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If you’re a movie buff, chances are you’ve come across the critically acclaimed film Close-Up. This masterpiece by Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami has captivated audiences worldwide with its unique storytelling and thought-provoking themes. Released in 1990, Close-Up blurs the line between reality and fiction, weaving a compelling narrative about identity, art, and the power of cinema.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of Close-Up and unravel 37 fascinating facts about this cinematic gem. From the inspiration behind the film to the awards it garnered, you’ll discover intriguing details that will enhance your appreciation for Close-Up. So, grab your popcorn, settle into your favorite chair, and prepare to embark on a journey through the intricate layers of this mesmerizing movie.

Key Takeaways:

  • Close-Up is a groundbreaking Iranian film that blurs the lines between reality and fiction, captivating audiences with its unique storytelling and powerful exploration of identity and human nature.
  • Through its thought-provoking narrative and captivating cinematography, Close-Up showcases the universal power of art to connect people and transcend cultural boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on viewers worldwide.
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Fact 1

Close-Up is a critically acclaimed Iranian film directed by Abbas Kiarostami.

Fact 2

The movie was released in 1990 and is considered a masterpiece of Iranian cinema.

Fact 3

Close-Up is based on a true story that revolves around the trial of an imposter who impersonated a well-known director, Mohsen Makhmalbaf.

Fact 4

One of the unique aspects of Close-Up is that it blends fiction and reality, blurring the lines between documentary and narrative film.

Fact 5

The film captures the trial of the imposter and combines real courtroom footage with reenactments by the actual people involved in the case.

Fact 6

Close-Up received international recognition for its innovative storytelling technique and received numerous awards at film festivals around the world.

Fact 7

The movie explores themes of identity, art, and the power of cinema to create an emotional connection.

Fact 8

Close-Up showcases the rich cultural heritage of Iran and sheds light on the country’s cinematic traditions.

Fact 9

The film’s director, Abbas Kiarostami, is considered one of the most influential figures in Iranian cinema.

Fact 10

Close-Up was praised for its naturalistic performances and the compelling portrayal of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary circumstances.

Fact 11

The movie challenges the boundaries of conventional storytelling by blending documentary and fictional elements seamlessly.

Fact 12

Close-Up is a thought-provoking exploration of the power of cinema and its impact on both the individual and society as a whole.

Fact 13

The film’s title, Close-Up, refers to the technique of focusing on the small details to bring out the larger truth.

Fact 14

Close-Up is often cited as one of the greatest films ever made.

Fact 15

The movie’s powerful performances and heartfelt storytelling resonate with audiences on a deep emotional level.

Fact 16

Close-Up has been praised for its ability to capture the essence of human nature and the complexities of the human experience.

Fact 17

The film’s cinematography is visually stunning and perfectly complements the intimate and introspective nature of the story.

Fact 18

Close-Up showcases the power of cinema to transcend language barriers and connect people from different cultures.

Fact 19

The movie’s screenplay is both thought-provoking and poetic, showcasing the talents of its writer and director, Abbas Kiarostami.

Fact 20

Close-Up has influenced a generation of filmmakers, inspiring them to push the boundaries of storytelling and explore new artistic possibilities.

Fact 21

The film’s impact continues to be felt in the world of cinema, and it remains a highly regarded and influential work.

Fact 22

Close-Up serves as a reminder of the power of cinema to challenge our perceptions and provoke thought and discussion.

Fact 23

The storytelling in Close-Up is both captivating and intellectually stimulating, keeping viewers engaged from start to finish.

Fact 24

Close-Up offers a unique glimpse into Iranian culture and society, showcasing the country’s rich history and artistic traditions.

Fact 25

The film’s soundtrack perfectly complements the visuals, creating a truly immersive cinematic experience.

Fact 26

Close-Up is a testament to the power of independent cinema and the ability of filmmakers to tell meaningful stories on a limited budget.

Fact 27

The movie’s success paved the way for greater recognition of Iranian cinema on the global stage.

Fact 28

Close-Up has stood the test of time and continues to be celebrated as a masterpiece more than three decades after its release.

Fact 29

The film’s thought-provoking narrative and realistic portrayal of events make for a truly immersive viewing experience.

Fact 30

Close-Up challenges the viewer to question their own perceptions of truth and reality, leaving a lasting impact.

Fact 31

The cinematography in Close-Up is masterfully executed, capturing the beauty and complexity of everyday life.

Fact 32

Close-Up is a testament to the power of storytelling and its ability to bridge gaps between cultures and connect people.

Fact 33

The film’s profound exploration of identity and the human condition resonates with audiences around the world.

Fact 34

Close-Up serves as a reminder of the universal power of art to transcend boundaries and touch the hearts of people from all walks of life.

Fact 35

The film’s suspenseful storytelling keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, eager to uncover the truth.

Fact 36

Close-Up showcases the talent and creativity of Iranian filmmakers, solidifying their place in the global film industry.

Fact 37

The enduring legacy of Close-Up serves as a testament to its timeless appeal and artistic brilliance.


Close-Up is a captivating and thought-provoking movie that has enthralled audiences worldwide. With its unique storytelling approach and masterful direction by Abbas Kiarostami, the film delves deep into the themes of identity, reality, and cinema itself. Its powerful performances, especially by its lead protagonist Mohsen Makhmalbaf, leave a lasting impact on viewers.

Close-Up received critical acclaim and has been recognized as one of the greatest films ever made. Its innovative blend of fiction and documentary elements keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, as they question the boundaries between truth and fiction. It serves as a testament to the power of cinema and its ability to blur the lines between reality and art.

If you’re a fan of thought-provoking movies that challenge conventional storytelling, Close-Up is a must-watch. Its unique and immersive experience will leave you pondering long after the credits roll. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness this cinematic masterpiece.


Q: What is Close-Up?

A: Close-Up is a movie directed by Abbas Kiarostami, released in 1990. It is a blend of fiction and documentary, based on a true story.

Q: What is the movie about?

A: Close-Up tells the story of Hossain Sabzian, a man who poses as a famous filmmaker and befriends a family, unknowingly involving them in his deception.

Q: Is Close-Up a true story?

A: Yes, Close-Up is based on the true story of Hossain Sabzian, who impersonated director Mohsen Makhmalbaf in Iran.

Q: Who are the main actors in Close-Up?

A: The main actors in Close-Up include Hossain Sabzian, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, and the family he befriends, who play themselves in the film.

Q: What makes Close-Up unique?

A: Close-Up blends documentary and fiction, blurring the lines between reality and storytelling. It features real people reenacting the events of a true story.

Q: Is Close-Up available with English subtitles?

A: Yes, Close-Up is available with English subtitles, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Q: How was Close-Up received by critics?

A: Close-Up received critical acclaim and is often regarded as one of the greatest movies ever made. It has been praised for its innovative storytelling and powerful performances.

Q: Can I watch Close-Up online?

A: Close-Up is available for streaming on various online platforms. Check your preferred streaming service to see if it is available.

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