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Hilary and Jackie is a critically acclaimed biographical film that tells the captivating story of world-renowned cellist Jacqueline du Pré and her tumultuous relationship with her sister, Hilary. Directed by Anand Tucker and released in 1998, the movie takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotions as it explores the complexities of fame, sibling rivalry, and the devastating impact of multiple sclerosis.

Based on the book “A Genius in the Family” by Hilary and Piers du Pré, Hilary and Jackie offers a unique perspective into the lives of these two extraordinary women, highlighting their incredible musical talent and the challenges they faced in both their personal and professional lives.

In this article, we will dive deep into the movie Hilary and Jackie, uncovering 48 fascinating facts that will enhance your understanding and appreciation of this captivating cinematic experience.

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Hilary and Jackie is a biographical film.

Based on the true story of British cellist Jacqueline du Pré, this movie explores the complex relationship between Jacqueline and her sister Hilary.

Emily Watson and Rachel Griffiths starred in the film.

The talented actresses played the roles of Hilary and Jackie du Pré respectively, showcasing their phenomenal acting skills.

The film received critical acclaim.

Hilary and Jackie received positive reviews from critics, especially for the remarkable performances of Watson and Griffiths.

It was directed by Anand Tucker.

Anand Tucker skillfully brought the emotional and poignant story of the du Pré sisters to life on the big screen.

The movie was released in 1998.

Initially premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, it later had a wide release, captivating audiences worldwide.

It won several awards and nominations.

Hilary and Jackie received multiple accolades, including Academy Award nominations for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, among others.

The film portrays the challenges faced by Jacqueline du Pré.

From her rise as a celebrated cellist to her tragic decline due to multiple sclerosis, Hilary and Jackie delves into the complexities of her life.

The soundtrack features Jacqueline du Pré’s recordings.

With du Pré’s enchanting cello performances, the film’s soundtrack adds an extra layer of authenticity to the story.

Hilary and Jackie explores the relationship dynamics between the du Pré sisters.

The movie delves into the intricate bond of love, rivalry, and sacrifice between Hilary and Jackie, delving into their contrasting personalities.

The film captures the essence of the classical music world.

Through stunning cinematography and immersive storytelling, Hilary and Jackie gives viewers a glimpse into the demanding and competitive world of classical music.

It sheds light on the sacrifices made for artistic success.

Hilary and Jackie explores the toll that artistic pursuit can take on personal relationships and the price that may need to be paid for greatness.

The movie portrays the impact of illness on a talented musician.

As multiple sclerosis takes its toll on Jacqueline du Pré, the film navigates the emotional and physical struggles she faces.

Hilary and Jackie showcases the power of music to connect people.

Through the universal language of music, the film highlights its ability to bring people together across different cultures and backgrounds.

It raises ethical questions surrounding artistic expression.

Hilary and Jackie explores the moral complexities of using personal experiences as inspiration for artistic works.

The film beautifully captures the emotional nuances of sibling relationships.

From love and support to jealousy and betrayal, Hilary and Jackie portrays the complexities of sisterhood.

Hilary and Jackie portrays Jacqueline du Pré’s meteoric rise to fame.

The film takes audiences on the journey from Jacqueline’s early success to her eventual international recognition as a cellist.

It garnered attention for its powerful performances.

Emily Watson and Rachel Griffiths delivered unforgettable performances that resonated with audiences and critics alike.

The film explores the personal sacrifices made for the pursuit of art.

From giving up personal relationships to dedicating countless hours to practice, Hilary and Jackie delves into the sacrifices made by artists.

Hilary and Jackie showcases the beauty of classical music.

Through Jacqueline du Pré’s incredible talent, the film celebrates the timeless allure of classical compositions.

The movie highlights the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Despite her illness, Jacqueline du Pré’s resilience and passion for music shine through in Hilary and Jackie.

Hilary and Jackie offers a nuanced portrayal of Jacqueline du Pré’s personal life.

The film explores the complex relationships she had with her family, friends, and romantic partners.

It has a thought-provoking narrative structure.

Hilary and Jackie weaves together different timelines and perspectives, adding depth and complexity to the storytelling.

The film’s title reflects the focus on the du Pré sisters.

Hilary and Jackie puts the spotlight on the relationship between the two sisters and their contrasting paths in life.

Hilary and Jackie showcases the impact of fame and success on personal relationships.

As Jacqueline du Pré’s career soars, the strain on her relationships becomes increasingly evident.

The movie delves into the pressures faced by child prodigies.

Hilary and Jackie explores the high expectations placed on young talents and the toll it can take on their well-being.

It raises questions about the sacrifices made for artistic excellence.

Hilary and Jackie sparks discussions about the price one must pay to reach the pinnacle of their craft.

The film features captivating performances of classical compositions.

Through Jacqueline’s musical prowess, Hilary and Jackie brings beloved classical pieces to life.

It portrays the impact of fame on personal identity.

Hilary and Jackie examines how Jacqueline’s rising stardom affects her sense of self and her relationships with those around her.

The movie highlights the challenges faced by women in the male-dominated field of classical music.

Hilary and Jackie sheds light on gender disparities and the struggles women musicians often encounter.

It offers a compelling exploration of sibling rivalry.

Hilary and Jackie explores the complex dynamics of competition and jealousy within the du Pré sisters’ relationship.

The film’s cinematography beautifully captures the world of classical music.

From grand concert halls to intimate rehearsal spaces, Hilary and Jackie showcases the visually stunning environments of a musician’s life.

It delves into the emotional toll of fame and recognition.

Hilary and Jackie depicts the psychological and emotional challenges that come with being in the public eye.

The film features poignant and heartfelt moments.

Hilary and Jackie will evoke a range of emotions, from moments of joy and triumph to heart-wrenching scenes of despair.

It raises questions about artistic legacy and the mark one leaves behind.

Hilary and Jackie invites reflection on the impact of one’s artistic contributions and the lasting impression they make.

The movie captures the essence of the 20th-century classical music scene.

Hilary and Jackie immerses viewers in the vibrant and ever-evolving world of classical music during a pivotal era.

It explores the complexities of fame and the toll it takes on mental health.

Hilary and Jackie delves into the psychological struggles faced by Jacqueline du Pré as her fame grows.

The film’s screenplay is based on conversations with Hilary and Piers du Pré.

To ensure authenticity, the script drew heavily from firsthand accounts and interviews with Jacqueline du Pré’s siblings.

Hilary and Jackie showcases the power of music as a means of emotional expression.

The film underscores how music serves as a vehicle for conveying complex emotions that words often fail to capture.

It portrays the impact of illness not only on the individual but also on their loved ones.

Hilary and Jackie explores how Jacqueline du Pré’s multiple sclerosis affects her relationship with her sister and those around her.

The movie is a poignant tribute to Jacqueline du Pré’s musical legacy.

Hilary and Jackie honors the indelible mark left by du Pré on the world of classical music.

It highlights the sacrifices made by family members of artists.

Hilary and Jackie sheds light on the challenges faced by Hilary du Pré as she supports her sister’s career while navigating her own aspirations.

The film’s soundtrack creates an immersive auditory experience.

With its powerful musical compositions, Hilary and Jackie transports viewers into the world of Jacqueline du Pré.

It explores the emotional complexities of familial love.

Hilary and Jackie examines the enduring bond between siblings and the delicate balance between support and resentment.

The movie raises questions about the price of artistic brilliance.

Hilary and Jackie prompts viewers to consider the sacrifices made by artists to achieve greatness and the toll it takes on their personal lives.

Hilary and Jackie offers an intimate portrayal of Jacqueline du Pré’s personal struggles.

The film gives viewers a glimpse into the emotional turmoil faced by the renowned cellist throughout her life.

It captures the essence of Jacqueline du Pré’s magnetic stage presence.

Hilary and Jackie showcases the charismatic energy that made du Pré a captivating performer.

The film’s screenplay beautifully blends moments of joy and sorrow.

Hilary and Jackie juxtaposes moments of musical triumph with heartrending scenes, creating a powerful emotional narrative.

Hilary and Jackie is a moving tribute to the resilience of the human spirit.

The film celebrates the indomitable nature of individuals in the face of adversity.


In conclusion, “Hilary and Jackie” is a remarkable movie that offers viewers a compelling story, outstanding performances, and a deep exploration of the complexities of sibling relationships and the pursuit of artistic passion. With its stunning cinematography, powerful soundtrack, and thought-provoking themes, this film has captivated audiences worldwide. Whether you are a fan of classical music or simply appreciate a well-crafted drama, “Hilary and Jackie” is definitely a movie worth watching.


Q: Is “Hilary and Jackie” based on a true story?

A: Yes, “Hilary and Jackie” is based on the true story of renowned British cellist Jacqueline du Pré and her relationship with her sister, pianist Hilary du Pré. The movie is adapted from Hilary du Pré’s memoir, “A Genius in the Family.”

Q: Who are the main actors in “Hilary and Jackie”?

A: Emily Watson portrays Jacqueline du Pré, while Rachel Griffiths plays the role of Hilary du Pré. Both actresses deliver outstanding performances that truly bring the characters to life.

Q: Is the movie focused solely on classical music?

A: While classical music plays a significant role in the film, “Hilary and Jackie” delves deeper into the complex relationship between the two sisters. It explores their personal lives, aspirations, and the challenges they face as individuals in the shadow of Jacqueline’s immense talent.

Q: Is the movie emotionally intense?

A: Yes, “Hilary and Jackie” is an emotionally intense movie that explores themes of love, sacrifice, and jealousy. The film takes the viewer on a rollercoaster of emotions, immersing them in the highs and lows of the characters’ lives.

Q: Can I watch “Hilary and Jackie” with my family?

A: While “Hilary and Jackie” is a powerful and thought-provoking movie, it does contain mature themes and scenes. It is recommended for mature audiences or for families with older children who can handle the emotional content.