Kit Almaguer

Kit Almaguer

Published: 22 Sep 2023


The Oceanarium Bournemouth is a mesmerizing marine exhibit located in Bournemouth, England. This popular tourist attraction offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating world of marine life from around the globe. With its stunning displays and immersive exhibits, the Oceanarium Bournemouth provides an unforgettable experience for individuals of all ages.

In this article, we will delve into 12 enigmatic facts about the Oceanarium Bournemouth that will undoubtedly pique your curiosity. From the diverse range of species housed within its walls to its commitment to conservation and education, the Oceanarium Bournemouth is much more than just an aquarium. So, prepare to be amazed as we uncover the hidden wonders and secrets of this captivating landmark.

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A mesmerizing underwater tunnel

One of the highlights of Oceanarium Bournemouth is its incredible underwater tunnel. Featuring a transparent walkway surrounded by a breathtaking 360-degree view of aquatic life, visitors are immersed in the underwater world.

Home to over 1,000 marine animals

Oceanarium Bournemouth is a haven for marine life enthusiasts, boasting a diverse collection of over 1,000 fascinating creatures. From tropical fish to sharks and penguins, there is a wide variety of species to discover.

Interactive feeding sessions

Visitors have the opportunity to witness and even participate in feeding sessions at Oceanarium Bournemouth. Watch in awe as the dedicated staff feed the sea turtles, otters, and other marine animals, providing an educational and engaging experience.

The excitement of a virtual dive

Oceanarium Bournemouth offers visitors the chance to experience a virtual dive. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, you can immerse yourself in the depths of the ocean without getting wet, encountering majestic sea creatures along the way.

Spectacular displays and habitats

Each exhibit in Oceanarium Bournemouth is meticulously designed to replicate the natural habitats of its inhabitants. From the Amazon rainforest to the Great Barrier Reef, these displays provide an enriching and educational experience for visitors.

The beauty of the Oceanarium at night

Oceanarium Bournemouth offers special evening events where visitors can explore the aquarium after dark. Witness the enchanting marine life illuminated by mesmerizing underwater lights, adding an extra element of magic to the experience.

Conservation efforts and education

Oceanarium Bournemouth is dedicated to raising awareness about marine conservation. They actively participate in various research and conservation programs, aiming to protect and preserve the fragile ecosystems and promote sustainable practices.

Behind-the-scenes tours

For those seeking a deeper understanding of the operations and care of the marine animals, Oceanarium Bournemouth offers behind-the-scenes tours. Discover the inner workings of the aquarium and witness firsthand the dedication of the staff.

Educational programs for schools

Oceanarium Bournemouth provides educational programs for schools, offering a unique and interactive way for students to learn about marine life and conservation. These programs aim to inspire future generations to protect our oceans and the creatures that inhabit them.

VIP experience with animal encounters

Experience the ultimate adventure at Oceanarium Bournemouth with their VIP animal encounters. Get up close and personal with some of the marine inhabitants, such as seals and sharks, under the guidance of trained professionals.

Oceanarium Bournemouth’s commitment to sustainability

Oceanarium Bournemouth takes sustainability seriously and is committed to green practices. They actively work to reduce environmental impact through energy conservation, waste reduction, and promoting eco-friendly alternatives.

A perfect venue for events

With its stunning ocean views and unique ambiance, Oceanarium Bournemouth serves as a picturesque venue for events. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate function, or special celebration, the combination of nature and elegance creates an unforgettable experience.

In conclusion, Oceanarium Bournemouth offers an enchanting experience for visitors of all ages. From the mesmerizing underwater tunnel to the interactive feeding sessions, this attraction showcases the wonders of the marine world. With its commitment to conservation and educational initiatives, Oceanarium Bournemouth is not only a place of entertainment but also a platform for raising awareness about the importance of protecting our oceans. Plan your visit to Oceanarium Bournemouth and be captivated by the beauty and diversity of marine life.


In conclusion, Oceanarium Bournemouth is a fascinating destination filled with enchanting marine life and unique experiences. From its mesmerizing underwater tunnels to its diverse range of exhibits, visitors are sure to be captivated by the wonders of the ocean. Whether you are a marine enthusiast or simply looking for a fun day out, Oceanarium Bournemouth offers an unforgettable journey into the depths of the sea.With its commitment to conservation and education, the Oceanarium not only provides entertainment but also plays a vital role in raising awareness about the importance of protecting our marine ecosystems. As you explore the various exhibits and learn about the remarkable creatures that inhabit our seas, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty and fragility of the ocean.So, if you’re looking for an adventure that will leave you both amazed and enlightened, make sure to visit Oceanarium Bournemouth. Immerse yourself in the underwater world and embark on a truly enigmatic experience.


1. Where is Oceanarium Bournemouth located?

Oceanarium Bournemouth is located on Pier Approach, right on the seafront of Bournemouth, Dorset, England.

2. What are the opening hours of Oceanarium Bournemouth?

The opening hours of Oceanarium Bournemouth vary depending on the season. It is best to check their official website for the most up-to-date information.

3. Can I buy tickets for Oceanarium Bournemouth online?

Yes, you can purchase tickets for Oceanarium Bournemouth online through their official website or other trusted ticketing platforms.

4. Are there any discounts available for tickets?

Oceanarium Bournemouth often offers discounted tickets for children, students, seniors, and family groups. Keep an eye out for special promotions and offers.

5. Is photography allowed inside the Oceanarium?

Yes, photography is allowed inside the Oceanarium. However, the use of flash may be restricted in certain areas to ensure the well-being of the marine animals.

6. Are there any interactive exhibits or activities for children?

Absolutely! Oceanarium Bournemouth has interactive exhibits and activities designed specifically for children, including touch pools, feeding demonstrations, and educational talks.

7. Is there a café or restaurant available at Oceanarium Bournemouth?

Yes, there is a café located within the Oceanarium where visitors can enjoy a selection of refreshments and light meals with beautiful views of the sea.

8. Can I host special events or private functions at Oceanarium Bournemouth?

Yes, Oceanarium Bournemouth offers event spaces for private functions, weddings, and corporate events. Contact their events team for more information and availability.

9. Is Oceanarium Bournemouth accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, Oceanarium Bournemouth is wheelchair accessible, and they provide facilities and services to accommodate visitors with disabilities. Please contact the Oceanarium for specific accessibility inquiries.

10. Can I bring my own food and drinks into Oceanarium Bournemouth?

Outside food and drinks are not permitted inside the Oceanarium. However, there is a designated picnic area nearby where you can enjoy your own refreshments.