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Maintenance Tips for Mini Split Air Conditioners
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Mini Split Air Conditioners are a wonderful choice to keep your home cool and comfortable during hot summer times. We each wish that our homes were the coolest places possible, particularly on the sizzling hot summer days.

One example of a high-class option is the Costway Mini Split Air Conditioner. With Costway Mini AC’s remarkable features and easy maintenance, it has become the top choice for all customers.

To make sure that your small room air conditioner unit is always operating at its maximum efficiency and effectiveness, regular maintenance is a must. In this guide, we’ll present you with some easy but efficient maintenance tips to keep your mini split air conditioner functioning at its best.

Mini Split Air Conditioner

Why Choose Costway?

Costway stands apart as a top e-commerce platform that caters to multiple lifestyle requirements with a comprehensive line of products. Indoor appliances and outdoor furniture are some of the examples of the quality products Costway provides at affordable prices.

The fact that the brand has over 6000 SKUs is a guarantee of fast updates and availability of trending products.

The brand concept of the Costway is “Home of Delights”, which represents its intention to offer not only furniture but also create happy moments for customers.

When it comes to Costway+, customers can benefit from complete shopping assistance including fast shipping, solid customer service, and a 30-day return policy.

Key Features For Costway Air Conditioner

  • Rapid cooling and heating, providing powerful airflow to every corner of the room, enhancing air circulation.
  • Full-featured, it is designed with 5 operating modes (cooling, heating, air supply, drying) and 4 wind speeds, 24-hour timer, iFeel and turbine functions, sleep mode, ECO mode, etc.
  • Advanced frequency conversion technology, lower energy consumption, smaller temperature difference, slower temperature change, creating a healthier environment.
  • Easy maintenance and self-cleaning function: The air filter is removable and washable, and under the cleaning function, the device will automatically remove dust and dryness on the evaporator. The self-cleaning function heats up to 134.6°F to ensure high-temperature sterilization and protect your health.

Mini Split Air Conditioner

How to Maintain Costway Air Conditioner

Clean or Replace the Air Filter Regularly

Regular cleaning or replacement of the air filters is one of the most crucial maintenance duties for mini split air conditioners. Filters are the main elements that contribute to indoor air quality by trapping dust particles, dirt, and other air contaminants.

With time, the filters may become clogged and this can cause less airflow and reduces the performance of the system. Furthermore, the contaminated filter will put the equipment under additional stress. This is potentially harmful to the machine and the whole system as a whole.

To prevent them, it is important to check the air filters at least once a month and clean or replace them as needed. Generally, the filters may be cleaned by running them through a vacuum or if necessary, washing them with mild soap and water.

In case the filters are heavily soiled or damaged, they need to be replaced with new ones. By doing a routine cleaning of your mini-split unit, you can boost air quality indoors.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

The outside part of your mini split AC is prone to be dirty. This is due to exposure to the natural elements. It can get dusty, dirty, and trashy with time. The sludge generated in the process can restrict the airflow. This in turn can lead to a decrease in cooling capacity and efficiency. To maintain your outdoor unit in good working condition, it is necessary to clean it at regular intervals.

Using a soft brush or a cloth, take out any dirt from the outside of the unit. Give special attention to the coils, since dirt and grease can build up here, so the air can’t flow freely. Now, you can use a garden hose to gently wash off the coils. Make sure that all dust or dirt from the coils is removed. However, always be sure that you shut the power off to the unit before you start the cleaning to avoid accidents.

Check for Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant leaks can have a significant effect on the mini split AC. This can lead to its cooling capacity and efficiency to be reduced. Therefore, it’s necessary to check for refrigerant leaks at least once every month. Start by checking the refrigerant lines and joints for any signs of gas escaping. E.g. oil marks, blackening, or hissing sounds.

If you suspect your system may be leaking refrigerant, it is vital to contact an HVAC technician for an immediate assessment and repair. There is a great risk in doing refrigerant repair by yourself. This can even result in more damage or can lead to you being harmed. A qualified technician will have the required tools and the expertise to track and fix the leak. They will bring back the unit to its initial good working capability and performance.

Inspect and Clean the Condensate Drain Line

The condensate drain line is a key component in the removal of any extra moisture that may be produced from your mini split AC. Nevertheless, in due time, it will get filled up with soil, algae, and other wastes. This will lead to water damage and mold growth. One way to resolve this issue is by inspecting and cleaning the condensate drain line frequently.

First, look for the condensate drain line, which is usually found near the outdoor unit of your mini split AC. Check the line for signs of blockages or buildup, such as standing water or algae growth. If any obstructions are spotted, use a vacuum or a pipe brush, depending on the type of drain. Clear them out before the water can continue its flow.

You will minimize the risk of water damage and mold formation by checking the condensate drain line more often and cleaning it.

Schedule Annual Professional Maintenance

Not only DIY maintenance but also regular professional maintenance is highly essential for the flow of your mini split AC. A qualified HVAC technician can run a diagnostic check on your unit, locate any problems, and rectify them by adjustments or repairs.

A professional maintenance visit will see to it that the technician will carry out a thorough inspection of the mini-split AC. This includes the indoor and outdoor parts, the refrigerant, the electrical connections, and the overall system performance. They will clean the coils, lubricate moving parts, and ensure that the unit is working effectively.

Regular professional maintenance will stop the emergence of unwanted additional costs for further repairs. Costway reviews are a proof of the excellent professional services that the team provides.

Mini Split Air Conditioner


Through these simple maintenance tips, you can save the life of your mini split air conditioner. Proper care and maintenance will ensure that your Mini Split Air Conditioner system will deliver cool and comfortable air for you to enjoy summer after summer.

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