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Lokomotiv Stadium is undoubtedly one of the most iconic landmarks in the world of sports. With its rich history and impressive architecture, this legendary stadium has become a symbol of achievement and passion for football enthusiasts around the globe. But beyond its fame lies a treasure trove of surprising facts that many may not be aware of. From its unique design to record-breaking moments, Lokomotiv Stadium has a fascinating story to tell. In this article, we will delve into 17 surprising facts about Lokomotiv Stadium that will undoubtedly amaze and captivate you. So, prepare to be astonished as we unravel the lesser-known aspects of this legendary sports venue.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lokomotiv Stadium is a historic and massive football venue in Moscow, Russia, with a unique design and rich history dating back to 1923. It’s home to Lokomotiv Moscow and has hosted international matches, concerts, and iconic games.
  • The stadium offers a vibrant atmosphere, impressive facilities, and stunning views, making it a must-visit for football fans and event-goers. With record attendances and a range of seating options, it promises an electrifying and memorable experience.
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Historical Significance

Lokomotiv Stadium is a historic landmark in Moscow, Russia, with a rich history dating back to its opening in

Spectacular Capacity

With a seating capacity of 30,075, Lokomotiv Stadium is one of the largest football stadiums in Russia.

Architectural Marvel

The stadium boasts a unique architectural design that combines both modern and traditional elements, making it an architectural marvel worth visiting.

Home to Lokomotiv Moscow

Lokomotiv Stadium serves as the home ground for the renowned Russian football club, Lokomotiv Moscow.

Hosted International Matches

Lokomotiv Stadium has had the privilege of hosting numerous international football matches, showcasing the stadium’s importance on a global stage.

Renovation and Upgrades

In recent years, Lokomotiv Stadium has undergone extensive renovations and upgrades to meet the highest standards of modern sports facilities.

Accessibility and Transportation

Lokomotiv Stadium is conveniently located, with excellent transportation links, including nearby metro stations, making it easily accessible for fans.

Capacity for Concerts and Events

Besides being a football stadium, Lokomotiv Stadium has the capacity to host concerts and other exciting events, providing a versatile venue for various entertainment purposes.

Impressive Field Surface

The stadium boasts a well-maintained natural grass playing surface, which enhances the overall quality of the matches played there.

Diverse Facilities

Lokomotiv Stadium features a wide range of facilities, including VIP lounges, restaurants, and ample parking space, ensuring a comfortable experience for visitors.

Monument to Lokomotiv Moscow

Within the stadium complex, there is a monument dedicated to Lokomotiv Moscow, honoring the club’s legacy and achievements.

Vibrant Atmosphere

Attending a match at Lokomotiv Stadium guarantees an electrifying experience, with passionate fans creating a vibrant atmosphere that fuels the excitement on the pitch.

Record Attendances

Over the years, Lokomotiv Stadium has witnessed record-breaking attendances, highlighting its popularity among football enthusiasts.

Offering Unique Viewing Experiences

The stadium provides a range of seating options, including regular stadium seating, private suites, and even elevated sections for a different perspective on the game.

Iconic Matches

Lokomotiv Stadium has been the backdrop for numerous iconic matches, leaving a lasting impression on both players and spectators.

Excellent Acoustic Design

The stadium’s acoustic design ensures that the cheers and chants of the crowd resonate throughout the venue, adding to the overall passion and energy of the matches.

Panoramic Views

From certain areas of the stadium, spectators can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the city skyline, creating a picturesque backdrop for the football action.


In conclusion, Lokomotiv Stadium is not just a regular football stadium. It holds a rich history, architectural marvels, and unique features that make it stand out among other stadiums. From being the home ground of the prestigious Lokomotiv Moscow football club to hosting important matches and events, this stadium has become an iconic landmark in the city. Its state-of-the-art facilities, capacity to hold thousands of spectators, and green initiatives make it an environmentally friendly venue. Whether you are a football enthusiast or simply interested in exploring the world of sports, Lokomotiv Stadium is definitely worth a visit.


Q: How many seats does Lokomotiv Stadium have?

A: Lokomotiv Stadium has a seating capacity of approximately 28,800.

Q: Are tours available for visitors to explore the stadium?

A: Yes, guided tours are available for visitors to explore Lokomotiv Stadium. Visitors can get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the player’s tunnel, locker rooms, and other interesting areas of the stadium.

Q: Can I attend matches at Lokomotiv Stadium?

A: Yes, Lokomotiv Stadium regularly hosts football matches, and tickets are available for purchase. It is advisable to check the schedule and book your tickets in advance.

Q: Is Lokomotiv Stadium easily accessible by public transportation?

A: Yes, Lokomotiv Stadium is conveniently located near several metro stations, making it easily accessible by public transportation. Visitors can also opt for taxis or ride-sharing services to reach the stadium.

Q: Does Lokomotiv Stadium have any unique features?

A: Yes, Lokomotiv Stadium has a retractable roof, allowing matches to take place in various weather conditions. It also has a state-of-the-art digital scoreboard and LED lighting system that enhances the visual experience for spectators.

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