Useful Marketing Tactics



Published: 18 Jan 2023

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Marketing is everything to a business. It helps potential clients know about your brand before deciding whether to buy from you. Companies spend a lot of money on marketing to put their products in front of buyers. According to Gartner, the average marketing spend increased to 9.5% of company revenue in most industries in 2022. But spending more money doesn’t always guarantee more sales. Here are five marketing tactics marketers should try in 2023.

Start Brand Discussions At Any Time

Many people are still discussing their holiday experiences and plans for the new year. Use this to your advantage and engage customers in discussions that go beyond business. Initiate small talk and share your holiday experience to get them to open up. Then talk business.

Ask what they would like you to do differently to serve them better this year that you didn’t do the previous year. When done right, small talk can help build trust and create long-term business relationships.

Invest in Mobile Content Optimization

These days, consumers spend more time on their phones and tablets than on their computers and desktops. According to recent marketing statistics, more than half of annual web traffic comes from smartphones and tablets.

Millennials and Gen-Z are the biggest spenders, and optimizing mobile content is vital if you want to reach more of them. Invest in mobile web design and mobile-friendly content to improve user experiences.

Use Short-Form Videos

Short video content is the latest trend in video marketing. Marketers post short videos that expire within specific timeframes to target their audiences on social media. Short videos are ideal for specific advertising campaigns like dealership marketing or car marketing. Marketers use videos to pique potential buyers’ interest and create deeper connections with their products.

Statistics show that 30% of marketers are willing to invest more in short-form video advertising than any other marketing channel. Advertise where your target audience hangs out more. Use platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram to post short marketing videos.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Tell a compelling brand story that consumers will love. Make it authentic and avoid sounding too promotional. Your narrative may be about your brand-building journey and highlight your brand’s unique value proposition. Keep it simple so it’s easy to follow and deliver a powerful message.

Give your story a human touch to connect better with consumers and build trust. Brand stories that resonate with your audience foster customer loyalty and promote repeat sales.

Chatbot Marketing

According to statistics, chatbots improve the response speed of routine questions by up to 80%. These bots are programmed to provide personalized responses to queries and enhance customer support by answering questions like humans.

Some advanced bots can gather customer data and insights that salespeople can later use to pre-qualify leads. Chatbots can help a business cut marketing costs by a large margin. A single bot can handle a huge workload that may require multiple salespeople. Use bots and other business tools to market and grow your business.