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Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi is a renowned landmark that has played a significant role in the world of football. Located in Verona, Italy, this stadium holds a rich history and has witnessed numerous iconic moments in sports. From hosting top-tier football matches to welcoming passionate fans from around the world, Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi is more than just a sports venue; it’s a symbol of unity, competition, and sporting excellence.

In this article, we will delve into 14 fascinating facts about Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi, shedding light on its construction, architecture, notable events, and memorable matches. Whether you’re a football enthusiast, a fan of Italian culture, or simply someone interested in landmarks, this article will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this iconic stadium.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi is a historic stadium in Verona, Italy, home to two football clubs and known for its intense rivalries and iconic arch.
  • The stadium has a capacity of 39,211, hosted World Cup matches, and serves as a versatile venue for sports, concerts, and cultural events.
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Historic and Iconic

Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi is a historic and iconic stadium located in Verona, Italy. It has been a symbol of sporting prowess and passion for over five decades.

Home to Two Football Clubs

The stadium serves as the home ground for two prominent Italian football clubs, Hellas Verona and Chievo Verona, making it a hub of football excitement.

Capacity and Size

Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi boasts a seating capacity of approximately 39,211, providing an electric atmosphere for fans during matches.

Construction and Inauguration

The construction of the stadium began in 1962, and it was officially inaugurated on February 15, 1963, with a thrilling football match.

Named After a Legendary Player

The stadium was named in honor of Marc’Antonio Bentegodi, a former player and manager of Verona-based club Hellas Verona.

Significant Renovations

Over the years, the stadium has undergone significant renovations, ensuring modern facilities and amenities for both players and spectators.

Hosted World Cup Matches

Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi had the privilege to host matches during the 1990 FIFA World Cup, showcasing its international stature.

Prime Location

The stadium is located near the city center, allowing easy access for fans and offering stunning views of the surrounding Verona landscape.

Versatile Sporting Venue

In addition to football, Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi has also hosted other sporting events, including rugby matches and athletics competitions.

Concerts and Cultural Events

The stadium is not only a sports venue but also serves as a host for various concerts and cultural events, attracting artists and performers from around the world.

Intense Rivalries

Matches between Hellas Verona and Chievo Verona at Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi are known for their intense rivalries and passionate atmospheres.

Surrounding Sports Complex

The stadium is part of a larger sports complex that includes training grounds, practice fields, and facilities for athletes of all ages.

Monumental Arch

A striking feature of Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi is its monumental arch that stands tall, representing the legacy and grandeur of the stadium.

Unforgettable Moments

Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi has witnessed countless unforgettable moments of triumph, disappointment, joy, and heartache, etching its place in football history.

These 14 fascinating facts about Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi highlight its rich history, architectural marvel, and its significance as a sporting and cultural landmark. From hosting World Cup matches to witnessing fierce rivalries, this stadium has truly left an indelible mark on the world of sports. Whether you are a football enthusiast or a lover of music and culture, Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi has something to offer for everyone.


In conclusion, Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi is not just a stadium; it is a landmark rich in history, culture, and excitement. From its architectural design to the passionate fans who fill its stands, this stadium holds a special place in the hearts of many. Whether you are a football enthusiast or simply appreciate iconic landmarks, Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi is a must-visit destination. So, next time you find yourself in Verona, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the electric atmosphere and immerse yourself in the captivating world of this legendary stadium.


1. When was Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi built?

Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi was built in 1963 and has since become one of Italy’s most famous stadiums.

2. How many seats does Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi have?

The stadium has a seating capacity of approximately 39,211, making it a significant venue for football matches and events.

3. Which football teams play at Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi?

Both Hellas Verona and Chievo Verona play their home matches at Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi.

4. Can visitors take a tour of Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi?

Yes, visitors have the opportunity to take guided tours of the stadium, where they can explore the field, stands, and even the changing rooms.

5. Are there any other attractions near Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi?

Yes, Verona itself is a beautiful city with many attractions, such as the famous Verona Arena and Juliet’s House, which are located not far from the stadium.

6. Has Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi hosted any significant events?

Yes, the stadium has hosted several important football matches, including games during the 1990 FIFA World Cup and the 1980 UEFA European Championship.

7. Can I buy tickets for matches at Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi?

Yes, tickets for matches can be purchased online or at the stadium’s ticket office, depending on availability.

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