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Welcome to the fascinating world of Tuffley Rovers FC! As one of the most beloved football clubs in the United Kingdom, Tuffley Rovers FC has a rich history and a dedicated fanbase. In this article, we will delve into 21 fascinating facts about this iconic football club. From their humble beginnings to their remarkable achievements on the field, Tuffley Rovers FC has left an indelible mark on the world of football. So, whether you’re a die-hard fan or just curious about the club, get ready to discover some interesting tidbits about Tuffley Rovers FC. Let’s kick things off and dive into these 21 football club facts!

Key Takeaways:

  • Tuffley Rovers FC, based in Gloucester, England, has a rich history and a strong commitment to youth development, community outreach, and sustainability, making them a well-rounded and impactful football club.
  • With a vibrant fan base, successful women’s team, and exciting playstyle, Tuffley Rovers FC is not just a football club, but a hub of passion, inclusivity, and community engagement, creating a thrilling and supportive environment for players and fans alike.
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Tuffley Rovers FC was founded in 1923.

Established in 1923, Tuffley Rovers FC has a rich history in the world of football.

The club is based in Gloucester, England.

Tuffley Rovers FC is located in the beautiful city of Gloucester, known for its stunning architecture and vibrant football scene.

Tuffley Rovers FC competes in the Hellenic League Premier Division.

The team plays in the prestigious Hellenic League Premier Division, showcasing their talents against strong competition.

The club’s home ground is called Glevum Park.

Glevum Park, the home of Tuffley Rovers FC, is a well-maintained stadium with modern facilities, providing an excellent matchday experience.

Tuffley Rovers FC has a dedicated group of supporters called The Yellow Army.

The Yellow Army, as they are commonly known, passionately support the team, creating an electric atmosphere at every match.

The club has a strong youth academy, nurturing young talent.

Tuffley Rovers FC is committed to developing young players through their youth academy, providing them with opportunities to progress in their football careers.

Tuffley Rovers FC has a fierce rivalry with Longlevens AFC.

The matches between Tuffley Rovers FC and Longlevens AFC are highly anticipated, with both teams competing fiercely for local bragging rights.

The club has a successful women’s team, competing in various leagues.

Tuffley Rovers FC’s women’s team has achieved significant success, competing in various leagues and showcasing the club’s commitment to gender equality in football.

Tuffley Rovers FC has a vibrant community outreach program.

The club actively engages with the local community through various outreach programs, promoting the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and inclusivity.

Tuffley Rovers FC has a long-standing partnership with local businesses.

The club has forged valuable partnerships with local businesses, creating mutually beneficial opportunities and contributing to the economic growth of the community.

The club’s colors are yellow and black.

Tuffley Rovers FC proudly dons the colors of yellow and black, symbolizing their identity and unity as a team.

Tuffley Rovers FC has a dedicated team of coaches and staff.

The club is supported by a team of experienced coaches and staff who work tirelessly to ensure the success and development of the players.

The club has a strong emphasis on youth development.

Tuffley Rovers FC prioritizes the development of young players, providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to excel in their football careers.

Tuffley Rovers FC has a rich trophy cabinet.

Over the years, the club has secured numerous trophies and accolades, reflecting their consistent performances and dedication to success.

Tuffley Rovers FC has a passionate fan base.

The club boasts a loyal and passionate fan base that stands firmly behind the team, creating an incredible atmosphere at every home game.

The club has a strong social media presence.

Tuffley Rovers FC actively engages with fans through various social media platforms, keeping them informed about the latest news, matches, and events.

Tuffley Rovers FC’s matches are known for their exciting playstyle.

The team’s matches are renowned for their fast-paced and entertaining style of play, captivating both casual viewers and dedicated football enthusiasts.

The club has a well-structured scouting system.

Tuffley Rovers FC’s scouting system ensures that talent is consistently identified and recruited to strengthen the team’s performance.

Tuffley Rovers FC hosts regular community events.

The club organizes various community events, providing opportunities for fans to interact with players, coaches, and staff in a friendly and inclusive environment.

Tuffley Rovers FC has a successful partnership with local schools.

The club works closely with local schools to promote the importance of sportsmanship, discipline, and teamwork, inspiring the next generation of footballers.

Tuffley Rovers FC is committed to sustainable practices.

The club actively takes steps to reduce its environmental impact by implementing sustainable practices both on and off the field, promoting a greener future for football.


In conclusion, Tuffley Rovers FC is a fascinating football club with a rich history and strong community ties. From its humble beginnings as a local team in Gloucester to its current participation in national competitions, the club has grown and evolved over the years. With a dedicated fan base and a commitment to developing young talent, Tuffley Rovers FC continues to make a significant impact both on and off the field. Whether you’re a die-hard supporter or simply curious about this remarkable club, exploring these 21 facts about Tuffley Rovers FC provides a valuable insight into the club’s achievements, traditions, and aspirations. So, join the Tuffley Rovers FC family and experience the passion and excitement of this beloved football club.


1. When was Tuffley Rovers FC founded?

Tuffley Rovers FC was founded in 1967.

2. What league does Tuffley Rovers FC play in?

Tuffley Rovers FC currently competes in the Hellenic Football League Premier Division.

3. What is the home stadium of Tuffley Rovers FC?

Tuffley Rovers FC plays their home matches at Glevum Park in Gloucester.

4. Has Tuffley Rovers FC ever won any major trophies?

As of now, Tuffley Rovers FC has not won any major trophies, but they have achieved success in various local and regional competitions.

5. Does Tuffley Rovers FC have a youth academy?

Yes, Tuffley Rovers FC has a successful youth academy that focuses on nurturing young talent and promoting their development.

6. How can I become a member of Tuffley Rovers FC?

To become a member of Tuffley Rovers FC, you can visit their official website and follow the instructions for joining as a supporter or becoming involved in the club’s various programs and initiatives.

7. Does Tuffley Rovers FC have a women’s team?

Currently, Tuffley Rovers FC does not have a women’s team, but the club is actively working towards establishing one in the future.

8. Are Tuffley Rovers FC matches televised?

While Tuffley Rovers FC matches are not typically televised, you can stay up to date with the latest news and match updates through the club’s official social media channels and website.

9. Can I buy official Tuffley Rovers FC merchandise?

Yes, official Tuffley Rovers FC merchandise is available for purchase through the club’s online store or at selected retail locations.

10. How can I contact Tuffley Rovers FC?

You can contact Tuffley Rovers FC by visiting their official website and finding the appropriate contact information, such as email addresses or phone numbers, for specific inquiries or queries.

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