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Published: 27 Sep 2023

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Fidelity Bank Nigeria is a prominent financial institution that has been making waves in the Nigerian banking industry for several years. With its commitment to innovation, excellent customer service, and robust banking solutions, Fidelity Bank has earned a stellar reputation and a loyal customer base.In this article, we will explore 10 astounding facts about Fidelity Bank Nigeria that highlight its achievements, contributions to the economy, and commitment to social responsibility. From its humble beginnings to its impressive expansion, Fidelity Bank has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the Nigerian banking landscape.So, if you’re eager to learn more about this remarkable bank and how it has grown into one of Nigeria’s leading financial institutions, keep reading to discover these fascinating facts that exemplify Fidelity Bank’s success and influence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fidelity Bank Nigeria is a top financial institution known for its digital focus, customer-centric approach, and commitment to social responsibility, making it a trusted and respected player in the country’s banking sector.
  • With a strong emphasis on innovation, customer satisfaction, and financial inclusion, Fidelity Bank Nigeria continues to set the bar for excellence in the industry, providing a wide range of banking products and services to its customers.
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Fidelity Bank Nigeria is one of the leading financial institutions in the country.

With its headquarters in Lagos, Fidelity Bank is renowned for its excellent service and commitment to customer satisfaction.

The bank was established in 1988.

Since its inception, Fidelity Bank has grown steadily and expanded its presence across Nigeria, providing a wide range of financial products and services to its customers.

Fidelity Bank has a strong focus on digital banking.

Recognizing the importance of technology in today’s world, Fidelity Bank has invested heavily in digital platforms to enhance the banking experience for its customers.

The bank is known for its innovative and customer-centric approach.

Fidelity Bank has a reputation for introducing innovative solutions and services that cater to the evolving needs of its customers, ensuring convenience and efficiency in their banking activities.

Fidelity Bank places a high emphasis on corporate social responsibility.

The bank actively participates in various philanthropic initiatives, supporting education, healthcare, and community development projects across Nigeria.

The bank has a strong commitment to promoting financial inclusion.

Fidelity Bank is dedicated to providing access to financial services to the unbanked and underbanked population in Nigeria, contributing to the nation’s economic growth and development.

Fidelity Bank has received numerous awards for its outstanding performance.

Over the years, Fidelity Bank has been recognized and honored with several prestigious awards in various categories, including customer service, innovation, and corporate social responsibility.

The bank has a widespread network of branches and ATMs.

Fidelity Bank has a vast presence across Nigeria, with numerous branches and ATMs strategically located to ensure easy accessibility for its customers.

The bank offers a range of banking products and services.

From personal banking to corporate banking, Fidelity Bank provides a comprehensive range of financial solutions, including savings accounts, loans, investments, and treasury services.

Fidelity Bank is committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance.

The bank operates with integrity and transparency, adhering to strict principles and guidelines to ensure the trust and confidence of its stakeholders.


Fidelity Bank Nigeria is undoubtedly one of the leading financial institutions in the country. With a rich history, innovative services, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Fidelity Bank has carved a niche for itself in the banking industry. From its extensive branch network to its cutting-edge digital platforms, the bank continues to provide convenience, security, and personalized financial solutions to millions of Nigerians.With a strong focus on corporate social responsibility, Fidelity Bank has also made significant contributions to the development of various sectors of the Nigerian economy. Through initiatives aimed at promoting education, entrepreneurship, and social welfare, the bank has positively impacted communities across the nation.As Fidelity Bank Nigeria continues to thrive in a dynamic and competitive banking landscape, it remains committed to its core values of integrity, professionalism, and excellence. With its customer-centric approach, innovative products, and dedication to social impact, Fidelity Bank will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the future of the Nigerian banking industry.


1. How many branches does Fidelity Bank Nigeria have?

Fidelity Bank Nigeria has a wide network of over 250 branches across the country.

2. What are the digital platforms offered by Fidelity Bank?

Fidelity Bank offers a range of digital platforms, including online banking, mobile banking, and a fully featured banking app, providing customers with convenient and secure access to their accounts.

3. Does Fidelity Bank Nigeria offer corporate banking services?

Yes, Fidelity Bank Nigeria provides a comprehensive suite of corporate banking services, including corporate loans, trade finance, treasury management, and cash management solutions.

4. What are some of the corporate social responsibility initiatives undertaken by Fidelity Bank Nigeria?

Fidelity Bank Nigeria is actively involved in various CSR initiatives, including educational support programs, skills acquisition initiatives, healthcare interventions, and environmental sustainability projects.

5. How can I contact Fidelity Bank Nigeria’s customer service?

You can reach Fidelity Bank Nigeria’s customer service through their 24/7 contact center at +234 1 448 5252 or via email at

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