughout the year, such as animal feeding demonstrations, educational talks, and guided tours. Check the zoo’s website or inquire on-site for the latest schedule.

3. Can I bring my own food and drinks to Ähtäri Zoo?

Yes, visitors are allowed to bring their own food and drinks to enjoy in designated picnic areas within the zoo. However, there are also cafés and restaurants available if you prefer to purchase food on-site.

4. Are there any accommodations near Ähtäri Zoo?

Apart from the zoo’s own hotel, Hotel Mesikämmen, there are various accommodation options available in the nearby town of Ähtäri, ranging from hotels to cozy cottages. It is advisable to book in advance, especially during peak seasons.

5. How long does it take to explore Ähtäri Zoo?

The duration of your visit will depend on your preferences and the activities you choose to engage in. On average, visitors spend around 4-6 hours exploring the zoo, including time for animal encounters, shows, and leisurely walks.

6. Is Ähtäri Zoo accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Ähtäri Zoo is committed to providing accessibility for all visitors. The zoo offers accessible facilities, including wheelchair ramps, accessible paths, and accessible toilets, to ensure that everyone can enjoy their visit to the fullest.

7. Can I purchase souvenirs at Ähtäri Zoo?

Yes, there are several souvenir shops located within Ähtäri Zoo where you can purchase a wide range of gifts, toys, clothing, and other mementos to remember your visit.