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Dubai is one of the most progressive and promising cities in the world. In addition, the quality of life in the city is at the highest level, both for natives and visitors. Many seek to move to Dubai and continue their lives there. However, purchasing real estate in this location is a complex and ambiguous process and requires certain knowledge and understanding of the market. Therefore, a good decision would be to find out all the details in advance or contact a reliable, trusted company that will help you with buying properties in The Crescent.

Pros of Buying Property in Dubai

Today, the price of real estate in Dubai is average; over time, it will only grow. This invests square meters in the UAE as promising as possible. If you choose apartments or commercial premises in a tourist or business city, you may earn many times more than you originally invested.

Advantages of owning real estate in Dubai:

  • The possibility of obtaining a resident visa for five years.
  • Rest by the sea at prestigious, comfortable resorts in your own home.
  • Rent out space to generate income.

Reliable developers in the UAE offer to invest in ready-made properties or dwell on options under construction. It all depends on personal needs and opportunities. Many foreign investors choose objects under construction because square meters in them are noticeably cheaper than in houses that have already been commissioned.

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Direction Prospects

Currently, the UAE authorities are doing everything possible to attract foreign capital. Therefore, the cost of real estate is at adequate levels, and the choice of objects is wide. There are no taxes on the purchase and sale of apartments – it is enough to pay the registration fee. If the fate is that non-residents in most world countries pay about 30% tax when making a transaction, the savings are huge.

Apartments in The Crescent or other popular complexes will bring an excellent return to the owner. The minimum rental income in good areas is about 5%, and options exist for 8-10%. You can always sell real estate – a meter’s price is growing yearly; if you buy at the construction stage and sell it in 5-10 years in a finished complex, you can make good money.

In the UAE, the scheme for buying hotel rooms is in demand. Many hotels are selling their apartments to attract additional investment in construction. Subsequently, the owner can rent out the space to receive passive income.

It will be convenient for foreign investors to act through intermediaries. Today, remote inspections of objects and the conclusion of purchase and sale transactions by proxy through a realtor are possible.

The advantages of buying an apartment in Dubai are more than enough.

Construction in the city does not stop. It is constantly being built. Therefore, problems with the acquisition of housing will not arise. It is enough to invest in construction so that you later become a real estate owner in a respectable area after a couple of years.

The government in Dubai is doing everything possible to attract investors. Therefore, the cost of apartments here is quite attractive. In addition, there are no property taxes. This also applies to buying and selling. You only need to pay the registration fee.

It is also worth highlighting the minimum cost of acquiring real estate in Dubai. Everyone is guaranteed a high return on such investments. The minimum income from buying and renting an apartment is five percent. If you have chosen a more respectable area, then in this case, the profit can be even more generous – up to eight percent.

Everyone will be able to ensure that buying property in Dubai is profitable. In addition, it is incredibly beautiful here. There is an opportunity to relax from the hustle and bustle, contemplating the beautiful seascapes.

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Property Type

Before selecting, determine the purpose of the purchase – either for living or renting. Regardless of the choice, investments are likely to be lucrative, making it a profitable endeavor.

For families with children, cottage areas are the ideal option, while trendy areas are better suited for rent. Such places attract a lot of tourists but can be very noisy. Additionally, there are numerous entertainment venues available, though often predominantly frequented by people looking for adventure and fun.

Why you should seek assistance

The Dubai market is replete with many different offers from various developers. Experienced specialists will help you choose the most suitable option and tell you all the details about a particular developer, apartment, etc.

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