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Juli Hatton

Modified & Updated: 30 Jan 2024

Source: Oddevold.se

Welcome to the world of football clubs, where passion, drama, and competition come together to create timeless moments on the field. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Ik Oddevold, a renowned football club that has carved its name in the rich tapestry of football history.

With a legacy spanning over several decades, Ik Oddevold has become synonymous with excellence, resilience, and unwavering dedication. From its humble beginnings to its iconic victories, this club has left an indelible impact on the hearts and minds of football enthusiasts.

Join us on an incredible journey as we uncover 16 fascinating facts about Ik Oddevold. From their legendary players to their historic triumphs, from their unique traditions to their iconic stadium, we will explore every aspect that makes this club an integral part of the footballing community.

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The Formation of Ik Oddevold

Ik Oddevold is a professional football club based in Uddevalla, Sweden. The club was founded in 1932 and has since become a prominent figure in Swedish football.

The Home Ground

Ik Oddevold plays its home matches at the Rimnersvallen stadium, which holds a capacity of 4,200 spectators. This iconic venue has witnessed countless exhilarating moments in the club’s history.

The Team Colors

The team’s official colors are black and white. These colors represent the club’s strength, unity, and determination.

The Participation in Allsvenskan

Ik Oddevold has participated in Allsvenskan, the top-tier football league in Sweden, on several occasions. The club has had notable performances against some of the strongest teams in the country.

The Notable Players

Ik Oddevold has produced several talented players who have gone on to achieve success in both domestic and international football. These players have contributed to the club’s legacy and brought honor to the jersey.

The Rivalries

Ik Oddevold has intense rivalries with local clubs such as Ljungskile SK and Trollhättans IF. These matches are highly anticipated by both the players and the fans.

The Youth Development

Ik Oddevold places a strong emphasis on youth development, nurturing young talents and providing them with opportunities to flourish in professional football.

The Club Achievements

Over the years, Ik Oddevold has achieved remarkable success, including multiple promotions and victories in regional and national competitions.

The Community Engagement

Ik Oddevold actively engages with the local community, organizing events and initiatives to promote the sport and foster a sense of belonging.

The Fan Culture

The fans of Ik Oddevold are known for their unwavering support and passionate chants during matches. Their dedication and loyalty have become an intrinsic part of the club’s identity.

The Coaching Philosophy

The club follows a distinct coaching philosophy focused on developing technical skills, tactical understanding, and a strong team spirit.

The Women’s Team

Ik Oddevold also has a women’s team that competes in their respective league. They have managed to make a name for themselves with their skillful and competitive style of play.

The International Recognition

Ik Oddevold has gained international recognition by participating in various tournaments and building partnerships with clubs from different countries.

The Club Facilities

The club boasts state-of-the-art training facilities and infrastructure to provide the players with the best possible environment to develop their skills.

The Sponsorships

Ik Oddevold has secured partnerships and sponsorships with various organizations, both local and international, enabling the club to thrive and invest in its future.

The Future Aspirations

Ik Oddevold is determined to continue its growth and success in the football world. The club has ambitious plans for the future, aiming to secure a prominent position in Swedish football.

These are just a few of the fascinating facts about Ik Oddevold, a club that has etched its name in the history books of Swedish football. With a rich heritage, passionate fans, and a commitment to excellence, Ik Oddevold continues to leave an indelible mark on the sport.


In conclusion, Ik Oddevold is a fascinating football club with a rich history and a dedicated fan base. From its humble beginnings in Sweden to its successes in the Swedish leagues, Ik Oddevold has become a pillar of the local football community. With a strong commitment to youth development and a focus on community engagement, the club has not only achieved sporting success but has also made a positive impact off the field. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, Ik Oddevold is definitely a club worth knowing about in the football world.


1. When was Ik Oddevold founded?
Ik Oddevold was founded in 1932.

2. What league does Ik Oddevold currently play in?
Currently, Ik Oddevold competes in the Division 1 Södra, which is the third tier of Swedish football.

3. What are some of Ik Oddevold’s notable achievements?
Ik Oddevold has won the Swedish Cup once in 1995 and has also enjoyed success in lower divisions, winning the Division 2 Södra Götaland multiple times.

4. Does Ik Oddevold have a youth academy?
Yes, Ik Oddevold has a well-established youth academy that focuses on nurturing young talent and providing them with a pathway to professional football.

5. How important is community engagement to Ik Oddevold?
Community engagement is a top priority for Ik Oddevold. The club actively organizes events, charity initiatives, and works closely with local organizations to give back to the community.

6. Can I attend Ik Oddevold’s matches as a spectator?
Yes, as a football enthusiast, you can attend Ik Oddevold’s matches and experience the electric atmosphere of live football at their home stadium.

7. Are there any rivalries involving Ik Oddevold?
Yes, the most notable rivalry is with local team Trollhättans FK. Matches between these two clubs are always intense and highly anticipated by the fans.

8. How can I stay updated with Ik Oddevold’s latest news and updates?
You can stay updated with Ik Oddevold’s latest news, fixtures, and results by visiting their official website or following them on social media platforms.