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Biology Bacteria Facts

Bacteria Facts

Scientists Have Used Bacteria from Cows to Treat Bladder Cancer The first of our bacteria…

Concerns Marijuana Facts

Marijuana Facts

Marijuana Has Been Used for Almost 5000 Years Marijuana facts reveal that the first direct…

Concerns Breast Cancer Facts

Breast Cancer Facts

There Are Multiple Environmental and Hereditary Risk Factors One of the most interesting breast cancer…

Concerns Obesity Facts

Obesity Facts

1 in 5 American Teenagers are Classed as Obese The first of our interesting obesity…

Universe Moon Facts

Moon Facts

The Moon Is Actually Drifting Away From Earth The first of our interesting Moon facts…

Universe Venus Facts

Venus Facts

Venus Qualifies as the Brightest Planet in the Sky The first of our fascinating Venus…

Universe Mercury Facts

Mercury Facts

Mercury Is the Planet with the Most Extreme Temperature Fluctuations in the Solar System The…

Biology Brain Facts

Brain Facts

The Brain Is Not a Muscle While we talk about exercising our brains and increasing…

Concerns Cancer Facts

Cancer Facts

Cancer Is Abnormal and Malignant Cell Growth Cancer is caused by malignant, abnormal cell growth.…

Health Pregnancy Facts

Pregnancy Facts

It’s Safe to Exercise During Pregnancy, Like Swimming According to pregnancy facts, it’s safe to…

Universe Comets Facts

Comets Facts

NASA calls Comets Dirty Snowballs NASA helps define comets as cosmic snowballs, which are made…

Health Schizophrenia Facts

Schizophrenia Facts

Schizophrenia Is Also Diagnosed in Children The condition has been diagnosed in children as young…

Biology Earwig Facts

Earwig Facts

Earwigs Eat Plants and Insects – Alive or Not Earwig facts teach us that these…

Chemistry Neon Facts

Neon Facts

Neon Gas Was Discovered in 1898 Neon gas was discovered in 1898 at University College…

Universe Star Facts

Star Facts

Stars Are Made of Gas Although stars might look like they’re solid objects in the…

Chemistry diamond facts

Diamond Facts

Diamonds are Highly Desirable as Jewels As something that is immediately associated with jewelry, it’s…