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Batman: Assault on Arkham is a riveting animated feature film that takes viewers on a thrilling journey into the dark and gritty world of Gotham City. Released in 2014, this action-packed movie serves as the latest addition to the illustrious Batman franchise. Directed by Jay Oliva and Ethan Spaulding, Batman: Assault on Arkham offers a unique twist by focusing on the Suicide Squad, a team of infamous DC villains, and their mission to break into the Arkham Asylum. This explosive storyline, combined with stunning animation and a stellar voice cast, makes for a captivating cinematic experience that fans of the Dark Knight won’t want to miss. Now, let’s delve into some fascinating facts about this enthralling film.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dive into the dark world of Gotham with “Batman: Assault on Arkham,” a thrilling animated film that explores the twisted minds of villains and delivers intense action sequences.
  • Join the Suicide Squad on a dangerous mission in “Batman: Assault on Arkham,” where the line between hero and villain blurs, and the Joker’s chaotic presence adds an element of unpredictability.
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The film was released in 2014

Batman: Assault on Arkham is an animated superhero film that was released in 2014.

It is a part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies

The movie is a part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies, a collection of animated films based on DC Comics characters.

The movie focuses on the Suicide Squad

Batman: Assault on Arkham centers around the Suicide Squad, a team of supervillains recruited by Amanda Waller to carry out dangerous missions in exchange for reduced sentences.

It takes place in the same universe as the Batman: Arkham video game series

The movie is set in the same universe as the popular Batman: Arkham video game series, known for its dark and gritty portrayal of Gotham City.

The voice cast includes Kevin Conroy as Batman

Kevin Conroy, who is widely known as the iconic voice of Batman from Batman: The Animated Series, reprises his role as the Caped Crusader in this film.

The movie is directed by Jay Oliva

Jay Oliva, a renowned director and storyboard artist, directed Batman: Assault on Arkham, bringing his unique visual style to the film.

The movie has a runtime of 75 minutes

With a runtime of 75 minutes, Batman: Assault on Arkham delivers an action-packed story within a concise timeframe.

The film received positive reviews from critics

Critics praised the film for its mature storytelling, compelling characters, and stylish animation, making it a must-watch for DC Comics fans.

It explores the dark underbelly of Gotham City

Batman: Assault on Arkham delves into the seedy and corrupt aspects of Gotham City, showcasing the city’s complex criminal underworld.

The Joker plays a prominent role in the movie

As is customary in Batman stories, the Joker, one of Batman’s most iconic foes, plays a significant role in the film, adding an element of chaos and unpredictability.

The movie features intense action sequences

Expect thrilling fight scenes and high-stakes action as Batman and the Suicide Squad clash with various villains throughout the film.

The animation style is reminiscent of the Batman: Arkham games

The film’s animation style draws inspiration from the visuals of the Batman: Arkham games, further immersing viewers into the gritty world of Gotham City.

The music score complements the tone of the film

The soundtrack of Batman: Assault on Arkham helps set the mood, enhancing the tension and excitement during key moments in the movie.

The movie provides a fresh perspective on the Suicide Squad

By placing the focus on the Suicide Squad rather than Batman, the movie offers a unique and compelling narrative that sheds light on the team’s morals and motivations.

The film contains mature themes and violence

Due to its mature themes and violent content, Batman: Assault on Arkham is geared towards a more adult audience, making it an intense and engaging viewing experience.

The plot is filled with twists and turns

Prepare to be surprised as the movie weaves a complex web of intrigue, making it an exciting and unpredictable watch.

Harley Quinn plays a significant role in the film

Harley Quinn, the Joker’s loyal accomplice, has a significant presence in Batman: Assault on Arkham, showcasing her unique brand of unhinged madness.

The movie explores the morality of the Suicide Squad’s actions

With the Suicide Squad being comprised of villains, the film delves into the moral quandaries of their choices and blurs the lines between hero and villain.

It is set in Arkham Asylum

The majority of the movie takes place within the infamous Arkham Asylum, the high-security psychiatric hospital that houses Gotham City’s most dangerous criminals.

Batman takes a supporting role in the film

While Batman plays a role in the movie, he takes a backseat to the Suicide Squad, allowing the villains to shine in their own right.

The film showcases the dark and atmospheric visuals of Gotham City

Gotham City is brought to life with its brooding and atmospheric visuals, capturing the essence of the iconic setting in all its dark glory.

The voice acting performances are top-notch

Featuring talented voice actors, Batman: Assault on Arkham delivers captivating performances that bring the characters to life and enhance the overall experience.

The movie explores the psychological aspects of the characters

Delving into the minds of the villains, Batman: Assault on Arkham provides a psychological examination of the characters, giving them depth and complexity.

The film seamlessly blends action, suspense, and dark humor

Despite its mature themes, there are moments of dark humor scattered throughout the film, providing a balance between intense action and comedic relief.

The movie has a fast-paced and gripping storyline

From the opening scene to the climactic finale, Batman: Assault on Arkham keeps audiences engaged with its tightly woven plot and constant sense of urgency.

The film addresses the consequences of the characters’ actions

With the Suicide Squad being comprised of criminals seeking redemption, the movie delves into the consequences of their choices and explores the themes of guilt and redemption.

It showcases the teamwork dynamic within the Suicide Squad

As the Suicide Squad fights together, viewers witness the complexities of teamwork and the fragile trust that exists among a group of reformed villains.

The movie has received multiple award nominations

Due to its critical acclaim, Batman: Assault on Arkham has been nominated for various awards in the animation and superhero film categories.

The villains in the film are well-developed and fascinating

The movie delves into the backstories and motivations of the villains, making them more than just one-dimensional adversaries, and providing insight into what drives them.

The animation is visually stunning

With detailed character designs, fluid animation, and stunning action sequences, Batman: Assault on Arkham showcases the best that animation has to offer.

The movie has an exciting and memorable opening sequence

The film kicks off with an exhilarating and memorable opening sequence that sets the tone for the rest of the story.

Joker’s interactions with Harley Quinn are darkly captivating

The twisted relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn is explored in Batman: Assault on Arkham, showcasing their toxic and compelling dynamic.

The film seamlessly incorporates elements of the Batman mythos

While offering a fresh perspective, the movie still pays homage to the rich history of Batman, incorporating familiar elements that fans will appreciate.

The action sequences are well-choreographed and intense

From high-octane fight scenes to thrilling escapes, the movie delivers impressive action sequences that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The film explores the darker side of Batman’s rogues’ gallery

Batman: Assault on Arkham delves into the twisted minds of some of Batman’s most notorious villains, showcasing their brutality and malevolence.

It serves as an excellent companion piece to the Batman: Arkham games

For fans of the Batman: Arkham games, Batman: Assault on Arkham provides additional lore and expands upon the world established in the popular video game series.

The movie has an unpredictable and satisfying ending

Without giving too much away, the film concludes in a way that leaves viewers satisfied while still leaving room for future stories.

It is a must-watch for fans of Batman and the Suicide Squad

With its gripping plot, compelling characters, and stylish animation, Batman: Assault on Arkham is a must-watch for fans of both Batman and the Suicide Squad.


In conclusion, Batman: Assault on Arkham is a thrilling and action-packed animated movie that takes audiences on a wild ride through the dark and twisted world of Gotham City. With its complex characters, gripping storyline, and stunning animation, this film is a must-watch for any fan of the Batman franchise. Whether you’re a die-hard comic book enthusiast or just looking for an entertaining movie night, Batman: Assault on Arkham is sure to deliver. So grab your popcorn, settle in, and prepare for an adrenaline-filled adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.


1. What is Batman: Assault on Arkham?

Batman: Assault on Arkham is an animated movie set in the DC Comics universe. It follows the story of Batman as he teams up with a group of supervillains known as the Suicide Squad to prevent a catastrophic event in Gotham City.

2. Is Batman: Assault on Arkham part of the main Batman series?

No, Batman: Assault on Arkham is not part of the main Batman series. It is a standalone animated movie that exists within its own continuity.

3. Can I watch Batman: Assault on Arkham without prior knowledge of Batman comics or movies?

Absolutely! While having some familiarity with the Batman universe can enhance your viewing experience, Batman: Assault on Arkham is designed to be accessible to both fans and newcomers alike.

4. Are there any special features or bonus content included with Batman: Assault on Arkham?

Yes, the Blu-ray and DVD releases of Batman: Assault on Arkham include bonus features such as behind-the-scenes documentaries, audio commentaries, and more, providing additional insights into the making of the film.

5. Can I expect any surprises or twists in Batman: Assault on Arkham?

Without giving away any spoilers, Batman: Assault on Arkham is known for its unexpected plot twists and surprises. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat as the story unfolds.

6. Is Batman: Assault on Arkham suitable for children?

No, Batman: Assault on Arkham is rated PG-13 for intense action and violence, suggestive material, and brief strong language. It is recommended for a mature audience.

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