Sibelle Gillispie

Sibelle Gillispie

Published: 16 Sep 2023


Welcome to the fascinating world of football clubs! In this article, we will dive into the intriguing and exciting realm of Us Liffré, a renowned football club. Whether you’re an avid fan or just starting to explore the realm of football clubs, you’re in for a treat. Us Liffré is a club with a rich history, passionate fans, and a strong presence in the football community. In this article, we will uncover 18 intriguing facts about Us Liffré that will give you a deeper understanding of its legacy and significance. From its founding year to notable achievements and iconic players, this article is a comprehensive guide to the world of Us Liffré. So put on your football boots and get ready to explore the captivating story of Us Liffré Football Club!

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Us Liffré is a well-established football club.

Us Liffré has a rich history in the world of football, dating back several decades. The club has been a pillar of the local community and has gained a strong following over the years.

The club is based in Liffré, a town in France.

Liffré, located in the Brittany region of France, serves as the home for this renowned football club. The town takes pride in their beloved team and supports them passionately on and off the field.

Us Liffré competes in the local league.

The club participates in the local league, showcasing their skills and talent against other formidable teams in the region. They strive for victory and aim to uphold their reputation as a strong and competitive football club.

The team’s colors are red and white.

Us Liffré proudly sports the colors of red and white, which are prominently displayed on their team jerseys. These colors represent the club’s identity and create a sense of unity among the players and fans.

Us Liffré has a dedicated fan base.

The club has amassed a loyal fan base over the years who passionately support the team during matches. These enthusiastic fans create an electric atmosphere at the stadium, making it an exhilarating experience for both players and spectators.

The club organizes community outreach programs.

Us Liffré takes an active role in the community by organizing various outreach programs. These initiatives aim to promote the sport of football, instill values of teamwork and sportsmanship, and engage with the local residents.

Us Liffré has a successful youth academy.

The club places great importance on nurturing young talent and has a well-established youth academy. This academy provides aspiring young footballers with top-notch training and development opportunities, laying a strong foundation for their future careers.

The club has a professional coaching staff.

Us Liffré boasts a team of experienced and dedicated coaches who work tirelessly to train and guide the players. Their expertise and guidance contribute to the overall success and growth of the team.

Us Liffré has a strong rivalry with a neighboring club.

The club shares a heated rivalry with a neighboring football club, resulting in highly anticipated matches between the two teams. These encounters are often fierce and intense, creating an electric atmosphere for both players and fans.

The club has a successful track record.

Over the years, Us Liffré has achieved significant success, including winning numerous titles and trophies. Their impressive track record is a testament to the club’s commitment to excellence and their ability to perform at the highest level.

Us Liffré promotes fair play and inclusivity.

The club places great emphasis on fair play and inclusivity, promoting a positive and respectful environment both on and off the field. They actively discourage any form of discrimination and strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for all.

Us Liffré has a strong social media presence.

The club utilizes various social media platforms to engage with their fans and keep them updated on the latest news, match results, and player updates. This strong online presence helps to foster a sense of community and connection among supporters.

The club hosts regular community events.

Us Liffré is known for organizing regular community events, such as charity matches, football clinics, and fan meet-ups. These events bring people together and strengthen the bond between the club and its fans.

Us Liffré has a women’s team.

The club recognizes the importance of women’s football and has a dedicated women’s team. The women’s team represents Us Liffré in various competitions, showcasing their talent and contributing to the growth of women’s football.

The club has a state-of-the-art training facility.

Us Liffré has invested in a top-notch training facility equipped with modern amenities. This facility provides the players with the necessary resources and infrastructure to enhance their skills and performance.

Us Liffré has produced talented players.

Throughout its history, Us Liffré has produced several talented players who have gone on to have successful careers in professional football. Their development and success serve as a testament to the club’s commitment to grooming young talent.

The club actively supports local charitable causes.

Us Liffré believes in giving back to the community and actively supports local charitable causes. They organize fundraising events and initiatives to contribute to the betterment of society and make a positive impact.

Us Liffré has a strong partnership with local businesses.

The club has formed strong partnerships with local businesses, benefiting both the club and the local economy. These collaborations provide opportunities for mutual growth and support.


Us Liffré is an exceptional football club that has a rich history, passionate fans, and an impressive record of achievements. From its foundation in 1939 to its ascension to the top division in Breton football, Us Liffré has become a symbol of commitment, dedication, and community spirit.

With a superb youth academy, state-of-the-art facilities, and a dedicated coaching staff, the club is nurturing the next generation of football talent. Its strong emphasis on player development and youth integration has helped produce several professional footballers who have gone on to represent top clubs and national teams.

The incredible 18 football club facts about Us Liffré highlight its remarkable journey, both on and off the pitch. The club’s remarkable rise, passionate fanbase, and commitment to promoting grassroots football make it a true inspiration for aspiring football clubs.

Us Liffré’s unwavering dedication to the sport, its players, and its community sets it apart as not just a football club, but a representation of the values that make the beautiful game so special.


1. When was Us Liffré founded?

Us Liffré was founded in 1939.

2. What is the current division of Us Liffré?

Us Liffré currently competes in the top division of Breton football.

3. Does Us Liffré have a youth academy?

Yes, Us Liffré has a renowned youth academy that focuses on player development.

4. Have any players from Us Liffré gone on to play for professional clubs?

Yes, several players from Us Liffré have gone on to represent professional clubs and even national teams.

5. What is the club’s approach to grassroots football?

Us Liffré is committed to promoting grassroots football and actively encourages participation at the local level.

6. How does Us Liffré support its local community?

Us Liffré actively engages with the local community through various initiatives, including partnerships and outreach programs.

7. Does Us Liffré have state-of-the-art facilities?

Yes, Us Liffré boasts modern and well-equipped facilities to support player development and training.

8. How do I become a fan of Us Liffré?

You can become a fan of Us Liffré by attending matches, joining fan groups, and supporting the club through various channels.

9. What are some of Us Liffré’s notable achievements?

Us Liffré has achieved significant success both on and off the pitch, including winning multiple championships and promoting football at the grassroots level.

10. Can I visit Us Liffré’s stadium?

Yes, you can visit Us Liffré’s stadium and witness the club’s matches and events.