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The World’s Fastest Indian is a captivating movie that tells the remarkable true story of Burt Munro, a New Zealand motorcycle enthusiast and his quest for speed. Directed by Roger Donaldson, the film was released in 2005 and stars Sir Anthony Hopkins in the lead role. Set in the 1960s, the movie takes us on an exhilarating journey as Burt sets out to break the land speed record on his beloved Indian Scout motorcycle. With its blend of heartwarming moments, thrilling racing scenes, and Hopkins’ brilliant portrayal of Munro, The World’s Fastest Indian has become a favorite among moviegoers and racing enthusiasts alike. In this article, we will delve into 36 fascinating facts about this captivating film, uncovering behind-the-scenes stories, trivia, and memorable moments that make it a must-watch for any movie buff.

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Set in New Zealand

The World’s Fastest Indian is set in New Zealand, providing a unique backdrop for the story.

Based on a True Story

The movie is based on the true story of Burt Munro, a New Zealand motorcycle racer.

Directed by Roger Donaldson

The film was directed by Roger Donaldson, known for his work on other notable films such as Cocktail and Species.

Starring Anthony Hopkins

The lead role of Burt Munro is played by none other than the legendary actor Anthony Hopkins.

Celebrates the Spirit of Adventure

The World’s Fastest Indian celebrates the spirit of adventure and showcases the determination to chase one’s dreams.

Motorcycle Land Speed Record

Burt Munro sets out to break the world motorcycle land speed record on his homemade Indian motorcycle.

Inspiring Story of Perseverance

The film tells the inspiring story of Burt Munro’s perseverance against all odds to achieve his dream.

Filmed in Invercargill

Parts of the movie were filmed in Invercargill, the hometown of Burt Munro, adding authenticity to the story.

Burt Munro’s Journey to Bonneville

Burt Munro makes an incredible journey from New Zealand to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah to race his motorcycle.

Heartwarming Friendship

The film showcases the heartwarming friendship between Burt Munro and a young boy named Tom, who helps him along the way.

Burt Munro’s Eccentricities

The World’s Fastest Indian highlights Burt Munro’s eccentricities, which add charm and uniqueness to his character.

Authentic Racing Scenes

The movie features authentic racing scenes that capture the adrenaline and intensity of motorcycle racing.

Overcoming Challenges

Burt Munro overcomes numerous challenges on his journey, including mechanical failures and financial constraints.

Universal Themes

The film explores universal themes such as pursuing dreams, fighting against adversity, and embracing the unknown.

Positive Critical Reception

The World’s Fastest Indian received positive reviews from critics for its heartfelt storytelling and Anthony Hopkins’ performance.

Box Office Success

The movie was a box office success, further cementing its popularity among audiences worldwide.

Inspiring Quotes

The World’s Fastest Indian is known for its inspiring quotes, reminding viewers of the power of determination and passion.

Soundtrack by J. Peter Robinson

The film’s soundtrack was composed by J. Peter Robinson, adding emotional depth to the storytelling.

Festivals and Awards

The World’s Fastest Indian premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and went on to receive several awards and nominations.

Burt Munro’s Legacy

The movie showcases Burt Munro’s lasting legacy as a pioneer in motorcycle racing and his impact on the racing community.

Cultural Significance

The World’s Fastest Indian holds cultural significance in New Zealand, honoring an iconic figure in the country’s history.

Cinematic Beauties of New Zealand

The film highlights the cinematic beauties of New Zealand, showcasing its stunning landscapes and scenery.

A Motivational Journey

The World’s Fastest Indian takes audiences on a motivational journey, inspiring them to pursue their own dreams and aspirations.

Historical Accuracy

The movie strives for historical accuracy, capturing the essence of the time period and the challenges faced by Burt Munro.

Emotional Rollercoaster

The film takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster, evoking both laughter and tears throughout the story.

International Audience Appeal

The World’s Fastest Indian resonates with international audiences due to its universal themes and relatable characters.

Burt Munro’s Record Breaker

Burt Munro’s record-breaking achievement serves as the climactic moment of the movie, leaving audiences in awe.

Timeless Storytelling

The World’s Fastest Indian’s timeless storytelling ensures its relevance and appeal to audiences even years after its release.

Inspirational Poster Art

The movie’s poster art features the iconic image of Burt Munro on his motorcycle, serving as a visual representation of the film’s themes.

Burt Munro’s Passion for Speed

The film portrays Burt Munro’s unwavering passion for speed and his relentless pursuit of pushing the limits.

Cinematic Homage to Burt Munro

The World’s Fastest Indian pays tribute to Burt Munro and his extraordinary life through its captivating storytelling.

An Exploration of Identity

The movie delves into the exploration of personal identity and how one’s passions shape their sense of self.

Inspiring Performances

The performances in The World’s Fastest Indian, particularly Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of Burt Munro, have been praised for their authenticity and depth.

Cultural Impact

The World’s Fastest Indian has had a lasting cultural impact, inspiring motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.

Edge-of-Your-Seat Moments

The film is filled with edge-of-your-seat moments as Burt Munro races against time and the elements in pursuit of his dream.

A Celebration of Human Spirit

Above all, The World’s Fastest Indian is a celebration of the indomitable human spirit and the power of chasing one’s dreams.


The World’s Fastest Indian is an extraordinary movie that tells the incredible true story of New Zealand speed bike racer Burt Munro. Through Anthony Hopkins’ captivating performance and Roger Donaldson’s skilled direction, the film takes us on an exhilarating journey fueled by determination, passion, and a quest for speed.

With its compelling narrative, stunning cinematography, and powerful performances, The World’s Fastest Indian not only showcases Munro’s relentless pursuit of his dream but also highlights the indomitable human spirit. The movie serves as a reminder that with relentless determination and unwavering passion, one can overcome any obstacle and achieve greatness.

The World’s Fastest Indian is a must-watch for movie lovers and fans of inspirational stories. It will leave you inspired, uplifted, and in awe of Burt Munro’s remarkable journey.


1. Is The World’s Fastest Indian based on a true story?

Yes, The World’s Fastest Indian is based on the true story of Burt Munro, a New Zealand speed bike racer who set numerous land speed records. The movie depicts his journey to Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, where he attempted to break the world record.

2. Who stars in The World’s Fastest Indian?

The World’s Fastest Indian stars acclaimed actor Anthony Hopkins in the lead role of Burt Munro. Hopkins delivers a remarkable performance that brings Munro’s character to life on the screen.

3. How accurate is the movie in portraying Burt Munro’s life?

The movie stays true to the essence of Burt Munro’s life and his passion for speed and motorcycles. While some minor changes have been made to enhance the storytelling, the overall portrayal of Munro’s character and his accomplishments remains faithful to the real-life events.

4. What is the significance of the title “The World’s Fastest Indian”?

The title refers to the nickname of Burt Munro, who was known as the “World’s Fastest Indian” due to his incredible speed records on his modified Indian Scout motorcycle. It showcases his prowess as a speed racer and his determination to be the fastest in the world.

5. Is The World’s Fastest Indian recommended for all audiences?

The movie has a universal appeal and can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. However, it is important to note that there are some intense scenes involving high-speed racing, which may not be suitable for very young viewers.