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Published: 05 Jun 2024

19 Top Sources for Purchasing Instagram Likes

Today, Instagram has billions of users from all over the world, and the amount of content uploaded on Instagram is huge, with millions of posts being uploaded on a daily basis. As it is an era of globalization, content uploaded from one part of the world can reach another part of the world just within minutes, and Instagram is one of the mediums.

But does the number of posts have to do something with the number of likes? No, not really. One user might have hundreds of posts and a total of a thousand likes, and the other might just have thousands of likes on a single post. Instagram cannot be blamed for it because it is just a platform where people upload their content.

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Recommended Sites To Purchase Instagram Likes (Safe & Legit)

1.  BuySocialMediaMarketing

2.  BuzzVoice

3.  SocialShaft

We recommend BuySocialMediaMarketing for a reason that it brings Instagram Likes from real people and real IG Accounts, it increases the engagement with high quality instagram users and never fails in delivering their services. 100% Real likes are delivered. Moreover, you can have a free trial of 20 Likes.

Highly Recommended

⭐ Customer Rating for BuySocialMediaMarketing is 4.88/5 (rated by 3008 clients)

BuzzVoice offers growth being approximately 80% more powerful than other service providing platforms. It has been observed that in comparison to other sites BuzzVoice has designed the lowest package at a very affordable price of $0.99 offering 25 Likes.

⭐ Customer Reviews for BuzzVoice are 5/5 (rated by 5580 clients)

SocialShaft is the choice to go for if you are looking for Free Trial as it claims to provide 50 Free Likes. Free Trial is a big help to understand the kind of strategies you need to adopt while purchasing Instagram Likes.

⭐ It is rated 5/5 by 3683 verified customers

Why Buy Instagram Likes?

Let’s suppose you create a video that is really great, the content matches the intent of other users, it has great quality, and your photos are stunning, but still you are getting only a few likes. Has this ever happened to you?

You feel like all of your hard work and your efforts went in vain; it is useless to work on your Instagram posts. But no wait! Have you heard about purchasing Instagram likes?

Don’t tell me you have not come across it because many of the bloggers and high-follower accounts get their Instagram likes from no other sources but by going for the option of top sources for purchasing instagram likes.

Why do you post on Instagram? Of course, to get likes, to be adored by people, and to increase your fan following, you end up with unexpectedly lower likes, and you don’t feel right. If you want to increase your Instagram likes, then this is the only and easiest way. No matter how great you do it, this will never make a difference unless your post gets the most likes.

There are a number of sites that sell Instagram likes, and we have picked the 19 top sources for purchasing Instagram likes for you guys that are the safest.

Top 19 Websites To Buy Instagram Likes From

Well, before discussing the top sources for Instagram likes, it is significant to know about organic engagement and paid engagement. Organic engagement is when the audience reaches your post organically, and it is the best form, whereas in paid traffic, you purchase the traffic for your content.

Here are the top 19 sources for purchasing Instagram likes, and they are recommended by the experts as having more than a million followers.

1. BuySocialMediaMarketing


The BuySocialMediaMarketing website will do wonders for your Instagram account. They provide you with high-quality services at considerably low prices. You can invest in the growth of your Instagram account by wearing a blindfold on your eyes when it comes to this website because they claim guaranteed results.

You can check their prices and buy at:

The customer support team at buysocialmediamarketing is very cooperative, and they will respond to you right away. The prices are extremely cheap and the services are quality guaranteed. It works like your companion, which enables many opportunities for your Instagram business.


  • Guaranteed results.
  • Performs well.
  • Very cheap prices.
  • Keep their promises.


  • None.

2. BuzzVoice


Are you looking for an increase in likes on your Instagram posts? Or are you thinking about how to increase your Instagram followers? BuzzVoice is the choice for you if your answer to my questions is yes.

It provides an extra boost for increasing the love and audience on your Instagram accounts. Overall, if you see the ranking, BuzzVoice is ranked #1 for providing its services to increase the growth of social media platforms.

To check their packages, visit:


  • Quick, reliable, and fast delivery.
  • Excellent customer service.


  •  They do not have any chatbots.

3. SocialShaft


SocialShaft provides the fastest service, and some users claim that it does the job within a couple of minutes. You will start getting likes, comments, video views, and a sudden increase in the number of followers just within an hour, and that is the maximum wait.

Once the payment is made, they start the process of providing their service quickly. Buyers name it a genuine site because their experience with SocialShaft went really great. They have experienced personnel to deal with the customers.



  • Customer service is available at all times.
  • Quick service.
  • There are no daily limit restrictions.


  • There is a limit to getting likes on older posts.

4. SocialPlus


SocialPlus offers the best strategies for the growth of Instagram. Its services are considered the best because they have an experience of more than a decade in this field now. They have become experts through trial and error. Practice makes things perfect, and it implies the same in this regard.

When you buy their packages, you have not just opted to increase the growth of your account but you are unlocking a bundle of opportunities for you. SocialPlus helps you to succeed in long-term plans because once you invest you have opened the window of perks for you. It is likely that instagram will promote your content to even more audiences.

They have a great number of satisfied customers.

Grab their services now:


  • Highest quality promotions.
  • Experienced.
  • Helps in rapid growth.


  •  Some buyers claimed that the users went down with the time.

5. Stormlikes


Stormlikes is another state of the art platform where you can buy genuine instagram likes that come from real human users. They provide one of the best services and get the job done with real instagram followers.

The followers stromlikes will provide will like your photos videos and share them with other instagram users. It is one of the best place to buy likes for Instagram.

To see their packages, visit:


  • Genuine instagram followers
  • Accepts all type of payment methods
  • Fast and elegant services


  • The site might now work sometimes, they have given alternatives for it.

6. Views4You


Views4You is another amazing website for buying Instagram followers. It is one of the best sources for purchasing Instagram likes.

If you are looking to quickly gain a huge amount of followers in a short time, this is the website for you. There are many amazing services at very cheap prices. You can get 50 followers for only one dollar.

Your real Instagram followers are just one click away. Buy Instagram followers from Views4You to achieve your target. With the services of Views4You, all you need to do is sit back and watch how it works within a short time to get you the followers you want.

For more info, visit:


  • Very cheap prices
  • Real likes from real Instagram users
  • Does your job take time?


  •  There is no guarantee of followers.

7. Instamama


Well, if you are looking for the most organized platform for Instagram followers, then Instagram is the one. As most of the platforms create ghost accounts specifically for the client, although Instamama doesn’t do that, they provide followers from the accounts of real and genuine users.

Instamama delivers real and active Instagram followers through social media ads, which is without a doubt the best way to get Instagram followers. They have more than 10 plans that you can choose from to achieve your Instagram business goal. It is one of the best sources to buy Instagram followers.

You can buy at:


  • They have the best customer service.
  • Friendlyuser interface
  • There are more than 10 plans you can pursue with
  • Real and active Instagram followers


  • Might be more expensive than the others.

8. Famoid


Famoid is considered the master of Instagram followers; in fact, he is the master of every social media service. You can reach your Instagram goals using some of the state-of-the art plans with a secure payment method.

Famous provides instant delivery and gradual improvement in your Instagram followers and likes. They have the best customer service that will assist you from time to time. So if you are looking to get Instagram followers from a prominent and authentic platform, Famoid is the one to follow.

To avail the service:


  • Clients favorite
  • Quick services
  • Best customer service availability
  • Genuine Instagram followers


  •  There is no free trial available.

9. Twicsy


Twicsy is considered as the best provider for Instagram Likes and we can not doubt it as it provides the best service to its customers.

There are sites that offer growth for many other social media platforms as well but Twicsy is focused on providing growth services particularly for Instagram. What is even more interesting is that their likes come from the real IG accounts and not by bots so this service makes it the safest choice.

Twicsy also offers Premium likes along with the real likes. Premium likes are the ones which come from the real IG accounts who post regularly so likes coming from them provides a little great authority to your account. Availing the service of Twicsy is super easy and the prices are quite affordable. It offers diverse packages ranging from 50 – 1000 likes. Moreover, you are not bound to use that package for one post only but the likes can be distributed to different posts – the very  best quality of Twicsy services.

Buy Now:


  • Real likes from real accounts.
  • Offers free video views.
  • Brings larger Audience.


  • Risk of getting fake followers.

10. Buzzoid


The reason for Buzzoid being on number two is its great service at prices cheaper than Twicsy.

In the view of this fact, it is considered more affordable . They have excellent growth services and a great choice if you are thinking of buying real instagram likes.

They have experience of over more than 10 years in this field so they are regarded as the most experienced. Just like Twicsy, once you buy the package, you get the option for splitting the likes over your other posts. Buzzoid can increase your likes from 50 up to 10,000  (rapidly or slowly depending upon the choice you make). They offer Premium likes with a little more charge not only for the large businesses and most followed influencers but also for the small businesses who need to boost their audience engagement.



  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Instant Service Delivery.
  • Real Likes from authentic users.


  • Fast followers drop.
  • Works for only 30 days.

11. Instafollowers


If you want to improve your Instagram business and increase your followers, use the Instafollowers service, which has over 1 billion active members. It is one of the best opportunities to give a boost to your Instagram business.

Instagram has the best engagement rate and is higher than most of the other platforms. They deliver real-time and active followers. So start your Instagram business journey with Instagram followers; they will not disappoint you.

Access their packages at:


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • The best plants for Instagram followers


  • The prices are a bit higher than the others.

12. Poprey


Poprey allows the customers to purchase IG likes, comments, new followers and video views.

It offers growth services not only for Instagram but for other platforms too that includes Facebook, Spotify and others.

Poprey claims that the delivery of service depends on the purchased package. It may take days and sometimes weeks. However, you may notice the results within 48 hours of the purchase and in order to experience the engagement of active users , Popery may take longer time of upto 2 – 3 weeks. Their service is similar to Twicsy.

According to Poprey, they offer two kinds of likes; High-quality likes and premium likes. High-quality likes comes from the accounts that are created only for this particular purpose and targets to follow the other pages whereas on the other hand Premium likes are from the accounts of active users who are verified users.

The pricing strategy of poprey is somewhat categorized. You can buy one package at a very reasonable price but the prices go higher as you choose to buy more services.



  • Offers trial packages free of cost.
  • Accepts that their likes and followers are not real.
  • Affordable packages.


  • Poor customer support.
  • Low-quality likes.

13. Rushmax


Third in number is the RUSHMAX which sells real Instagram Likes, Video views and new followers. It is a high-quality service providing site that makes it count in top sources for purchasing instagram likes.

Buying the Rushmax packages can boost the visibility because it has a huge number of satisfied customers. Unlike the spammy sites, Rushmax provides the real likes and followers thus avoiding the fake sources for increase in engagement.

Along with many other things, their delivery is fast and the service is secure. Customer support is ensured 24/7. However, Rushmax offers the services much alike to that of Twicsy and Buzzoid. You have options for numerous packages, you can buy Premium likes and much more !

Also, if you are looking to purchase the growth service  through PayPal then Rushmux is the choice. With other payment methods, it accepts PayPal too.



  • Provides safety.
  • Immediate delivery.
  • Responsive to customers.


  • Your account may get blocked.
  • It offers no free plans.

14. GetViral


GetViral aims to increase your Instagram community at very affordable prices. Many experts have regarded it as a ONE STOP solution by providing alternative options to the users. Gaining instagram followers and likes for new accounts is a troublesome thing to do so many of the users look at their ease and start purchasing the growth services.

To get fame people do not even give a second thought before investing in such services. Also, it asks for financial investment and we are not amazed to see that people are investing in it happily because at the end when you see the results, it is all worth it.

Getviral increases the visibility of your Profile hence increasing the Business opportunities for you ultimately. It has been observed that many of the users do not give positive reviews about it but some have rated it 5 out of 5.

You can buy at:


  • Sudden popularity.
  • Increased follower count.


  • Do not respond to any email or in livechat.

15. Friendly Likes

Friendly Likes

Very obvious from the name, it provides a very friendly service to the consumers. If you know someone who is looking for a reliable and friendly source to increase engagement then without any doubts you can definitely recommend Friendly Likes to them.

Instagram deals with a large amount of content and it is not easy for instagram to make every single post visible to the users thus, it increases the visibility of only those posts which are already liked the most. To increase likes on your Instagram posts, you have the choice to select from top sources for instagram likes and friendly likes is one of them.



  • It is a secure website; SSL website.
  • Resells their services.
  • Simple Interface.


  • The metrics shown are not always real.

16. InstaPort


InstaPort is another service providing site which claims to help you boost the audience engagement. It displays a very clear picture of their packages that enables the customers to choose the package that suits the best to their needs and budget.

It is very difficult to get a great number of likes in a short time, it  makes things difficult and you might feel exhausted in doing so much effort. Many influencers and businesses look for growing their audience engagement by using third parties and InstaPort does the same job. They claim guaranteed service delivery for their buyers.

Get to know more at:

In short, InstaPort is counted among the other top sources for purchasing Instagram likes.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Gradual to instant delivery within a short time.
  • Customer support for 24/7.
  • Money back guarantee.


  • Goldstar Social does not offer any free trials.

17. VIP Likes

VIP Likes

Here you go with another website that assists you in growing your online business. VIP Likes comes up with many powerful strengths and one of them is to provide the service within a short period of time.

Another strength that can be appreciated enough is that when you purchase the package and proceed to the checkout, you come across the feature that asks you about your preference for the target audience. It results in an increased engagement from the accounts that you wanted to engage with.

For more information:


  • Offers diverse filtering options.
  • Advertisement details are displayed.
  • Very Cheaper prices.


  • Can not show ad engagement count.
  • Some features are not fully functional.

18. BlastUp


Blastup helps you get the most out of your social media platforms and for that purpose, offers you a variety of packages. Also you are able to split the package over multiple posts which makes it easier for you to make all your posts liked so that followers can trust you.


Different packages come at different prices. For instance, we can reflect upon the lowest price, where they offer 50 likes for just 1 USD.


  • Secure payments.
  • No password required.
  • Very reasonable rates.


  • Unauthentic followers.

19. Media Mister

Media Mister

Media Mister’s performance is so much appreciated by the buyers that their website interface is really simple and the support team is active. They elevate the credibility of your Instagram account by engaging the audience.

Media Mister has more than 100,000 happy customers who are satisfied with the delivered services and they have shared to make the use of Media Mister platform again in future.

For details :


  • They target the service to be delivered.
  • Ensures privacy and security.
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • Time consuming.
  • Offers no free trials.


Instagram aims to grow its business, it tries to promote the content that has the most likes because, on a daily basis, millions of posts are uploaded on Instagram. Therefore, Instagram evaluates the content or post that needs the most exposure.

So the algorithms of Instagram pick the most liked videos and display them to an even larger audience. Sometimes your content does not get the appreciation that it deserves so you can get help from third parties.

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