Noemi Marrs

Noemi Marrs

Published: 21 Sep 2023


The My Dinh National Stadium, located in Hanoi, Vietnam, is not only a magnificent architectural masterpiece but also an iconic symbol of national pride. With a seating capacity of over 40,000, this impressive stadium has hosted numerous international sporting events and concerts since its completion in 2003. However, there’s more to My Dinh National Stadium than meets the eye. In this article, we will delve into 18 fascinating facts about this renowned landmark, revealing its rich history, stunning features, and significant contributions to the sporting and cultural landscape of Vietnam. From its unique design to its renowned atmosphere, My Dinh National Stadium truly is a place where history, passion, and sports come together in perfect harmony.

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The construction of My Dinh National Stadium was completed in 2003.

My Dinh National Stadium, located in Hanoi, Vietnam, was finished in 2003 after several years of planning and construction.

The stadium has a seating capacity of over 40,000 spectators.

With its expansive layout, My Dinh National Stadium can accommodate more than 40,000 people, making it one of the largest stadiums in Vietnam.

My Dinh National Stadium hosted the 22nd Southeast Asian Games in 2003.

The stadium was the main venue for the 22nd Southeast Asian Games, a multi-sport event held in Hanoi in It showcased various sporting events and brought together athletes from Southeast Asian countries.

The stadium has a unique architectural design.

My Dinh National Stadium stands out for its striking architectural design, combining traditional Vietnamese elements with modern touches. Its distinctive roof resembles a lotus flower, a significant symbol in Vietnamese culture.

The stadium has hosted several international football matches.

My Dinh National Stadium has been the venue for numerous international football matches, including FIFA World Cup qualification games and regional tournaments, attracting fans from all over the country.

My Dinh National Stadium was one of the venues for the 2007 AFC Asian Cup.

The stadium played a vital role during the 2007 AFC Asian Cup, serving as a venue for multiple matches in the prestigious football tournament.

The stadium underwent renovations in preparation for the 2021 Southeast Asian Games.

In anticipation of hosting the 31st Southeast Asian Games in 2021, My Dinh National Stadium underwent significant renovations to enhance its facilities and ensure a memorable experience for athletes and spectators alike.

The stadium is a popular venue for major music concerts.

Aside from sporting events, My Dinh National Stadium has also hosted numerous music concerts featuring both local and international artists, attracting large crowds and creating unforgettable entertainment experiences.

My Dinh National Stadium has a state-of-the-art lighting system.

The stadium boasts a sophisticated lighting system that allows for captivating light displays during events, adding to the overall ambiance and spectacle.

The surrounding area of the stadium offers various amenities.

In addition to the stadium itself, the surrounding area offers a range of amenities, including restaurants, shops, and recreational spaces, providing a complete entertainment experience for visitors.

My Dinh National Stadium has hosted international friendly matches.

International football teams have chosen My Dinh National Stadium as a venue for friendly matches, contributing to the stadium’s reputation as a top-class sporting facility.

The stadium’s location provides easy accessibility.

Situated in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, My Dinh National Stadium benefits from its central location, making it easily accessible by public transportation and convenient for spectators.

My Dinh National Stadium has inspired young athletes.

The impressive infrastructure and success of the stadium have served as a source of inspiration for aspiring young athletes and played a significant role in promoting sports in Vietnam.

The stadium has a spacious parking area.

To accommodate the influx of visitors during events, My Dinh National Stadium provides ample parking space, ensuring convenience and ease for attendees.

My Dinh National Stadium has hosted international martial arts tournaments.

In addition to football, the stadium has been the venue for international martial arts tournaments, showcasing different disciplines and attracting martial arts enthusiasts from around the world.

The stadium offers a modern and comfortable seating arrangement.

With its modern seating design, My Dinh National Stadium provides attendees with comfortable and unobstructed views of the sporting events, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all.

The stadium played a crucial role in promoting sports tourism.

My Dinh National Stadium has contributed greatly to the growth of sports tourism in Vietnam, attracting both domestic and international visitors interested in sports events and the stadium’s cultural significance.

The stadium has become an iconic symbol of Vietnamese sports culture.

Over the years, My Dinh National Stadium has become a recognizable symbol of Vietnamese sports culture, representing the passion and dedication of athletes and fans across the nation.


In conclusion, the My Dinh National Stadium is not only a prominent landmark in Hanoi, Vietnam, but also holds a significant place in the hearts of sports enthusiasts around the world. With its impressive architecture, capacity to host large events, and rich history, the stadium has become a symbol of national pride.As we have explored the fascinating facts about My Dinh National Stadium, it is clear that the venue has not only made its mark on the sporting world but has also become an iconic landmark in Vietnam. From hosting major international tournaments to witnessing historic sporting moments, the stadium continues to captivate visitors with its grandeur and captivating atmosphere.Whether you are a sports aficionado or simply interested in exploring notable landmarks, My Dinh National Stadium is definitely worth a visit. Immerse yourself in its storied history, marvel at its architectural splendor, and experience the electric atmosphere during an event. My Dinh National Stadium truly offers a unique blend of sports, culture, and national pride.


1. When was My Dinh National Stadium built?

My Dinh National Stadium was completed in 2003, just in time to host the 22nd Southeast Asian Games.

2. What is the seating capacity of the stadium?

The stadium has a total seating capacity of approximately 40,192, making it one of the largest stadiums in Vietnam.

3. Has My Dinh National Stadium hosted any major international events?

Yes, the stadium has hosted several major international events, including the AFC Asian Cup in 2007 and the AFF Suzuki Cup in 2008 and 2018.

4. Can visitors take a tour of the stadium?

Yes, guided tours of the stadium are available, allowing visitors to explore the facilities, learn about its history, and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the inner workings of the stadium.

5. Is there parking available at My Dinh National Stadium?

Yes, there is ample parking available for visitors attending events or taking a tour of the stadium.