Robinet Hazen

Robinet Hazen

Published: 16 Sep 2023


Wis?a P?ock is a Polish football club that has a rich history and a strong legacy in the world of football. Founded in 1947, Wis?a P?ock has established itself as one of the most successful football clubs in Poland, consistently competing at the highest level in the Ekstraklasa, the top-tier league in Polish football.

With a dedicated fanbase and passionate supporters, Wis?a P?ock has become a symbol of pride for the city of P?ock and its surrounding regions. The club is known for its competitive spirit, skilful players, and memorable performances on the football field.

In this article, we will delve into 22 fascinating facts about Wis?a P?ock that showcase the club’s history, achievements, and contribution to Polish football. From legendary players to memorable victories, get ready to explore the world of Wis?a P?ock like never before.

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The Foundation of Wis?a P?ock

Wis?a P?ock was founded in 1944 and has since become one of the most successful football clubs in Poland.

Club Colors

The club’s colors are red and white, which symbolize the strength and unity of the team.


Wis?a P?ock’s home stadium is the Stadion im. Kazimierza Górskiego, named after the legendary Polish football coach.

Polish Cup Success

The club has won the Polish Cup twice, in 2006 and 2019, showcasing their prowess in domestic competitions.

European Adventures

Wis?a P?ock has participated in European competitions, including the UEFA Europa League qualifiers, representing the club on an international stage.

Rivalry with P?ock-based Clubs

One of the fiercest rivalries for Wis?a P?ock is with another P?ock-based club, Orlen Wis?a P?ock, which is primarily known for its handball team.

Distinguished Managers

Throughout its history, Wis?a P?ock has been managed by notable figures in Polish football, including the likes of Jerzy Engel and Ryszard Tarasiewicz.

Youth Academy

The club takes pride in its youth academy, nurturing young talents and providing them with a platform to develop their skills.

Supportive Fan Base

The Wis?a P?ock fan base, known as the “Masovian Red and Whites,” exhibits unwavering support for the club, creating an electric atmosphere during matches.

Participation in the Ekstraklasa

Wis?a P?ock competes in the Ekstraklasa, the top tier of Polish professional football, going head-to-head with other renowned clubs in the country.

Notable Players

Over the years, Wis?a P?ock has produced talented players who have made an impact both domestically and internationally, leaving their mark on the footballing world.

Club Achievements

The club has had its fair share of achievements, including securing UEFA Intertoto Cup qualification and consistently finishing in the top half of the Ekstraklasa table.

Wis?a P?ock’s Academy Graduates

Several players who have come through the ranks of Wis?a P?ock’s youth academy have gone on to represent the Polish national team.

Community Involvement

Wis?a P?ock actively engages with the local community, organizing outreach programs and initiatives to promote the values of sportsmanship and teamwork.

Role in Polish Football Development

As one of the prominent clubs in Poland, Wis?a P?ock plays a crucial role in the development and growth of Polish football at both the club and national levels.

Intense Training Regimen

The players undergo rigorous training sessions, focusing on physical fitness, tactical awareness, and technical skills, under the guidance of experienced coaches.

Notable Matches

Wis?a P?ock has been involved in thrilling encounters with other top Polish clubs, showcasing the competitive nature of football in the country.

Sponsorship Deals

The club has secured lucrative sponsorship deals with renowned brands, further enhancing their financial stability and commercial reach.

International Player Transfers

Throughout its history, Wis?a P?ock has seen players being transferred to clubs abroad, gaining exposure to different footballing cultures and leagues.

Club Philanthropy

Wis?a P?ock actively supports charitable causes, organizing events and fundraising initiatives to make a positive contribution to society.

Wis?a P?ock’s Vision

The club aims to establish itself as a consistent force in Polish football, striving for success in domestic competitions and making an impact on the European stage.

Proud Tradition

Wis?a P?ock carries a proud tradition of football excellence, embodying the passion and dedication of its players, staff, and fans.

Wis?a P?ock: 22 Football Club Facts showcases the journey of this esteemed club, its achievements, and the impact it has had on Polish football. From its foundation to its involvement in European competitions, Wis?a P?ock continues to leave a lasting legacy in the world of football. Join the Masovian Red and Whites on their remarkable journey and experience the thrill of Wis?a P?ock football.


Wis?a P?ock is a football club steeped in history and has established itself as a prominent force in Polish football. With a rich tradition and a passionate fan base, the club has enjoyed success both domestically and internationally.

Through this article, we have explored 22 fascinating facts about Wis?a P?ock, from its founding to memorable moments and achievements. From the club’s humble beginnings to its rise to prominence, Wis?a P?ock has become synonymous with determination, teamwork, and a fierce competitive spirit.

As the club continues to make strides in the football world, it is evident that Wis?a P?ock holds a special place in the hearts of its fans, who eagerly await the next chapter in the club’s storied history.


Q: When was Wis?a P?ock founded?

A: Wis?a P?ock was founded in 1947.

Q: What are the club’s colors?

A: The club’s colors are blue and white.

Q: Has Wis?a P?ock won any major trophies?

A: Yes, Wis?a P?ock has won the Polish Cup twice, in 2006 and 2017.

Q: Does Wis?a P?ock have a youth academy?

A: Yes, the club has a renowned youth academy that develops young talent.

Q: What is the capacity of Wis?a P?ock’s stadium?

A: The stadium has a capacity of around 10,928 spectators.

Q: Has Wis?a P?ock ever played in European competitions?

A: Yes, the club has participated in the UEFA Europa League qualifiers on multiple occasions.

Q: Who are some notable former players of Wis?a P?ock?

A: Some notable former players include Arkadiusz Milik, Lukasz Piszczek, and Marcin Wasilewski.

Q: How many times has Wis?a P?ock been relegated?

A: Wis?a P?ock has been relegated from the Polish top division on several occasions throughout its history.

Q: Does Wis?a P?ock have a women’s team?

A: No, the club currently does not have a women’s team.

Q: What is Wis?a P?ock’s biggest rivalry?

A: The club’s biggest rivalry is with ?KS ?ód?.