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Persepolis FC, often referred to as the Red Army, is a football club based in Tehran, Iran. With a rich history and a passionate fan base, Persepolis FC has established itself as one of the most successful and popular football clubs in the country. Founded in 1963, the club has enjoyed numerous successes both domestically and internationally, earning the admiration of football enthusiasts worldwide.

In this article, we will delve into 19 fascinating facts about Persepolis FC, shedding light on the club’s achievements, iconic players, memorable moments, and much more. Whether you are a diehard fan or simply curious about this legendary football club, this article will provide you with a comprehensive overview of what makes Persepolis FC so special.

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Persepolis FC, also known as Esteghlal Tehran, is one of the most successful and popular football clubs in Iran.

With a rich history and a passionate fan base, Persepolis FC has dominated the Iranian football scene for decades. The club was founded in 1963 and has since won numerous domestic titles, including 12 Iranian Pro League championships. Their success on the field has earned them a strong reputation both nationally and internationally.

The club’s home stadium is the iconic Azadi Stadium, located in Tehran, Iran.

Azadi Stadium is one of the largest stadiums in the world, with a seating capacity of over 78,000 spectators. It has been the home ground of Persepolis FC since its establishment and has witnessed many memorable moments in the club’s history. The stadium’s electric atmosphere during matches adds to the excitement of watching Persepolis FC in action.

Persepolis FC has a fierce rivalry with Esteghlal FC, another prominent football club in Iran.

The matches between these two teams, known as the Tehran Derby, are among the most intense and highly anticipated fixtures in Iranian football. The rivalry represents the deep-seated passion and loyalty of the fans, who fill the stadiums and create an electrifying atmosphere. These clashes have produced many memorable moments and thrilling encounters over the years.

Persepolis FC has participated in the AFC Champions League multiple times.

The AFC Champions League is the premier club football competition in Asia, and Persepolis FC has consistently represented Iran in this prestigious tournament. Their participation has showcased the club’s talent and competitiveness on the continental stage, earning them respect and recognition from football enthusiasts around the world.

Many legendary Iranian players have represented Persepolis FC.

Persepolis FC has been a breeding ground for top Iranian talents throughout its history. Players like Ali Parvin, Karim Bagheri, and Mehdi Mahdavikia have all donned the famous red and white jersey of Persepolis FC, leaving a lasting impact and contributing to the club’s success.

The club boasts a strong fan base known as “The Red Army.”

The passionate supporters of Persepolis FC are widely known as “The Red Army.” They fill the stadiums with their chants, songs, and vibrant displays of support, creating an intimidating atmosphere for opposing teams. Their unwavering loyalty and dedication make them an integral part of the club’s identity.

Persepolis FC has a successful youth academy, nurturing young talents.

The club’s youth academy is renowned for developing young players and providing them with opportunities to hone their skills. Many promising talents have emerged from the Persepolis FC youth setup and gone on to have successful careers both domestically and internationally.

Persepolis FC has a strong social media presence, engaging with fans worldwide.

The club actively uses social media platforms to connect with its fans globally. Through regular updates, behind-the-scenes content, and interactive campaigns, Persepolis FC ensures that fans feel connected and involved with the club’s activities, regardless of their geographical location.

Persepolis FC has a dedicated women’s team.

In recent years, Persepolis FC has made significant strides in promoting women’s football. The establishment of a dedicated women’s team demonstrates the club’s commitment to gender equality and provides opportunities for talented female players to showcase their skills.

Persepolis FC has a strong partnership with local and international sponsors.

Persepolis FC has forged partnerships with various sponsors, both within Iran and internationally. These collaborations not only provide financial support to the club but also contribute to its overall growth and development.

The club has a rich trophy cabinet, consisting of numerous domestic titles.

Persepolis FC has achieved remarkable success on the domestic front, winning multiple Iranian Pro League titles, Iranian Super Cups, and Hazfi Cups. Their consistent performance and hunger for victory have established Persepolis FC as a dominant force in Iranian football.

Persepolis FC has a strong presence in Asian Club Competitions.

The club has represented Iran in various Asian Club Competitions, including the AFC Champions League and the AFC Cup. Their performances in these tournaments have showcased their quality and placed Persepolis FC among the top football clubs in Asia.

Persepolis FC has a rich history of memorable matches and comebacks.

Throughout their existence, Persepolis FC has been involved in many thrilling matches and dramatic comebacks. These moments have captivated the fans and solidified the club’s reputation as a resilient and exciting team to watch.

The club’s iconic red and white colors symbolize power and passion.

The red and white colors of Persepolis FC represent strength, determination, and the unwavering passion of its players and fans. The club’s distinctive jersey has become synonymous with its identity and is instantly recognizable among football enthusiasts.

Persepolis FC actively contributes to community development initiatives.

Recognizing their social responsibility, Persepolis FC engages in various community development programs, supporting education, health, and other social causes. The club’s initiatives have a positive impact on society, demonstrating the club’s commitment to making a difference beyond the football pitch.

Persepolis FC has a strong presence on various digital platforms.

The club maintains an active digital presence, with a user-friendly website and official mobile applications. These platforms allow fans to stay updated with the latest news, match schedules, player profiles, and engage in interactive content, strengthening the bond between the club and its supporters.

Persepolis FC’s fan base extends beyond national borders.

Persepolis FC boasts a significant international following, especially among the Iranian diaspora. Fans from around the world passionately support the club, staying connected through social media, online forums, and attending matches whenever possible.

The club has a dedicated training facility for its players.

Persepolis FC has invested in a state-of-the-art training facility, equipped with modern amenities and infrastructure. This allows the players to train in a conducive environment, maximizing their potential and maintaining their high-performance standards.

Persepolis FC remains a symbol of Iranian footballing excellence.

Over the years, Persepolis FC has become a symbol of pride for Iranian football, embodying the nation’s rich footballing heritage and achieving success at home and abroad. The club’s legacy grows with each passing season, as it continues to inspire future generations of footballers.


In conclusion, Persepolis FC is a football club with a rich history and a dedicated fan base. From its formation in 1963 to its numerous domestic and international successes, Persepolis FC has established itself as one of the top football clubs in Asia. With a strong team, passionate supporters, and a commitment to excellence, Persepolis FC continues to make a mark on the world football stage.


1. When was Persepolis FC founded?

Persepolis FC was founded in 1963.

2. What is Persepolis FC’s biggest achievement?

Persepolis FC’s biggest achievement to date is reaching the final of the AFC Champions League in 2018.

3. How many league titles has Persepolis FC won?

Persepolis FC has won the Iranian Pro League title 13 times.

4. Who are some of the notable players to have played for Persepolis FC?

Some notable players who have represented Persepolis FC include Ali Daei, Karim Bagheri, and Ali Karimi.

5. What is the capacity of Persepolis FC’s home stadium?

Persepolis FC’s home stadium, Azadi Stadium, has a seating capacity of approximately 100,000 spectators.

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