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JK Narva Trans is a football club that has made a name for itself in the world of football. With a rich history and passionate fan base, this club has become a force to be reckoned with. In this article, we will explore 24 fascinating facts about JK Narva Trans that showcase its achievements, iconic players, memorable moments, and more. From its humble beginnings to its rise to prominence, this club has left an indelible mark on the footballing world. So, sit back and get ready to dive into the captivating world of JK Narva Trans as we uncover the secrets and triumphs of this remarkable football club.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jk Narva Trans, a professional football club from Estonia, has a rich history, strong fanbase, and a championship win in the Estonian Cup in 2011. The team’s attacking style of play and vibrant community involvement make it a thrilling and impactful presence in Estonian football.
  • With a dedicated coaching staff, international players, and a commitment to player development, Jk Narva Trans continues to strive for success on and off the field. The club’s inclusive environment, community outreach programs, and passionate fanbase contribute to its enduring impact in Estonian football.
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Jk Narva Trans is a professional football club from Estonia.

The Jk Narva Trans Football Club, commonly known as Narva Trans, is a professional football team based in Narva, Estonia. Founded in 1979, the club has a rich history and strong fan following.

Narva Trans participates in the Estonian top-tier league, the Meistriliiga.

Jk Narva Trans competes in the Meistriliiga, which is the highest level of professional football in Estonia. The club has been a consistent presence in the league and has achieved success over the years.

The team plays its home matches at the Narva Kreenholmi Stadium.

Narva Trans calls the Narva Kreenholmi Stadium its home. The stadium has a capacity of 1,500 spectators and provides a vibrant atmosphere for the team’s matches.

Jk Narva Trans was the champion of the Estonian Cup in 2011.

In 2011, Jk Narva Trans achieved a significant milestone by winning the Estonian Cup. This victory marked a memorable moment in the club’s history.

Narva Trans has a strong rivalry with FC Infonet.

A fiercely contested rivalry exists between Jk Narva Trans and FC Infonet, another prominent Estonian football club. Matches between these two teams are highly anticipated and often result in intense battles on the field.

The team’s colors are blue and white.

Jk Narva Trans proudly wears the colors blue and white, representing the club’s identity and values.

Jk Narva Trans has a strong youth development program.

The club places a strong emphasis on youth development, nurturing young talents to ensure a bright future for Estonian football.

Narva Trans has a dedicated and passionate fanbase.

Jk Narva Trans is supported by a loyal and passionate fanbase who show unwavering support for the team, both home and away.

The club has had successful seasons in the past.

Over the years, Jk Narva Trans has had successful seasons, finishing high in the Meistriliiga standings and competing in European competitions.

Jk Narva Trans is known for its attacking style of play.

The team is renowned for its attacking brand of football, thrilling fans with fast-paced and entertaining matches.

The club has faced financial challenges in the past.

Like many football clubs, Jk Narva Trans has encountered financial difficulties at times, but the club has shown resilience and determination to overcome them.

Narva Trans has a strong partnership with local sponsors.

The club has cultivated strong relationships with local businesses and sponsors who provide valuable support to sustain the team’s operations.

Jk Narva Trans has international players in its squad.

The team boasts a diverse squad, with players from different nationalities adding strength and variety to the lineup.

The club has a dedicated coaching staff.

Jk Narva Trans benefits from the guidance and expertise of a dedicated coaching staff who strive to bring out the best in the players.

Narva Trans has a strong presence on social media.

The club actively engages with its fans through various social media platforms, providing updates, highlights, and behind-the-scenes content.

Jk Narva Trans organizes community outreach programs.

The club recognizes the importance of giving back to the community and organizes various outreach programs to positively impact the lives of local residents.

Narva Trans has a women’s team as well.

In addition to the men’s team, Jk Narva Trans also has a women’s team that competes in their respective league.

The club promotes inclusivity and diversity.

Jk Narva Trans believes in creating an inclusive and diverse environment, fostering unity and respect among players, staff, and fans.

Narva Trans has a strong scouting network.

The club has a well-established scouting network that identifies and recruits promising talents to strengthen the team.

Jk Narva Trans has had notable players throughout its history.

The club has been home to several talented players who have made their mark in Estonian football and beyond.

Narva Trans focuses on player development and growth.

Jk Narva Trans prioritizes the development and growth of its players, providing them with the necessary resources and support to excel.

The team has a dedicated fan club.

The passionate fans of Jk Narva Trans have formed a dedicated fan club that organizes events and rallies to support the team.

Narva Trans has a rich history of intense derby matches.

The team’s matches against local rivals have produced thrilling encounters and added to the club’s rich history.

Jk Narva Trans continues to strive for success.

The club remains committed to achieving success on and off the field, constantly striving to improve and make a lasting impact in Estonian football.

These Jk Narva Trans: 24 Football Club Facts showcase the club’s journey, achievements, and dedication to the sport. As the team continues to make its mark in Estonian football, fans eagerly anticipate the future successes of Jk Narva Trans.

Discover more about the fascinating world of Jk Narva Trans and join the passionate community of fans supporting this remarkable football club.


In conclusion, JK Narva Trans is a football club with a rich history and a promising future. With a strong fan base and dedicated players, the club has made significant strides in Estonian football. From their humble beginnings to their recent successes, JK Narva Trans has become a force to be reckoned with in the football world.The club’s commitment to nurturing young talent and providing opportunities for players to showcase their skills has been key to their continued growth. As they continue to compete in the top leagues and championships, we can expect JK Narva Trans to make even greater strides in the coming years.Whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to the world of football, JK Narva Trans is a club worth following. With a passionate fan base, talented players, and a commitment to excellence, they are sure to continue making waves in the football world.


Q: When was JK Narva Trans founded?

A: JK Narva Trans was founded in 1979.

Q: What league does JK Narva Trans play in?

A: JK Narva Trans currently plays in the Estonian top division, the Meistriliiga.

Q: Has JK Narva Trans ever won any championships?

A: Yes, JK Narva Trans has won the Estonian Cup twice, in 1997 and 2001.

Q: Who are some notable players that have played for JK Narva Trans?

A: Some notable players include Vladimir Voskoboinikov, Denis Vnukov, and Maksim Gruznov.

Q: Can I buy JK Narva Trans merchandise?

A: Yes, JK Narva Trans merchandise is available for purchase online and at the club’s official store.

Q: Is there a youth academy associated with JK Narva Trans?

A: Yes, JK Narva Trans has a youth academy dedicated to developing young talent in football.

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