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Jagiellonian University, located in the enchanting city of Krakow, Poland, is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. With a rich history dating back to 1364, this renowned institution is an epitome of academic excellence and intellectual prowess. Over the centuries, Jagiellonian University has nurtured numerous brilliant minds and made significant contributions to various fields of study.

In this article, we will delve into 13 intriguing facts about Jagiellonian University that make it a remarkable and unique educational institution. From its royal roots to its iconic library and renowned alumni, these facts shed light on the university’s enduring legacy and its impact on the global academic community. So, let’s embark on a journey of discovery and uncover the fascinating secrets of Jagiellonian University.

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Founded in 1364

The Jagiellonian University was established in 1364 by King Casimir III the Great, making it the oldest university in Poland and one of the oldest in Central Europe. Since its inception, it has been at the forefront of academic innovation and has played an integral role in shaping intellectual discourse across various fields.

15 Faculties

With a diverse range of academic disciplines, the university comprises 15 faculties, covering fields such as humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and medical sciences. This extensive array of faculties allows students to pursue their interests and develop a well-rounded educational background.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

The university’s main building, Collegium Maius, is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in the late 14th century, it serves as a testament to the architectural beauty and historical significance of the institution.

Home to Copernicus

Jagiellonian University can proudly claim Nicolaus Copernicus, the renowned astronomer who proposed the heliocentric model of the solar system, as one of its notable alumni. His groundbreaking scientific contributions continue to inspire and shape our understanding of the universe.

International Student Community

Jagiellonian University has a vibrant international community, with students from various countries around the globe. This multicultural environment fosters international collaboration and provides students with a unique opportunity to broaden their perspectives and build global connections.

Strong Research Focus

The university is renowned for its strong emphasis on research and innovation. It actively promotes a culture of intellectual inquiry and supports groundbreaking research projects across a wide range of disciplines.

Notable Nobel Laureates

Jagiellonian University takes pride in its association with several Nobel laureates who have been affiliated with the institution. Their pioneering work in fields such as chemistry, physics, and medicine exemplifies the university’s commitment to academic excellence.

Historical Library Collections

The university’s library houses a vast collection of rare and valuable manuscripts and books, some dating back centuries. These historical treasures offer students and researchers unparalleled access to a wealth of knowledge and contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage.

Halls of Famous Scholars

Over the centuries, the university has been a gathering place for many famous scholars, intellectuals, and artists. The likes of Karol Wojty?a (Pope John Paul II) and Kazimierz Twardowski have left a lasting impact on the institution and the world through their groundbreaking ideas and accomplishments.

Language of Instruction

The primary language of instruction at Jagiellonian University is Polish. However, in recent years, the university has expanded its offerings to include several programs taught in English, further attracting a diverse range of international students.

Renowned Medical School

The university’s Medical College is highly regarded for its medical programs and research efforts. It has gained international recognition for its contributions to medical advancements and the training of skilled healthcare professionals.

Vibrant Student Life

Jagiellonian University boasts a lively and culturally rich student life. Numerous student organizations, clubs, and events create a thriving atmosphere, facilitating personal growth, social interactions, and the exploration of diverse interests.

Continuing Academic Excellence

Throughout its long history, Jagiellonian University has maintained its commitment to academic excellence and the pursuit of knowledge. It continues to be a leading institution in education and research, preparing students to excel in their chosen fields and contribute to society.

These 13 intriguing facts about Jagiellonian University provide a glimpse into the incredible legacy and contributions of this esteemed institution. Whether it is its rich historical backdrop, renowned alumni, or vibrant academic community, the university remains committed to fostering intellectual growth and pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

If you are considering pursuing higher education, the Jagiellonian University stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and the opportunities it can bring. With its long-standing reputation and world-class programs, it offers a pathway to a successful and fulfilling academic journey.


In conclusion, Jagiellonian University is a fascinating institution with a rich history and many interesting facts. From its founding in the 14th century to its renowned alumni and impressive library collection, the university has established itself as a prestigious academic institution in Poland and across the globe. With a diverse range of faculties and programs, Jagiellonian University continues to attract students and researchers from all over the world. Whether you are interested in history, culture, or cutting-edge academic studies, this top-ranked university offers something for everyone. Explore the campus, embrace the vibrant student life, and uncover the many intriguing facts that make Jagiellonian University a truly unique place of learning.


Q: When was Jagiellonian University founded?

A: Jagiellonian University was founded in 1364, making it one of the oldest universities in the world.

Q: What are some notable alumni of Jagiellonian University?

A: Some notable alumni of Jagiellonian University include Nicolaus Copernicus, the astronomer who formulated the heliocentric theory, and Andrzej Schally, a Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine.

Q: How many faculties does Jagiellonian University have?

A: Jagiellonian University has 16 faculties, which offer a wide range of academic programs and disciplines.

Q: Does Jagiellonian University have a library?

A: Yes, Jagiellonian University boasts a vast library collection, with over 6 million volumes, including valuable manuscripts and rare books.

Q: What is the ranking of Jagiellonian University?

A: Jagiellonian University consistently ranks among the top universities in Poland and is widely recognized for its academic excellence.