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water cycle facts

The water cycle is a fascinating and crucial process that ensures the continuous movement of water on Earth, from the sky to the earth’s surface and back again. It plays a vital role in maintaining the planet’s weather patterns and supporting life in all its forms. Here are 10 water cycle facts that highlight the importance and complexity of this process.

  1. Definition: A process of condensation, infiltration, run-off, evaporation, precipitation and transpiration
  2. Other name: The hydrologic cycle
  3. Composition: 3% of the water in the water cycle isn’t saltwater
  4. Renewable: No. Water is one of the few resources that can’t be created by man
  5. Driving Force: Sun is the driving force of the entire water cycle
  6. Effect: Changes in the state of the water cycle cause changes in energy in the atmosphere
  7. Aquifers: The name given to underground chambers that store water
  8. Storage: Water is stored in the earth’s surface or in ice caps or glaciers
  9. Supply: The water cycle is something that is limited – we don’t have an endless supply
  10. Composition: Water in the cycle is made up of two elements, hydrogen and oxygen. Its chemical formula is H2O
  1. Nature: The Water Cycle Helps to Regulate the Earth’s Temperature
  2. Science: The Chemicals We Use Affect the Water Cycle
  3. Science: Water Exists in More than One State in the Water Cycle
  4. Nature: Changes in Climate mean Changes in the Water Cycle
  5. Experiment: You Can Create Your Own Mini Water Cycle
  1. Our Cycle of Water can Be Much Older than You Think
  2. We Could Be Drinking the Same Water Dinosaurs Drank
  3. The Water Cycle Only Creates 1% Useable Water for Humans
  4. Plants Sweat, just like Humans!
  5. Every Loaf of Bread we Eat Takes 570 Gallons of Water from the Water Cycle – Industry Can’t Survive Without It
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