Deana Hazlett

Deana Hazlett

Published: 17 Sep 2023


The Carturesti Carusel Bookstore is a truly remarkable landmark that combines the love for literature with breathtaking architecture. Located in the heart of Bucharest, Romania, this enchanting bookstore mesmerizes visitors with its grandeur and unique charm. With its historical significance and captivating design, it has become a popular destination for bookworms and architecture enthusiasts alike.

In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Carturesti Carusel Bookstore and uncover sixteen captivating facts that make it a must-visit destination. From the origins of the building to its transformation into a literary oasis, we will explore the enchanting details that make this bookstore a cherished gem in the heart of the city. So, let’s embark on this literary journey and discover why Carturesti Carusel Bookstore is a true treasure for book lovers and architecture aficionados.

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A bookstore like no other

Carturesti Carusel Bookstore, located in the heart of Bucharest, Romania, is a haven for book lovers. With its stunning architecture and vast collection of books, it has gained worldwide recognition as one of the most beautiful and unique bookstores in the world.

A historical landmark

The building that houses Carturesti Carusel Bookstore is a historical landmark in itself. Built in the 19th century, it was originally a bank before being transformed into a bookstore in 2015.

Seven floors of literary delight

The bookstore spans an impressive seven floors, each filled with books of various genres and subjects. From bestsellers to rare finds, there is something to cater to every reader’s taste.

Architectural marvel

The stunning architecture of Carturesti Carusel Bookstore is a sight to behold. With its grand staircase, intricate moldings, and beautiful frescoes, every corner of the bookstore is a work of art.

Cultural hub

Carturesti Carusel Bookstore is not just a place for book shopping. It has become a cultural hub, hosting various events such as book launches, art exhibitions, and live performances.

A paradise for photographers

The unique aesthetics of the bookstore make it a favorite spot for photographers. From the elegant bookshelves to the natural light streaming through the windows, every angle offers a perfect photo opportunity.

Home to a cozy café

Within the bookstore, there is a cozy café where visitors can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while immersing themselves in their latest book purchase.

A haven for bookworms

Book lovers flock to Carturesti Carusel Bookstore to indulge in their passion for reading. The tranquil atmosphere and wide selection of books create an ideal environment for diving into a new literary adventure.

A destination for bibliophiles

Bibliophiles from all over the world make it a point to visit Carturesti Carusel Bookstore. Its reputation as a bibliophile’s paradise has only grown stronger over the years.

A blend of old and new

The bookstore seamlessly combines the old-world charm of its historical building with modern amenities, creating a unique and inviting space for book enthusiasts.

The largest bookstore in Bucharest

Carturesti Carusel Bookstore holds the distinction of being the largest bookstore in Bucharest, occupying a significant area in the city center.

A landmark for cultural preservation

The restoration of the building and its transformation into a bookstore symbolize the importance of preserving and promoting cultural heritage, making it a landmark for cultural preservation in Romania.

A place of inspiration

Carturesti Carusel Bookstore has become a source of inspiration for many aspiring writers and artists. It’s not uncommon to see creative individuals finding solace and creative stimulation within its walls.

A testament to the love for books

The establishment of Carturesti Carusel Bookstore reflects the enduring love and appreciation for books in an age where digital reading has become increasingly prevalent.

An architectural gem in the heart of Bucharest

Carturesti Carusel Bookstore is not just a bookstore; it is an architectural gem that adds to the beauty and charm of the city of Bucharest.

The epitome of a book lover’s dream

For any book lover, Carturesti Carusel Bookstore is the epitome of a dream come true. The combination of its vast collection, stunning architecture, and inviting ambience makes it a must-visit destination for those who have a deep appreciation for the written word.


Carturesti Carusel Bookstore is a truly enchanting place that captures the hearts of book lovers and architecture enthusiasts alike. With its rich history, captivating design, and vast collection of books, it has become a must-visit destination in Bucharest, Romania. Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in literature, explore unique spaces, or simply enjoy the tranquil ambiance, Carturesti Carusel offers an experience like no other.

Stepping into this remarkable bookstore feels like entering a world of wonder and imagination. From the grand spiral staircase to the meticulously curated bookshelves, every corner exudes beauty and charm. The store’s combination of art, culture, and literature creates an inviting and inspiring atmosphere.

It’s no wonder that Carturesti Carusel continues to leave an indelible mark on visitors from around the globe. Whether you’re a bookworm, an architecture enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates beauty, this bookstore promises an unforgettable experience.

So, if you find yourself in Bucharest, make sure to pay a visit to the mesmerizing Carturesti Carusel Bookstore. Get lost in its labyrinth of books, soak in the stunning architecture, and let the magic of this remarkable place transport you to a world of endless possibilities.


1. What is the history behind Carturesti Carusel Bookstore?

Carturesti Carusel is located in a historic building that dates back to the 19th century. It was initially built as a bank, but later transformed into a magnificent bookstore in 2015.

2. How many floors does Carturesti Carusel have?

The bookstore occupies a total of six floors, each one offering a unique experience for visitors.

3. What can I find in Carturesti Carusel Bookstore?

You can find a wide range of books in various genres, including literature, art, history, and more. Additionally, the store also offers unique gift items, stationery, and a selection of music and films.

4. Are there any cafes or restaurants in Carturesti Carusel?

Yes, there are cafes within the bookstore where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee or a delicious snack while surrounded by books.

5. Can I take pictures inside Carturesti Carusel Bookstore?

Yes, photography is allowed in the bookstore. Feel free to capture the enchanting atmosphere and share your experience with others.