Mariette Latham

Mariette Latham

Published: 17 Sep 2023


ExCeL London is a world-renowned exhibition and convention center located in the heart of London, England. With its vast size and stunning architecture, it has become a prominent landmark in the city and a hub for hosting various events, conferences, and trade shows. But there’s much more to ExCeL London than meets the eye. In this article, we will delve into some astonishing facts about this iconic venue, shedding light on its impressive features, historical significance, and cultural impact. From its record-breaking dimensions to its role in hosting major international events, ExCeL London continues to be a captivating attraction for both locals and tourists alike. So, buckle up and get ready to uncover some fascinating details about this extraordinary landmark.

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ExCeL London is the largest exhibition center in the UK.

With over 100,000 square meters of event space, ExCeL London holds the title of being the biggest exhibition and international convention center in the United Kingdom. It has hosted numerous high-profile events, including world-renowned trade shows, conferences, and concerts.

ExCeL London is located in the heart of the Royal Docks.

Situated on the banks of the River Thames, ExCeL London offers stunning waterfront views and easy access to the city center. Its prime location makes it a preferred choice for both local and international events.

Over 4 million visitors come to ExCeL London each year.

ExCeL London attracts a massive influx of visitors annually, showcasing its significance as a premier venue for a wide range of events. From business professionals and industry leaders to avid fans and enthusiasts, the center welcomes a diverse crowd from all walks of life.

ExCeL London has hosted the Olympic Games.

During the 2012 Summer Olympics, ExCeL London became a key venue, hosting several sports competitions, including boxing, fencing, table tennis, and wrestling. The center’s adaptable spaces and state-of-the-art facilities made it an ideal choice for such a prestigious global event.

It offers world-class conference and meeting facilities.

ExCeL London is renowned for its exceptional conference and meeting facilities, equipped with the latest technology and amenities to cater to the needs of both small-scale meetings and large-scale conferences. The venue’s versatile spaces can accommodate various seating arrangements and production setups.

ExCeL London is committed to sustainability.

The center actively strives to minimize its environmental impact, implementing sustainable practices such as recycling programs, energy-efficient lighting, and waste management strategies. ExCeL London has been awarded multiple certifications for its dedication to sustainability.

The ICC London at ExCeL is the capital’s largest conference auditorium.

The International Convention Centre London (ICC London) within ExCeL is a renowned conference auditorium boasting a seating capacity of up to 5,It has state-of-the-art audiovisual capabilities and offers a spacious and comfortable environment for large-scale conferences and presentations.

ExCeL London is a popular venue for major trade shows.

The center hosts an impressive lineup of trade shows across various industries, including technology, fashion, healthcare, and more. These events attract exhibitors and attendees from around the world, making ExCeL London a hub of international business and networking opportunities.

It is well-connected with excellent transport links.

ExCeL London offers convenient transportation options, with its own dedicated station on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) network. Additionally, the center is connected to London City Airport, making it easily accessible for both domestic and international travelers.

ExCeL London has its own on-site hotels.

To accommodate visitors, ExCeL London features convenient on-site hotel options, allowing attendees to stay within close proximity to their events. These hotels offer comfortable accommodations, dining options, and easy access to the exhibition center.

The center boasts a stunning waterfront terrace.

ExCeL London’s waterfront terrace provides a picturesque setting for events, offering panoramic views of the River Thames and the London skyline. It is a popular spot for networking, relaxation, and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the surrounding area.

ExCeL London is a versatile filming location.

The center’s expansive and adaptable spaces have made it a sought-after filming location for movies, TV shows, and commercials. Its modern architecture and versatile interiors provide a blank canvas for creative productions.

ExCeL London offers a wide range of dining options.

From cafes and food courts to upscale restaurants, ExCeL London ensures that visitors have plenty of culinary choices to satisfy their appetites. The diverse dining options cater to various tastes and dietary preferences.

It houses a state-of-the-art auditorium.

The auditorium within ExCeL London is equipped with cutting-edge audiovisual technology, making it perfect for hosting live performances, presentations, and entertainment events. Its comfortable seating and exceptional acoustics contribute to an immersive experience for attendees.

ExCeL London hosts global cultural and entertainment events.

The center goes beyond business and trade events, regularly hosting cultural showcases, art exhibitions, music concerts, and entertainment extravaganzas. These events offer a platform for renowned artists and performers to showcase their talent to a wide audience.

It is the home of London Comic Con.

ExCeL London serves as the annual venue for London Comic Con, a premier event dedicated to comics, movies, TV shows, and gaming. Fans from all over the world gather to meet their favorite celebrities, participate in cosplay competitions, and explore the vibrant pop culture scene.

ExCeL London has its own fully equipped on-site medical center.

To ensure the safety and well-being of visitors and exhibitors, ExCeL London houses a fully equipped medical center. With trained medical professionals and state-of-the-art facilities, the center prioritizes the health and safety of everyone on its premises.

It has won multiple awards for its excellence.

ExCeL London’s commitment to providing exceptional services and facilities has been recognized through numerous industry awards. These accolades further solidify its reputation as a premier exhibition and convention center not only in the UK but also globally.


In conclusion, ExCeL London is not just an ordinary convention center but a truly remarkable landmark that stands out for its impressive size, modern design, and outstanding facilities. It has played a significant role in hosting major events, exhibitions, conferences, and international summits. With its strategic location, excellent transportation links, and versatile spaces, ExCeL London attracts millions of visitors every year. The venue’s commitment to sustainability and its dedication to creating unforgettable experiences have made it a preferred choice for both organizers and attendees. Whether you’re interested in business, entertainment, or cultural events, ExCeL London has something to offer for everyone. So, don’t miss the opportunity to explore this astonishing landmark and be a part of the remarkable experiences it has to offer.


1. What is ExCeL London?

ExCeL London is a world-class convention center located in the heart of East London. It is one of the largest exhibition and event venues in the United Kingdom.

2. How big is ExCeL London?

ExCeL London covers an astonishing 100 acres of land and encompasses over one million square feet of event space, making it one of the biggest convention centers in the world.

3. What kinds of events are held at ExCeL London?

ExCeL London hosts a wide range of events, including trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, concerts, and sporting events. It is a versatile space that accommodates various industries and interests.

4. How do I get to ExCeL London?

ExCeL London is easily accessible by public transportation, including the DLR (Docklands Light Railway) and the Jubilee line. There are also convenient parking facilities for those travelling by car.

5. Can I visit ExCeL London even if there are no events taking place?

Yes, you can visit ExCeL London even when there are no specific events happening. The venue features a variety of shops, restaurants, and attractions, allowing visitors to explore and enjoy the space at their leisure.

6. Is ExCeL London committed to sustainability?

Yes, ExCeL London is dedicated to sustainability and has implemented various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. These include energy-efficient systems, waste management programs, and the use of renewable energy sources.

7. Can I host my event at ExCeL London?

Absolutely! ExCeL London offers a range of flexible spaces and state-of-the-art facilities that can accommodate events of all sizes. Whether you’re planning a conference, exhibition, or special event, ExCeL London can provide the perfect venue.

8. What nearby attractions are there to visit after an event at ExCeL London?

There are several nearby attractions to explore after your visit to ExCeL London. These include the Olympic Park, Greenwich Park, the Emirates Air Line Cable Car, and the Royal Docks.