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Aksaray, a captivating city located in the heart of Turkey, is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Steeped in rich history and boasting a vibrant culture, this remarkable destination offers a myriad of experiences for visitors to enjoy. From its ancient archaeological sites to its picturesque landscapes, Aksaray has something for everyone.

In this article, we will uncover 40 fascinating facts about Aksaray – its history, architecture, cuisine, and more. Whether you are planning a visit to this enchanting city or simply want to expand your knowledge, join us as we delve into the lesser-known aspects of Aksaray. Get ready to embark on a virtual journey and discover the wonders that await in this remarkable Turkish city.

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Aksaray is a city located in central Turkey.

Aksaray, often referred to as the “Land of the White Horses,” is a historic and culturally rich city in the heart of Turkey.

Aksaray was founded in ancient times.

The city has a long and storied history, with evidence of human settlement dating back to the Bronze Age.

Aksaray has a population of over 400,000 people.

With a thriving population, Aksaray is a bustling city that offers a vibrant blend of tradition and modernity.

The city is famous for its unique rock formations.

Aksaray is home to stunning landscapes, including the renowned “Fairy Chimneys” formed by volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago.

Aksaray is a popular tourist destination.

Visitors from around the world are drawn to Aksaray’s rich cultural heritage, historical sites, and natural beauty.

The city has a Mediterranean climate.

Aksaray experiences hot summers and mild winters, making it an ideal destination for outdoor activities and exploration.

Aksaray is known for its delicious cuisine.

The city offers a wide range of traditional Turkish dishes, including mouthwatering kebabs, baklava, and Turkish tea.

Aksaray is home to the ancient city of Nora.

Nora, an archaeological site near Aksaray, showcases the ruins of a once-thriving Roman city and is a must-visit for history enthusiasts.

Aksaray is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes.

From picturesque valleys to enchanting lakes, Aksaray offers a wealth of natural wonders to explore and enjoy.

The city has a rich carpet-weaving tradition.

Aksaray is famous for its intricate and beautifully crafted carpets, which are prized both locally and internationally.

Aksaray is home to several historic mosques.

The city boasts stunning architectural gems, including the impressive Sultan Han? Mosque and the Aya Nikola Church.

Aksaray hosts various cultural festivals throughout the year.

From music and dance festivals to art and food exhibitions, there are numerous opportunities to immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture.

The city has a vibrant bazaar.

The Aksaray Bazaar is a bustling marketplace where visitors can explore a wide array of goods, from spices and textiles to handmade crafts.

Aksaray is known for its thermal baths.

The city boasts several natural hot springs and bathhouses, which offer a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Aksaray is a significant transportation hub.

With its central location, Aksaray serves as a vital transportation link connecting various regions of Turkey.

The city celebrates its annual Cherry Festival.

The Cherry Festival is a vibrant celebration of the region’s cherry harvest, featuring delicious cherry-themed dishes and live entertainment.

Aksaray is home to the Aksaray University.

The city is proud to have a reputable institution of higher education, offering a wide range of academic programs.

Aksaray has a thriving agricultural sector.

The fertile plains surrounding the city are ideal for cultivating crops such as wheat, barley, and legumes.

The city is deeply rooted in Hittite history.

Aksaray was once an important center of the ancient Hittite civilization, with ruins and artifacts serving as testimony to its rich past.

Aksaray is an ideal base for exploring the Cappadocia region.

The city’s strategic location makes it a perfect starting point to discover the incredible landscapes and cave dwellings of Cappadocia.

Aksaray is renowned for its traditional handicrafts.

Skilled artisans in Aksaray create exquisite pottery, rugs, and textiles using age-old techniques passed down through generations.

Aksaray has a rich cultural heritage.

From ancient civilizations to Ottoman influences, the city proudly showcases its diverse historical legacy.

Aksaray is home to unique underground cities.

The region is famous for its intricate subterranean complexes, offering a glimpse into the fascinating underground civilizations of the past.

Aksaray is known for its hospitality.

The locals in Aksaray are known for their warm and welcoming nature, ensuring visitors feel right at home.

The city offers breathtaking viewpoints.

From the top of the Uçhisar Castle to the panoramic vistas of Mount Hasan, Aksaray provides spectacular views that leave a lasting impression.

Aksaray has a vibrant sports culture.

The city boasts various sports clubs and facilities, with football being particularly popular among the locals.

Aksaray is renowned for its traditional folk dances.

The region is known for its lively dances, including the famous “horon,” which is a captivating and energetic performance.

Aksaray is home to the Aksaray Museum.

The museum exhibits a wide range of artifacts and artworks, providing insight into the rich history and culture of the region.

The city has a strong sense of community.

Community events and gatherings play an essential role in uniting the people of Aksaray and fostering a sense of belonging.

Aksaray is famous for its apricots.

The region’s fertile soil and favorable climate result in delicious apricots, which are widely celebrated and enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Aksaray hosts an annual Stone and Sculpture Symposium.

This event brings together talented artists who showcase their impressive works of art created from stone and other materials.

Aksaray is surrounded by magnificent historical sites.

From the ancient city of Aspendos to the breathtaking Ihlara Valley, there are countless historical treasures to explore in the vicinity of Aksaray.

The city offers a wide range of outdoor activities.

From hiking and trekking to hot air balloon rides and horseback riding, there is no shortage of adventurous pursuits in Aksaray.

Aksaray is a melting pot of different cultures.

The city’s diverse population brings together various cultural influences, creating a vibrant tapestry of traditions, languages, and cuisines.

Aksaray is an excellent destination for stargazing.

The clear night skies of Aksaray offer mesmerizing views of the stars and are a delight for astronomy enthusiasts.

Aksaray is famous for its traditional handcrafted rugs.

The fine art of rug weaving has been passed down through generations, and the city is renowned for its exquisite carpets and kilims.

Aksaray is home to the ancient city of K?z?lören.

K?z?lören, with its well-preserved remains and historical significance, offers a captivating glimpse into ancient Anatolian civilization.

Aksaray is known for its vibrant music scene.

The city has a thriving music culture, ranging from traditional folk music to contemporary genres, with numerous concerts and events taking place throughout the year.

Aksaray is famous for its traditional handicrafts.

Skilled artisans in Aksaray create exquisite pottery, rugs, and textiles using age-old techniques passed down through generations.

Aksaray offers a blend of old and new.

From ancient historical sites to modern shopping centers, Aksaray seamlessly combines tradition and progress, making it a truly unique destination.


Aksaray is a fascinating city with a rich history and a vibrant culture. From its ancient artifacts to its unique natural wonders, there is no shortage of intriguing facts about this enchanting destination. Whether you are a history buff, a nature lover, or simply curious about different cultures, Aksaray has something to offer everyone. So pack your bags and get ready to explore the hidden gems of this remarkable city. With its warm hospitality and diverse attractions, Aksaray is bound to leave you with unforgettable memories and a desire to return. Start planning your trip to Aksaray today and discover why it is a must-visit destination in Turkey.


1. What is the best time to visit Aksaray?

The best time to visit Aksaray is during the spring and autumn months, when the weather is mild and pleasant. Temperatures are generally comfortable, allowing you to explore the outdoor attractions without excessive heat or cold.

2. Are there any historical sites to visit in Aksaray?

Aksaray is home to several fascinating historical sites, including the ancient city of Nora and the Seljuk Caravanserai. These sites offer a glimpse into the rich history of the region and are perfect for history enthusiasts.

3. What natural attractions can I explore in Aksaray?

Aksaray is blessed with stunning natural beauty, including the renowned Sultan Marshes and the Ihlara Valley. These natural wonders are ideal for hiking, birdwatching, and capturing breathtaking photographs.

4. Are there any traditional dishes to try in Aksaray?

Aksaray is known for its delicious cuisine. Don’t miss the opportunity to try local delicacies such as Aksaray meatballs, stuffed grape leaves, and baklava. These dishes are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

5. What are some nearby attractions to explore from Aksaray?

If you have extra time, consider visiting the nearby Cappadocia region, famous for its fairy chimneys and underground cities. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is just a short drive away from Aksaray.