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The Long Kiss Goodnight is a thrilling action movie released in 1996 that captivated audiences with its gripping storyline and intense performances. Directed by renowned filmmaker Renny Harlin, the movie follows the journey of Samantha Caine, portrayed by the talented Geena Davis, a schoolteacher with amnesia who discovers her true identity as a highly skilled assassin. Teaming up with the witty and resourceful private investigator, Mitch Henessey, played by Samuel L. Jackson, Samantha sets out to uncover her past and confront a dangerous conspiracy. With its fast-paced action sequences, intriguing plot twists, and exceptional cast, The Long Kiss Goodnight remains a beloved classic in the action genre. In this article, we delve into 34 fascinating facts about this exhilarating film, shedding light on its production, cast, and legacy.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Long Kiss Goodnight, released in 1996, features Geena Davis as an amnesiac assassin and Samuel L. Jackson as a private investigator. It’s a mix of action, suspense, and comedy with a memorable car crash opening scene.
  • The movie explores themes of identity and memory, has a strong female protagonist, and showcases impressive stunt work. Despite being over two decades old, it remains an engaging and entertaining film.
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The Long Kiss Goodnight was released in 1996

The movie was directed by Renny Harlin and written by Shane Black. It hit theaters on October 11, 1996, and quickly gained a cult following.

Geena Davis played the lead role

In the film, Geena Davis portrayed the character of Samantha Caine / Charly Baltimore, a woman suffering from amnesia who discovers she has a mysterious past as a trained assassin.

Samuel L. Jackson starred as Mitch Henessey

Samuel L. Jackson played the role of a private investigator named Mitch Henessey, who becomes involved in Samantha/Charly’s quest for answers.

The movie was a box office success

Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, The Long Kiss Goodnight was a success at the box office, grossing over $89 million worldwide.

The film features intense action sequences

The Long Kiss Goodnight is known for its well-choreographed and thrilling action scenes, including car chases, shootouts, and hand-to-hand combat.

The screenplay was originally written as a spec script

Shane Black wrote the screenplay for The Long Kiss Goodnight as a spec script, which means it was written without a specific buyer in mind.

The movie was originally titled “The Last Goodnight”

Before its release, the film was originally titled “The Last Goodnight,” but it was later changed to “The Long Kiss Goodnight” to avoid confusion with another project.

The Long Kiss Goodnight had a strong supporting cast

In addition to Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson, the movie featured talented actors such as Craig Bierko, Brian Cox, and David Morse.

The movie has a blend of action, suspense, and comedy

The Long Kiss Goodnight seamlessly combines elements of action, suspense, and comedy, making it an entertaining and engaging film for audiences.

The film’s soundtrack includes popular songs from the 1990s

The soundtrack of The Long Kiss Goodnight includes hit songs from the 1990s, adding to the overall atmosphere and setting of the film.

The Long Kiss Goodnight received an R rating

Due to its intense violence and language, the movie was classified as R-rated, meaning it was restricted to viewers aged 17 and over.

The film explores themes of identity and memory

One of the central themes of The Long Kiss Goodnight is the exploration of identity and memory, as the main character struggles to uncover her true self.

The movie was filmed in various locations

The Long Kiss Goodnight was shot in different locations, including Toronto, Canada, and various parts of the United States.

The film’s budget was estimated at $65 million

The production budget for The Long Kiss Goodnight was around $65 million, which was considered relatively high for its time.

The Long Kiss Goodnight was inspired by classic spy films

The movie draws inspiration from classic spy films of the past, with its own unique twist and modern sensibilities.

The Long Kiss Goodnight has gained a cult following

Over the years, The Long Kiss Goodnight has garnered a dedicated fan base who appreciate its blend of action, humor, and memorable characters.

The film received an Academy Award nomination

The Long Kiss Goodnight was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Makeup, highlighting the impressive makeup effects used in the movie.

The movie’s opening scene is a memorable car crash

The film kicks off with a dramatic car crash sequence that sets the tone for the action-packed story that unfolds.

The Long Kiss Goodnight showcases Geena Davis’ versatility as an actress

Geena Davis delivers a powerful performance in the dual role of Samantha Caine and Charly Baltimore, showcasing her range and versatility as an actress.

The Long Kiss Goodnight has quotable dialogue

The movie is filled with memorable lines and quotable dialogue that have become fan favorites over the years.

The film explores the blurred lines between good and evil

The Long Kiss Goodnight delves into the gray areas of morality, blurring the lines between the traditional notions of good and evil.

The movie features a thrilling climax

The Long Kiss Goodnight builds up to a thrilling climax that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

The Long Kiss Goodnight has a runtime of approximately 2 hours

The film has a runtime of around 2 hours, allowing for a well-paced and immersive viewing experience.

The movie’s plot twists keep viewers guessing

The Long Kiss Goodnight is filled with unexpected plot twists and turns, keeping viewers engaged and guessing until the very end.

The film showcases impressive stunt work

The Long Kiss Goodnight features impressive stunt work, including high-energy fight scenes and daring action sequences.

The movie’s cinematography creates a gritty atmosphere

The cinematography in The Long Kiss Goodnight helps to establish a gritty and suspenseful atmosphere that enhances the overall viewing experience.

The Long Kiss Goodnight has a memorable opening credit sequence

The film’s opening credits are set against a stylish and visually appealing backdrop that sets the tone for the story.

The film’s script underwent several revisions

Shane Black’s original script for The Long Kiss Goodnight went through numerous revisions before reaching its final form.

The Long Kiss Goodnight explores the consequences of violence

The movie delves into the repercussions and moral dilemmas that arise from a life filled with violence and deception.

The film has a strong female protagonist

The Long Kiss Goodnight subverts traditional gender roles by featuring a powerful and capable female protagonist at the center of the story.

The Long Kiss Goodnight is an underrated gem

Despite its initial mixed reception, The Long Kiss Goodnight has gained recognition over the years as an underrated gem of the action-thriller genre.

The movie’s marketing campaign emphasized its action-packed nature

The marketing campaign for The Long Kiss Goodnight focused on promoting its high-octane action sequences and thrilling storyline.

The Long Kiss Goodnight explores the nature of memory and identity

The movie raises thought-provoking questions about the nature of memory, identity, and the roles they play in shaping our lives.

The Long Kiss Goodnight has stood the test of time

Despite being over two decades old, The Long Kiss Goodnight remains an engaging and entertaining film that continues to captivate audiences.


Overall, The Long Kiss Goodnight is a thrilling action movie that has captivated audiences with its intense plot, strong performances, and memorable characters. With its talented cast, led by Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson, and its talented director, Renny Harlin, the film delivers a satisfying blend of excitement, humor, and suspense.

Whether it’s the highly choreographed action sequences, the clever plot twists, or the charismatic chemistry between Davis and Jackson, The Long Kiss Goodnight is a must-watch for any fan of the genre. Its unique blend of espionage, comedy, and drama sets it apart from other action movies of its time.

So, if you haven’t seen it yet, grab some popcorn, buckle up, and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled ride through the world of The Long Kiss Goodnight.


1. Who directed The Long Kiss Goodnight?

Renny Harlin directed The Long Kiss Goodnight. He is known for his work in the action genre, having also directed movies like Die Hard 2 and Cliffhanger.

2. When was The Long Kiss Goodnight released?

The Long Kiss Goodnight was released in 1996.

3. Who are the main actors in the movie?

The movie stars Geena Davis as Samantha Caine/Charly Baltimore and Samuel L. Jackson as Mitch Henessey.

4. What is the plot of The Long Kiss Goodnight?

The movie follows Samantha Caine, a small-town schoolteacher who discovers that she has a dark past as a highly trained assassin. With the help of a private investigator, Mitch, she embarks on a journey to uncover her true identity and confront those who want her dead.

5. Is The Long Kiss Goodnight a comedy or a drama?

The Long Kiss Goodnight combines elements of both comedy and drama. It features witty dialogue and humorous moments, but also deals with serious themes and intense action sequences.

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