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When it comes to football clubs, there is no shortage of fascinating stories and intriguing facts. One club that deserves our attention is Varbergs Bois. Based in Varberg, Sweden, this football club has a rich history and a passionate fanbase. In this article, we will explore 20 facts about Varbergs Bois that highlight their journey, achievements, and contributions to the world of football. From their humble beginnings to their rise in the ranks, Varbergs Bois has made a name for themselves in the football community. So, let’s dive in and discover some interesting tidbits about this remarkable football club.

Key Takeaways:

  • Varbergs Bois, founded in 1925, is a historic Swedish football club with a strong community presence, known for its blue and yellow colors, and its exciting matches in the Allsvenskan league.
  • The club’s commitment to youth development, community outreach, and disciplined playing style reflects its dedication to holistic growth, while its partnership with local businesses and social media engagement strengthens its bond with fans.
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Varbergs Bois was founded in 1925.

With a long history dating back to 1925, Varbergs Bois has established itself as one of the oldest football clubs in Sweden. The club’s rich heritage and tradition are evident in its longstanding presence in the footballing community.

The team is based in Varberg, a coastal town in Sweden.

Situated on the beautiful west coast of Sweden, Varberg serves as the home for Varbergs Bois. The picturesque location provides an idyllic setting for football matches and creates a strong sense of community spirit among the fans.

Varbergs Bois is known as “The Blue and Yellow”.

The club’s official colors are blue and yellow, which are proudly displayed on their team jerseys and merchandise. The Blue and Yellow have become synonymous with the club and are instantly recognized by football enthusiasts.

Varbergs IP is the home stadium of Varbergs Bois.

Varbergs IP is the iconic stadium where Varbergs Bois plays its home matches. With a capacity of over 5,000 spectators, the stadium provides an electrifying atmosphere for fans to cheer on their beloved team.

Varbergs Bois currently competes in the Allsvenskan.

After years of hard work and dedication, Varbergs Bois earned promotion to the top tier of Swedish football and currently competes in the prestigious Allsvenskan. This achievement highlights the club’s growth and success over the years.

The team’s mascot is a boar named “Bojan”.

Adding a touch of fun and excitement to the club’s image, Varbergs Bois adopted a boar as their official mascot. Bojan can be seen cheering on the team during matches, entertaining fans, and boosting team spirit.

Varbergs Bois has a fierce rivalry with Falkenbergs FF.

The matches between Varbergs Bois and Falkenbergs FF often ignite intense emotions from both sets of fans. This local rivalry adds an extra layer of excitement to their encounters and creates an electric atmosphere on the pitch.

The club’s record victory is 10-1.

In a memorable match, Varbergs Bois achieved a stunning 10-1 victory, showcasing their offensive prowess and dominance on the field. This remarkable triumph will forever be etched in the club’s history.

Varbergs Bois has developed several talented youth players.

The club takes pride in its youth development program, which has produced several talented players who have gone on to achieve success in both domestic and international football. The dedication to nurturing young talent is a crucial aspect of Varbergs Bois’ ethos.

The team’s most capped player is Ian Edwards.

Ian Edwards holds the record for the most appearances for Varbergs Bois. His commitment and loyalty to the club make him a fan favorite and a legendary figure in the history of Varbergs Bois.

Varbergs Bois has a strong fan base.

The club boasts a passionate and loyal fan base that rallies behind the team during every match. The unwavering support from the fans creates an electric atmosphere and serves as a driving force for the players on the field.

The club has a women’s football team as well.

Varbergs Bois is not only focused on men’s football but also encourages female participation in the sport. The women’s team represents the club in various competitions, highlighting the club’s commitment to gender equality in football.

Varbergs Bois has a strong emphasis on community outreach.

The club recognizes its role in the community and actively engages in various outreach programs. From youth coaching clinics to charitable initiatives, Varbergs Bois strives to make a positive impact off the field.

The club promotes a disciplined playing style.

Varbergs Bois places a strong emphasis on discipline and tactical awareness, striving for a cohesive and effective playing style. This approach has contributed to their success on the field and has earned them a reputation for being a challenging team to face.

The club’s youth academy focuses on holistic player development.

Varbergs Bois’ youth academy not only focuses on the technical and tactical aspects of the game but also emphasizes the holistic development of young players. The aim is to cultivate well-rounded individuals who excel both on and off the field.

Varbergs Bois has a partnership with local businesses and sponsors.

The club values its relationships with local businesses and sponsors, who provide crucial support in ensuring the club’s sustainability and growth. These partnerships contribute to the continued success and development of Varbergs Bois.

The club has a dedicated coaching staff.

Varbergs Bois has a team of experienced and dedicated coaches who work tirelessly to train and guide the players. Their expertise and guidance play a crucial role in shaping the team’s playing style and achieving success on the field.

Varbergs Bois has a strong focus on player development.

The club prioritizes player development, providing opportunities for young talents to grow and flourish within the organization. This commitment to nurturing talent has resulted in the emergence of several promising players who have gone on to make a significant impact.

The club actively engages with its fan base through social media.

Varbergs Bois leverages the power of social media to connect with fans, providing updates, behind-the-scenes content, and engaging with supporters on various platforms. This interaction strengthens the bond between the club and its loyal fan base.

Varbergs Bois continues to strive for success.

With a strong foundation and a passion for the sport, Varbergs Bois remains focused on achieving new milestones and further cementing its place in Swedish football. The club’s determination and ambition drive them to continually push boundaries and achieve greater heights.


Varbergs Bois is a fascinating football club with a rich history and passionate fan base. From their humble beginnings to their recent successes, the club has become a force to be reckoned with in Swedish football. With a focus on promoting young talent and playing an exciting style of football, Varbergs Bois has captured the hearts of fans nationwide.

Whether it’s their iconic yellow and blue kit or their dedicated supporters, Varbergs Bois is a club that embodies the spirit of the game. Their journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the ability to overcome obstacles. As they continue to make their mark in the footballing world, Varbergs Bois will forever be remembered as a club that defied the odds and achieved greatness.


1. When was Varbergs Bois founded?

Varbergs Bois was founded in 1925.

2. What league does Varbergs Bois currently play in?

Varbergs Bois currently competes in the Allsvenskan, the top professional football league in Sweden.

3. How many times has Varbergs Bois been promoted to the top division?

Varbergs Bois has been promoted to the Allsvenskan once, in 2020.

4. What is Varbergs Bois’ home stadium?

Varbergs Bois’ home stadium is called Paskbergsvallen, located in Varberg, Sweden.

5. Who is Varbergs Bois’ all-time leading goal scorer?

The all-time leading goal scorer for Varbergs Bois is currently an ongoing record, with several players vying for the top spot.

6. Has Varbergs Bois won any major trophies?

As of now, Varbergs Bois has not won any major trophies, but they have had success in lower divisions and cup competitions.

7. Do Varbergs Bois have a strong fan base?

Yes, Varbergs Bois has a dedicated and passionate fan base that supports the club at home and away matches.

8. What is Varbergs Bois’ current standing in the Allsvenskan?

The current standing of Varbergs Bois in the Allsvenskan varies depending on the current season and league table.

Varbergs Bois continues to make waves in Swedish football, captivating fans with their rich history and promising future. From their humble beginnings in 1925 to their current status as a formidable force in the Allsvenskan, this coastal club has proven that dedication and community support can lead to great things. As you've discovered the fascinating facts about Varbergs Bois, why not explore the intriguing world of Swedish football further by learning about another prominent club, Falkenbergs FF? With 21 captivating facts awaiting you, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the passion and rivalries that make Swedish football so special.

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